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35mm slides - photographs of churches

  • AU AU-MTC 102-32
  • Série
  • 1950-2001

Photographs of church buildings, cemeteries, monuments and memorials, associated with the Anglican Church of Australia.

Church of England Historical Society

Administrative files

  • AU AU-MTC 001-56
  • Série
  • n.d.

Box 1:
Accounts (annual) - trustees - 1944-1950
Accounts (annual) - MTC - 1944-1950
Accounts ordinance - 1975
Advertising/positions vacant - 1991-2002
Allen, Allen and Hemsley - 1972-1995
Anglican Media - 1994-1996
Anglican Property Trust - 1972-1987
Anglican Provident Fund - 1972-1993
Armidale Diocese - 1994-2001
Auditors - IMPACT Books - 1981-1991
ANZATS - 1976-2000

Box 2:
Budget - 1990-1998
Building guidelines - Diocese of Sydney - 1990
Cameron, Marcia - 2001
Clause 7 & 8 Report - 1993-1998
Council - Executive Committee - 1968-2002
Council - Finance Committee - 1996
Croft Collection - 2001-2002

Moore Theological College

Secular material

  • AU AU-MTC 102/15
  • Série
  • 1906-1999

Material relating to Australian history, significant people and events, other historical societies.

Biographical news cuttings
Blacket, Edmund
Eventide Homes
Fort St High School
Graveyards and cemeteries
Greenway, Francis
Historic buildings - Sydney
Historic houses
Horbury Hunt, John
Indigenous people
Kennedy, Edmund (explorer)
Nathan, Isaac (composer)
Oliphant, Mark (atheist)
Royal Family
Ruse, James

Church of England Historical Society

Material relating to other Christian organizations

  • AU AU-MTC 102/14
  • Série
  • 1889-1999

Aboriginal Evangelical Fellowship
Australian Festival of Light
Australian Religious Film Society
Bible Society
Billy Graham Crusade 1979
Ceylon and India General Mission
China Inland Mission
Christian Broadcasting Association
Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship
Combined Churches Services
Evangelical History Association
Interchurch Trade and Industry Mission
Intervarsity Fellowship Including the Evangelical Union
Mission to Seamen
Missionary Aviation Fellowship
Open Air Campaigners
Order of St John
Police Centenary Celebration 1962
Postal Sunday School Movement
Prince Henry Hospital Coast Chapel
Red Cross
Royal Australian Navy Chapel
Royal North Shore Hospital Chapel
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Chapel
Royal School of Church Music
Scripture Union
Sky Pilot Fellowship
South Sea Evangelical Mission
Sudan United Mission
Sydney City Mission
Sydney Missionary and Bible College
Sydney Hospital St Luke's Chapel
Toc H
United Church Action
United Protestant Association of NSW
World Council of Churches including Australian Council of Churches and the NSW Council of Churches
World's Evangelical Alliance

Church of England Historical Society

Subject files

  • AU AU-MTC 102/12
  • Série
  • 1894-1999

Files with collected material on theological and other topics.
'The Anglican' newspaper
Bible Garden, Palm Beach
Chinese Christians
Christian commentary
Church and state
Church history
Church music
Church needlework
Church schools and public education
Clergy and ordination
Conservatism in Christian churches
Constitution - Anglican church
Cook bicentenary of thanksgiving
Diocese of Sydney
Easter and Good Friday
Family and children
God in history
Hospital chaplaincy
Life after death
Liturgy, worship and Holy Communion
Marriage, sex and divorce
Mass media
Mutual responsibility and interdependence movement
Ordination of women
Oxford movement
Prayer and meditation
The primacy
Rabaul in WWII
Religious adherence in Australia
Roman Catholicism
Slum clearance
Spiritual healing
State aid to church schools
Sunday observance
Sunday schools and material designed for children
Tabernacle - Old Testament

