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Records of ecumenical organisations with which Mary Andrews was associated

  • AU AU-MTC 093/9
  • Serie
  • 1930-1996

This series contains a variety of paperwork relating to ecumenical organisations in which Mary Andrews was involved or interested. Mary was one of the designated representatives for the Anglican Church (or Diocese of Sydney, or Anglicanism in the state of New South Wales, depending on the organisation's scope) in a number of these organisations. Mary Andrews had been involved with many of these organisations for decades; however, for the majority of them her involvement increased noticeably following her retirement in 1975.

Andrews, Mary Maria

Records of various women's organisations with which Mary Andrews was associated

  • AU AU-MTC 093/8
  • Serie
  • 1930-1996

This series contains a variety of paperwork relating to women's organisations in which Mary Andrews was involved or interested. It includes religious (charitable, ecumenical and political) organisations as well as nonreligious charitable and advocacy organisations.
Individual organisations with large quantities of associated paperwork have been assigned separate series, as has the collection of organisations that were not specifically related to women.
Mary Andrews had been involved with many of these organisations for decades; however, for the majority of them her involvement increased noticeably following her retirement in 1975.

Andrews, Mary Maria

Records of Australian Church Women

  • AU AU-MTC 093/7
  • Serie
  • 1961-1996

United Church Women of Australia (UCWA) was formed at a meeting of the Australian Council of Churches (ACC) on 4 October 1962. UCWA comprised of representatives from the Federal Denominational Women’s Organisations, State Women’s Inter-Church Councils, Australian Council of Churches Committee on Women’s Work and State Committees for Women’s World Day of Prayer. Representatives were appointed approximately equally from office-bearers of the existing organisations and other people appointed for their abilities as Christian leaders. UCWA was affiliated with the Australian Council of Churches to assist in the establishment of links with similar organisations internationally. An Interim Committee was formed to recommend a structure for the ongoing organisation. The Committee recommended that a National Committee be formed together with state and local Committees. The National Committee included six women resident in Sydney who would form the Executive. At the Annual Meeting of the Australian Council of Churches in February 1963 the establishment of Australian Church Women (ACW) was authorised.
At the Annual General Meeting of the ACC in 1964 the recommendation of a consultation held in Sydney in March of that year received 'general approval'. The recommendations covered the aims of ACW, its federal structure and its structure within the ACC.
The aims were

  • To unite Australian Church Women in their allegiance to their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ;
  • to provide opportunities or Christian worship, study, fellowship and service across denomination divisions;
  • to promote co-operation of men and women in the church, family and society;
  • to help Christian women to take a more effective place in the total life and mission of the church; and
  • to unite them through the Fellowship of the Least Coin with Christian women of all countries.
    There was a National Committee that met at least annually, an Executive that met monthly and a Working Committee. The Working Committee consisted of members resident within one state and included all of the office-bearers viz - President, two Vice Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer. Of the undesignated members of the Working Committee one was the of the Winifred Kiek Scholarship Committee. The working committee dealt in particular with ACW activities including the world community day and relationships with the Fellowship of the Least Coin.
    The Winifred Kiek scholarship was awarded annually from 1965. Rev. Winifred Kiek was ordained as a Congregational Church Minister in 1927 and was commemorated for her work as an ordained female minister and within the Australian Council of Churches where she encouraged ministry to women. A subcommittee of ACW was formed to deal with the applications, to recommend candidates for the award and to make arrangements for the applicants when in Australia. The scholarship was available to young Christian Women from developing countries and enabled the to study and gain professional experience in Australia in addition to participating in women's' Christian groups . The papers relating to the Winifred Kiek Scholarship contained in this collection include Sub-Committee correspondence (Mary Andrews was the Convenor of the Committee for many years) occasional reports, printed material including leaflets concerning scholarship holders and their schedules while in Australia, and publicity from the project.
    Two major annual activities were World Community Day and Fellowship Day. It seems that orders of service were produced centrally for use and adaptation in the various state units and local branches. The records of these in this collection include, fliers and other publicity and orders of service. The revised Constitution of 1985 allowed for a biennial National Conference which was held in conjunction with the National Committee meetings. The earliest records of National Conferences date from 1985. There was a new Constitution in 1988 Newsletters were issued to members commencing in August 1964. Initially these appeared to be irregular but by1976 they were issued monthly. By April 1970 the Newsletters were known as 'Women at Work' . From October 1985 the Newsletter was known as ACW News. The Newsletters emanated from the Branch where the Executive at the time was situated although mist issues contained. Many issue have been lost. The State Units pre-dated the federal organisation. The NSW Branch held its inaugural meeting on 18 November 1938 and the Victorian Branch was established by the adoption of its constitution on 13 June 1941.
    The records that comprise this series are not the official archives of Australian Church Women, but those that were held by Mary Andrews. There are some gaps that might indicate the periods of greatest involvement in ACW or normal accidents of record keeping. The series comprises both the records that have survived from the Federal organisations and the State Units and occasionally local branches. Most of the surviving branch records emanated from NSW.

