Welcome to the Samuel Marsden Archives Catalogue

The Samuel Marsden Archives, which is administered by the Moore College Library, is the principal repository for the institutional records of Moore College, as well as the records of organizations and individuals with a connection to Moore College, the Anglican Diocese of Sydney and/or the evangelical tradition in Australia. The Samuel Marsden Archives supports the College’s mission of teaching and research by preserving and providing access to historical records and documenting an accurate and authentic record of the life of the College.

Applying for access

Access applications to material in the archives is assessed on an individual basis, and permission depends on the status of the applicant, any access restrictions on the material they wish to view and the purpose for which they intend to use it. The Request to Access Material on Restricted Access form must be completed, including the name and address of the applicant. These forms are retained as a record of access. Please submit a request to access archival materials at least 1-2 days before you wish to view the material.
For access requests and general inquiries please contact the Archivist Erin Mollenhauer - email archives@moore.edu.au or phone (02) 9577 9891.

Handling materials

Once access has been given for an individual to use records in the Samuel Marsden Archives, careful handling procedures must be observed in order to preserve the material in the best condition possible. Material may only be used within the Moore College Library building under supervision. Care must be taken to keep documents in their original order. Food and drink, ink pens and flash photography are prohibited. Users must have clean hands and may not photocopy material.

Personal records and third party information

Individuals may request access to their own personal information, even if it is held in a collection with restricted access. They may not access the records of anyone else without that person’s permission in writing. The Request for Copies of Personal Documents form must be completed, which includes the applicant’s name and address and details of copies of personal records which they have been given.

Permission to publish/reproduce material

The Samuel Marsden Archives may grant permission for material to be included in a published work. The Application for Permission to Publish or Reproduce Archival and other Materials must be completed, detailing the material which is being used and the nature of the work it is being used for. In the case of commercial publications, the Archives may charge a fee for the use of material. The applicant is responsible for determining the copyright status of the material they wish to use and obtaining permission from the copyright holder. The applicant must credit the Samuel Marsden Archives, Moore Theological College, as the owner of the source material, in addition to any other credit.

Marella Mission Farm collection
The Samuel Marsden Archives was the custodian of the Marella Mission Farm collection from the time the farm closed until 2019. The collection was deemed to be outside the collecting scope of the Samuel Marsden Archives, and transferred to the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS). Please contact AIATSIS (https://aiatsis.gov.au/) for access information.