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Transfer and management of the Mary Andrews papers

  • AU AU-MTC 093/32
  • Serie
  • 2009-2015

Includes the deed of gift for the transfer of the Mary Andrews papers to Moore College from the Deaconess Institution 26/10/2009

Andrews, Mary Maria

Administrative Officers' Correspondence

  • AU AU-MTC 067/10
  • Serie
  • 1988-1991

It is unclear how this item came into this collection. The item contains letters of a
mostly ephemeral nature (mainly financial distributions)

Deaconess Institution

Deaconess House Board of Studies meetings

  • AU AU-MTC 067/6
  • Serie
  • 1974

The Board of Studies was formed by a resolution of the Management Committee of Deaconess House on 8 August 1974 . The purpose of the board was to prepare a submission for the Australian College of Theology for a Diploma of Ministry. The Board comprised Rev S. Giltrap (Chairman), Deaconesses M. Andrews, J. Lawrence and M. Rodgers, Mrs I. Hall and Rev. G. Glassock. The members met Dr G.B. Knox and Dr W. Dumbrell to discuss matters that arose in conjunction with Mooore College. It appears that the role of the Board ceased after three meetings.

Deaconess Institution

Short biographies of Mary Andrews

  • AU AU-MTC 093/20
  • Serie
  • 1972-1996

The series consists of lists of correspondence with major Australian and International biographical organisations including biographical questionnaires and draft biographies and certificates awarded.

Andrews, Mary Maria

Records of aged care organisations with which Mary Andrews was associated

  • AU AU-MTC 093/15
  • Serie
  • 1970-1996

Mary Andrews naturally took a greater interest in care for the elderly following her own retirement in 1975. From that point until her death in 1996 she lived at the Goodwin Village, a holding of the Anglican Retirement Villages, and acted as chaplain. In addition to running occasional church and prayer services, she also wrote a column for the monthly Village newsletter and visited other ARV residences. In 1995, a new ARV residence was named the Mary Andrews Village in her honour.

Andrews, Mary Maria

Audio recordings made or acquired by Mary Andrews

  • AU AU-MTC 093/29
  • Serie
  • 1970-1990

Mary Andrews made and retained much audio-viusal material. She collected
published material from various organisations and appears to have recorded
addresses at services and meetings she attended . She recorded hymns and other sacred music and interviews from radio programs and she owned a range of commercial recordings acquired either by purchase and gift. The quality of the tapes is unknown.
The audio records that have been retained consist of meetings of organisations in which Mary was active, and of addresses in the main areas of her interest including the ministry of women. Some of these supplement the printed records held in this collection.
Commercial material and material recorded from radio programs (thus governed by complex intellectual property provisions) has been destroyed.
Tapes of services (mainly Healing Ministry) at St Andrews Cathedral have been
transferred to Moore College Library.
Tales of Verlag Evangelische Marienwesternschaff, Darmstadt-Eberstadt, (Basilea Schlink) Germany, mainly addressed by Basilea Schlink have been offered to Moore College Library.
The following have been retained.

  • Addresses and interviews by Mary Andrews (various media organisations)
  • General and Sydney Diocesan Synod debates manly on the ordination of women,
  • Women's ordination services
  • Proceedings of meetings of the organisations (especially women's organisations) with which Mary was associated.
    Cassettes comprising item 8 include the addresses by the following - Brother
    Andrew; Canon Jim Glennon; Bishop Fest Kivengere;; Dr Phillip Potter; Angnes
    Sanford; Dr Robert Schuller; Rev John Stott; Bishop Christopher Spnyonso; Re.
    David Watson; Women and Ministry (Brisbane October 1973) Holy Spririt
    Seminar 4 April 1981.
    A note relating to the item list: The tapes are not individually listed. An 'item"
    consists of a group of related talpes e.g. the tapes relating to an organisation. Some tapes have been used for more than one purpose. They have been placed with the group that describes most of the content.
    It would appear that some of the tapes were made by Dss Andrews (with our
    without permssion of organisations or speakers) and that others were sold or
    distributed by the organisation concerned. In making access to this material
    decisions may nned to be made on an individual basis.

Andrews, Mary Maria

Sydney Diocesan Synod Standing Committee on the role of Deaconess House

  • AU AU-MTC 067/9
  • Serie
  • 1968-

The Committee was established by Synod resolution 10/1968 at the meetings in October 1968. The role of the Committee was " to Confer with the Council of the Deaconess Institution with regard to the implementations as set out in the Archbishop's Commission Report 1964 and report to Standing Committee before the next session of Synod." The Committee was chaired by Justice Athol
Richardson. Members included the Head Deaconess and 9 other lay and Clerical members. It appears that the Committee first met on 24 February 1969. Key considerations were whether Deaconess House should be governed by an ordinance of Synod and whether it could benefit from a closer relationship with Moore Theological College. An information pack of 17 items was provided for members The committee met several times during 1969 and suggested an expansion of the House Management Committee to include members elected by Synod and the Archbishop. There was no agreement between the Committee and Council and it was recommended that the discussions do not proceed.
It appears that this is Mary Andrews' copy of the Committee meetings and that the official records would be held by the Diocese of Sydney
Also a file that appears to be working papers for the same Committee. Contains many papers concerning Deaconess House and Women's Ministry including the role and curriculum of Deaconess House and statistical material concerning graduates.

Deaconess Institution

Records of the Women's World Day of Prayer

  • AU AU-MTC 093/11
  • Serie
  • 1966-1996

The Women's World Day of Prayer originated in the US after the Civil War, starting in 1887 as a day of prayer for home missions and taking its approximate modern form in 1920. Traditionally held on the first Friday in March, the Day proper consists of a worldwide day of ecumenical affirmation and prayer along with the conduction of specially prepared services (these services were often developed by a single national committee for use worldwide).
National and regional committees were responsible for the preparation and distribution of WWDoP materials. Mary Andrews served as National Liaison Officer from 1978 to 1984(approx.) and was designated as Regional Representative on the International Executive from 1982. She was a member of the NSW state committee from 1977 (or earlier) untill her death. She was also Secretary of the National Executive Committee circa 1985. The 1986 World Day of Prayer was held in Australia, and this series includes some preparatory materials.

Andrews, Mary Maria

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