Andrews, Mary Maria


  • AU AU-MTC 093/6
  • Serie
  • 1951-1996

This series contains newsletters sent by Mary Andrews to friends and supporters. Until 1975, these were distributed under the title of "The Church of England Deaconess Institution Prayer Fellowship Letter". In 1976 the title becomes "News Letter", reflecting Dss Andrews' retirement and roles in other organisations. From 1982 onwards, the title is "The Anglican Deaconess Institution Prayer Fellowship Letter" following a decision by the Deaconess Council to revive the earlier newsletter - aside from a small number in 1982 under the banner of The Anglican Fellowship of Prayer.
The newsletters contain homilies or spiritual insights from Dss Andrews, news relevant to the Deaconess institution (and other organisations, following Dss Andrews' retirement), personal news and travel reports. Dates and times for events related to the Deaconess Association (and others) are also listed, as are prayer requests and brief news from other members of the Association. Occasional attachments such as invitations to Deaconess House graduations are also included.
Newsletters were published once every 2-3 months in the 1950s, 60s, and early 70s; yearly from 1975; then once every three months from 1982.
This series had been previously set apart and placed in acid-free folders. New series numbers have since been added and fasteners replaced with plastic paperclips, and duplicates have been discarded, but no other changes have been made.
This series was originally combined with Series 5.

Andrews, Mary Maria

Prayer letters distributed during missionary service

  • AU AU-MTC 093/5
  • Serie
  • 1947-1951

This series contains prayer letters sent by Mary Andrews to CMS to be distributed to supporters, written between 1947 and 1951 during her time in China; and also letters and drafts of letters written for publication in the CMS "Round World" magazine, with an intended audience of children.
These letters are intended for a praying audience, and contain particulars of Mary Andrews' life and ministry in China as well as devotional commentary and descriptions of her state of mind, health, encouragement, and other concerns.
The prayer-letters in this series had been previously set apart and placed in acid free folders. New series numbers have since been added and fasteners replaced with plastic paper-clips, but no other changes have been made.
The published versions of some of the "The Round World" articles have been placed in series 13.
This series was originally combined with Series 6.