Church of England Historical Society

Papers of Captain Henry Waterhouse

  • AU AU-MTC 084/1
  • Collection
  • 1788-1840

Manuscript Letter from Henry Waterhouse [England] to [Thomas Moore], 20 October 1804
Capt Henry Waterhouse to Mr. Thomas Moore, Builder, New South Wales, favored by Mr. Blaxland, 18 September 1806
Capt Henry Waterhouse to Thomas Moore, 24 April 1812
Instrument signed by Henry Waterhouse appointing Thomas Moore as *'my true and Lawful Attorney to act for me in all cases the same as if I myself was present", dated 23 April 1812
William Waterhouse, 6 Smith Square, Westminster, to Thomas Moore, 21 September, 1812, re death of his son Captain Henry Waterhouse
Copy of Henry Waterhouse's Will, dated 22 May, 1793, with annexed instrument [Grant of Administration] and Seal of the Court of the Archbishop of Canterbury, appointing William Waterhouse as Executor, 14 August 1812
Indenture made in Sydney on 17th August 1797, between Philip Schaffer of Parramatta and Henry Waterhouse of Sydney for the sale of The Vineyard. Parramatta, "laying on the North side of the Creek leading to Parramatta" containing by estimation 140 acres of land, granted to Philip Schaffer by Crown Grant dated 5th April 1787
Copy of Land Grant, John Hunter to Captain Henry Waterhouse, for 4Vi acres in the District of Parramatta
Copy of Letter from Samuel Marsden and Rowland Hassall to Moore, with assessment of value of Waterhouse's farm at Parramatta
Documents relating to sale of cattle belonging to Waterhouse, and drafts sending proceeds to London
Land Grant, and appended wafer seal, Governor John Hunter to James Redman, District of Banks Town, 60 acres of land called Redman Farm dated 12 March 1800, with further notation on reverse of deed recording conveyance of same land by subsequent sale for £50 Sterling by Mary Marlborough to Thomas Moore, dated 6 December 1809
Payment Order dated 3rd May, 1813 & signed by John Berick, Paymaster 1 Batt. 73rd Regiment of Foot, drawn on the 1st Battalion, 73d Regiment of Foot, in Sydney, NSW, for pay owing to H.McArthur for £160 included in Paymaster's Monthly Estimate for services specified in the Order to the 24th April, 1813
Payment Order dated 3rd May, 1813, & signed by John Berick, Paymaster 1 Batt. 73rd Regiment of Foot, drawn on the 1st Battalion, 73d Regiment of Foot, in Sydney, NSW, for pay owing to Captain William Waterhouse for £165: 13: 6 included in Paymaster's Monthly Estimate for services specified in the Order to the 24th April, 1813

Waterhouse, Henry

Manuscript journals

  • AU AU-MTC 127/1
  • Série
  • 1838-1874

The diaries describe Wilkinson's voyages to Dublin and New South Wales

Wilkinson, Thomas Hattam

Reference material

  • AU AU-MTC 062/6
  • Série
  • 1940-1970

This series comprises two (2) booklets published by the National Institute for Visual Learning entitled Controlled Visualisation, Volumes 1 and 2, a scrapbook of news clippings on various subjects arranged alphabetically, collected print material relating to Confirmation.

Davison, Herbert Henry

Audio recordings made or acquired by Mary Andrews

  • AU AU-MTC 093/29
  • Série
  • 1970-1990

Mary Andrews made and retained much audio-viusal material. She collected
published material from various organisations and appears to have recorded
addresses at services and meetings she attended . She recorded hymns and other sacred music and interviews from radio programs and she owned a range of commercial recordings acquired either by purchase and gift. The quality of the tapes is unknown.
The audio records that have been retained consist of meetings of organisations in which Mary was active, and of addresses in the main areas of her interest including the ministry of women. Some of these supplement the printed records held in this collection.
Commercial material and material recorded from radio programs (thus governed by complex intellectual property provisions) has been destroyed.
Tapes of services (mainly Healing Ministry) at St Andrews Cathedral have been
transferred to Moore College Library.
Tales of Verlag Evangelische Marienwesternschaff, Darmstadt-Eberstadt, (Basilea Schlink) Germany, mainly addressed by Basilea Schlink have been offered to Moore College Library.
The following have been retained.

