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Secular material

  • AU AU-MTC 102/15
  • Serie
  • 1906-1999

Material relating to Australian history, significant people and events, other historical societies.

Biographical news cuttings
Blacket, Edmund
Eventide Homes
Fort St High School
Graveyards and cemeteries
Greenway, Francis
Historic buildings - Sydney
Historic houses
Horbury Hunt, John
Indigenous people
Kennedy, Edmund (explorer)
Nathan, Isaac (composer)
Oliphant, Mark (atheist)
Royal Family
Ruse, James

Church of England Historical Society

Theological and University Colleges

  • AU AU-MTC 102/5
  • Serie
  • 1900-1999

Material relating to colleges associated with the Anglican tradition: Moore College, New College (UNSW), Robert Menzies College, Macquarie University, St Mark's College and St Paul's College, University of Sydney

Church of England Historical Society

Material relating to dioceses other than the Diocese of Sydney

  • AU AU-MTC 102/10
  • Serie
  • 1890-2003

Newspapers, parish papers, pamphlets, year books and photographs relating to Australian dioceses and parishes within those dioceses.
Diocese of Perth - St George's Cathedral
Diocese of Bunbury
Diocese of Adelaide
Diocese of Adelaide - Church Guardian newspaper 1957-1968
Diocese of Adelaide - Holy Trinity Church
Diocese of the Northern Territory - includes photos of Northern Territory churches provided by Kathryn Hemsley

Church of England Historical Society

Material relating to denominations other than Anglican

  • AU AU-MTC 102/13
  • Serie
  • 1899-1999

Material relating to other churches and denominations, including Baptist, Catholic, Congregational, Methodist and Presbyterian:
Australian Inland Mission
Australian Baptists
Catholic church
Catholic University in Sydney
Church of Christ
International Eucharistic Congress
Kinross Wolaroi College
London Missionary Society
Newington College
Salvation Army
Scots College Sydney
Seventh Day Adventist
Shelly, William (missionary)
Union Church, Manila, Philippines
Uniting Church
Other denominations

Church of England Historical Society


  • AU AU-MTC 102/23
  • Serie
  • 1955-2002

Church of England Historical Society

Annual reports

  • AU AU-MTC 102/25
  • Serie
  • 1991-2002

Church of England Historical Society

Papers of Brian Thomas

  • AU AU-MTC 102/22
  • Serie
  • 1986-1987

Manuscript and typescript notes, made during research for Brian Thomas' MA thesis 1987: "Public attitudes and the development of low church trends in the Diocese of Sydney 1848-1904"

Church of England Historical Society

Material relating to overseas dioceses (not missions)

  • AU AU-MTC 102/16
  • Serie
  • 1922-1968

Diocese of Singapore
Diocese of New Guinea
Toronto - Anglican Congress
Jerusalem Anglican Archbishopric
New Zealand
Episcopal Church of America
United Kingdom
Y.P. Matsui, Bishop of Japan

Church of England Historical Society

Hospitals and homes

  • AU AU-MTC 102/6
  • Serie
  • 1924-1999

Material relating to Chesalon, Hammonville Homes, Homes of Peace, St Ives Church of England Hospital and St Luke's Hospital Darlinghurst

Church of England Historical Society

Anglican mission societies

  • AU AU-MTC 102/8
  • Serie
  • 1891-1999

Material relating to the Anglican Board of Mission (previously the Australian Board of Mission) and their work in Australia with Aboriginal people, Polynesia, Melanesia and east and southeast Asia; the Church Missionary Society in Sydney, Africa and Pakistan; National Missionary Council of Australia and the South American Missionary Society.

Church of England Historical Society

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