Andrews, Mary Maria

Letters composed by Mary Andrews

  • AU AU-MTC 093/4
  • Serie
  • 1930-1996

This series contains letters written by Mary Andrews, some of which are drafts and some of which are letters which had been posted but which were returned to Mary at a later date. In some cases, letters were preserved for Mary's benefit at her explicit request in the body of the letter - for example, in the case of personal letters which doubled as travel memoirs.
The series includes letters sent to CMS during Deaconess Andrews' time on the mission field (with the exception of circular newsletters and submissions to The Round World magazine, which have been included in Series 5), drafts of letters to bishops and other ecclesiastical figures, drafts of letters to the editors of publications, personal letters (and drafts thereof) including letters to relatives, and informal notes left around Deaconess House or (later) the Retirement Villages.
The letters have been arranged in chronological order, with some approximation.
Letters with insufficient contextual information for a definite date have been grouped together at the end of the series.
The content of this series was separated in part from Mary's collection of personal letters received (see Series 1), and was otherwise collected piecemeal from miscellaneous unsorted paperwork distributed haphazardly throughout the collection. It is unknown if there was any original intended order to these latter papers (though it seems unlikely) or if the arrangement was an arbitrary decision by Archives Consultant Debra Leigo, who supervised the re-boxing of the collection in 2011.

Andrews, Mary Maria

Financial papers

  • AU AU-MTC 093/33
  • Serie
  • 1946-1996

Share and stock certificates, correspondence, bank deposit books, copies of will and tax returns.

Andrews, Mary Maria

Transfer and management of the Mary Andrews papers

  • AU AU-MTC 093/32
  • Serie
  • 2009-2015

Includes the deed of gift for the transfer of the Mary Andrews papers to Moore College from the Deaconess Institution 26/10/2009

Andrews, Mary Maria

Flannel graphs

  • AU AU-MTC 093/31
  • Serie
  • 1930-1950

Bible story characters and objects cut out of flannel pieces, designed to be placed on a flannel background.
Folder 1:
The sheet let down
The boy Samuel
God feeds the Israelites with manna
The unforgiving servant
Folder 2:
Feeding the five thousand
The crucifixion
Gospel of John – the first 12 chapters
The prodigal son
The parable of the lost coin
The ten virgins
The rich man and Lazarus
Folder 3:
He shall cast away his idols
The boy Jesus
Jairus asks Jesus to come and heal his daughter
Cain and Abel
General indoor scene
Folder 4:
The entry in Jerusalem
The miraculous draw of fishes
Entrance of sin
Joseph’s coat of many colours
The Annunciation
The trial of Jesus
The parable of the lost sheep
Nativity scene
The prodigal son
Folder 5:
Joseph reveals himself to his brethren
The flood, Noah’s sacrifice
The story of Esther
The resurrection
Gideon’s three hundred
John baptising and the baptism of Jesus
First and second cleansing of the temple
Folder 6:
The raising of Lazarus
Moses hid in the bulrushes
Abraham sends Hagar away
The widow’s mite
A bride for Isaac
Folder 7:
Water changed into wine
The temptation
Paul before Festus and Agrippa
The story of Ruth
The annunciation
Folder 8:
The tabernacle
Peter released from prison
The well of salvation
Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt
Elijah at Mount Carmel
The Passover
David and his victory over Goliath
Folder 9:
Joseph sold as a slave into Egypt
The ascension
Paul and Silas in Philippi/cast into prison
Pharaoh’s dreams
Scenery set – village and street
Joseph made ruler
Triumphal entry
Folder 10:
Isaac blesses Jacob
Elijah fed by the ravens
Christ stills the storm
Namaan the leper
Fleeing from Egyptians/the Passover
Cain and Abel
The creation
Jacob’s vision of the ladder
Folder 11:
The lives of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
The last Supper
Call of the fisherman
Chinese figures and boats
Paul on the island of Melita
Parable of the Good Samaritan
The Sower
Moses at the burning bush
Kadesh Barnea – the spies sent in
The serpent of brass
Folder 12:
Saul blinded by the light
The Good Shepherd
The stoning of Stephen
The Sermon on the Mount
Joseph’s dreams
Folder 13:
The Good Samaritan
Solomon and the Queen of Sheba
Adoration of the Wise Men
Peter and John at the Beautiful Gate
Nativity scene
Two ways poster
Rahab and the spies
Folder 14:
Translation of Elijah
Demons cast out of maniac
Parable of the talents
Parable of the two houses
Jesus blessing the children
The blind man
The rich young ruler
Daniel in the lion’s den

Andrews, Mary Maria

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