  • Addresses and interviews by Mary Andrews (various media organisations)
  • General and Sydney Diocesan Synod debates manly on the ordination of women,
  • Women's ordination services
  • Proceedings of meetings of the organisations (especially women's organisations) with which Mary was associated.
    Cassettes comprising item 8 include the addresses by the following - Brother
    Andrew; Canon Jim Glennon; Bishop Fest Kivengere;; Dr Phillip Potter; Angnes
    Sanford; Dr Robert Schuller; Rev John Stott; Bishop Christopher Spnyonso; Re.
    David Watson; Women and Ministry (Brisbane October 1973) Holy Spririt
    Seminar 4 April 1981.
    A note relating to the item list: The tapes are not individually listed. An 'item"
    consists of a group of related talpes e.g. the tapes relating to an organisation. Some tapes have been used for more than one purpose. They have been placed with the group that describes most of the content.
    It would appear that some of the tapes were made by Dss Andrews (with our
    without permssion of organisations or speakers) and that others were sold or
    distributed by the organisation concerned. In making access to this material
    decisions may nned to be made on an individual basis.

Andrews, Mary Maria

Oral history interview transcripts

  • AU AU-MTC 287-1
  • Série
  • 1986-1992

Bishop and Mrs Stanway
Alan Kerr
Denis Smith
Daniel Renshaw
Ron Ham, D. Himbury
Bishop John Wilson
Peter Tasker
W. Renshaw
J. Moroney
A.W. Prescott
Tony & Judy Nichols
Dorothy Jenkins
Gil Duthie
J. Thompson
Peter Moonie
James Ridgeway
George Pearson
Deaconess Mary Andrews
Harold McCracken
HMS Annual Festival Bicentennial Address
Archdeacon Fillingham
JEC Aberdeen
Frank Anderson
Beryl Ashton
Stuart Barton Babbage
Gladys Bartlett
Rosemary and Heighway Bates
Geoff and Laurel Bingham
Dr G. Bearham
Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen
Dr Basil Brown and Dr J. Thompson
Archdeacon Peter Corney
Dr Barry Chant
Grace Collins
Win Dunkley
Gil Duthie
Geoff Fletcher
Ken Frew
Owen Fletcher
Alison Griffith
Graham Gordon
Dr Edward Gibson & Jim Gibson
Ian Holt
G. Hayden
Keith Hart
John Hepworth
Arnold Hunt
Dorothy Jenkins (nee Sharpe)
Irene Jeffreys
Alan Kerr
Broughton Knox
Ridley Kitchen
Lindsay Lockley
Graham Maddox
William McEwen
Les McKinnon
Reinhardt Mayer
Peter Moonie
Leon Morris
Gwen Nash
Edwin Orr
John Olley
A.W. Prescott
Margaret Reeson
Ian Robertson
Donald Robinson
Mr Ralph
James Ridgeway
David Renshaw
Robert Swanton
Charles Sandland
Jim Sweet
Don Stewart
George P. Shaw
K.W. Taylor
Bruce Uppham
Clyde Wood
Harold Whitney
John Wilson
Rodney Minniecon
Brethren interviews
Warren Glover
Peter Tasker
Brian Bayston
Samuel Escobar
Harold McCracken
John Moroney
Tony & Judith Nichols
George Pearson
Will Renshaw
Bishop and Mrs Stanway
Denis Smith
Augusta Allen
Gwen Nash, daughter-in-law of C.H. Nash
Prof. Brian Hill
Owen Fletcher
Ken Frewer
Ian Robertson (BCA)
Geoff Fletcher
Ian Breward
Tom Hubbard (Salvation Army)
Bruce Baird
Prof. Patrick O'Farrell

Piggin, Stuart

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