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Letter to Mr and Mrs Humphreys

  • AU AU-MTC 000-35
  • Pièce
  • 1942

Letter to Mr and Mrs Humphreys, dated 1942, signed Mrs [Jo]yce Bradley. Mrs Bradley informs Mr and Mrs Humphreys that she heard [...] Humphreys among the names of prisoners of war, read out over the radio from the Vatican. She says they will be notified about his whereabouts, hopes he is well and tells them that she often listens to the lists of prisoners' names over short wave radio.

Moore College envelope with note about where the letter was found: in floor of 51 King St Newtown.


Plans, charts and posters

Officers of the French Church of London - R.D. Gwynn, 1968. Appendix 1 to R.D. Gwynn's thesis. 7-page booklet with spiral binding.
Jacquard silk weaving - colour poster produced by Cheshire County Museums, undated.
2 reproduction prints, depicting the signing of the Edict of Nantes and its revocation.
"Out of New Babylon: the Huguenots and their diaspora" College of Charleston, May 14-17, 1997 - poster with conference programme.
Reproduction map of Southampton, circa 1620.
1641 Discipline of the French Church of London and signatures of ministers and elders, 1666-1740s - photocopy of documents held in the British Library.

St Peter's Church administrative subject files

  • AU AU-MTC 091/10
  • Série
  • 1946-1993

Church administration 1982-1992
Correspondence 1986-1992
Heritage Conservation Order 1988-1989
Ladies' Guild 1953-1960
Lease of hall to ABC 1946-1980
Markets 1991
Organ 1979-1983
Parishioners' Roll 1964-1973
Property & heritage 1988-1990
Restoration and use of facilities 1990-1992

St Peter's Church, Woolloomooloo

Research papers

I French Church of London Library, MS 5, 1650-79 (photocopy)
II French Church of London Library, MS 7, 1679-92 (photocopy)
III French Church of London Library, various MSS (photocopy)
FCL Miscellaneous
IV French Church of London Library, MS 8, 1693-1708 (photocopy)
V Bodleian Library, Oxford
VI - no file
VII Louis Hérault
VIII Printed works pre-1750
IX Miscellaneous
X English Puritanism in C17th
XI Correspondence (1966-2006)
XII Dover, Maidstone
XIII Earlier work, little on Huguenots, hardly indexed
XIV Numbers of Huguenots in Britain
XV French churches in London
XVI W J.H. Hessels – London Dutch church records
XVII Schickler; Plague and Fire; Scouloudi; Hug Soc Quarto Series
XVIII West Street church [some earlier material lost in transit 1978]
XIX Material formerly in Fulham Palace, now Lambeth Palace Library (photocopy)
XX Glasshouse Street / Leicester Fields church
XXI Le Quarré
XXII St James’s Square / Swallow Street
XXIII Hungerford Market / Castle Street
XXIV London church registers
XXV Material at Lambeth Palace Library
XXVI Copies of Beeman’s transcripts, various sources
XXVII Copies of Beeman’s transcripts, Guildhall Library
XXVIII Royal Bounty papers, notes on minute books
XXIX Royal Bounty papers, notes on ministers
XXX Royal Bounty papers, notes on accounts & miscellaneous
PRO Material in public record office, now TNA
LN Lecture & seminar notes
BM British Library (formerly located in British Museum)
M1 Miscellaneous
M2 Miscellaneous including material now in LMA
M3 Miscellaneous
M4 Miscellaneous
M5 French Church of London Library, various MSS
M6 Miscellaneous (including fine arts, soldiers)
M7 Miscellaneous
M8 Miscellaneous, mostly C16th
M9 Scott, Joint-Stock Companies [partial photocopy]
M10 Huguenots in UK provinces, and in NZ
M11 Ireland
M12 Miscellaneous (A4)
M13 Miscellaneous (Quarto)
M14 1985 Huguenot commemoration - display materials
M15 Largely work done early 1990s
M16 Miscellaneous
M17 Miscellaneous including Cambridge University Library, Oxford Colleges, Conferences
M18 Morrice’s 'Entring Book' and conference on its publication
M19 Military & naval
M20 French church of London officers 1640-1710 [not indexed]
M21 largely work done 2014-18
AA Miscellaneous including T. Firmin; Dickson (banking), Bourdillon, Dubourdieu, Chamier.
AB Ministers [not indexed]
AC Ministers (lists ex French Committee papers)
AD French congregations in London 1640s/1650s
AE French Church of London Library, various MSS
AF Hugs. in France; and Netherlands material at Leyden
AG SHPF material, Paris
AH Utah 1969 – genealogical papers
AI Printed matter, Huguenots outside British Isles
AJ Bourdon, Ogier, Shoulder, (de) l’Epaule, de Lespau families
AK Printed matter, much on provinces (1985)
AL Crafts, provinces, 1985 commemoration – printed matter
AM Articles
AN SPD 1702-4; Grell, Dutch church of London; Price, tobacco etc
AO Wandsworth
AP French church Canterbury, 1680-1709
AQ Huguenot Memoirs – Bourdillon, Fontaine, Guion, Migault etc
AR - no file
AS Women, Marriage, Family
AT Modern services commemorating Huguenots (1985-2011)
BA Miscellaneous and odd sizes; much on Bank of England
BB Grace Lee Gwynn material (1935-2011)
BC Country churches – Southampton, Devon, Norwich etc.
BD Huguenots and Trade (especially London)
BE Canterbury Cathedral Library, mostly U47-H-1 and U47-H-3)
BF Canterbury Cathedral Library, mostly U47-H-2, 1647-63
BG printed works on aristocratic houses, Voltaire, 1985 etc
BH articles etc
BI articles etc. (1988-2011)
Huguenot Society of Australia (1999-2015)
Genealogical Notes - French Church of London Officers
Huguenot Ministers in Britain
Later Stuart England (1685-1689)
Huguenot Society of Great Britain - newsletters and ephemera (1999-2019)
French Church of London - Misc Papers 53 (Colloquies of 1654 and 1660) - photocopies
Computerisation Project with printout of name index (1999-2000)
Bodleian Library Rawl. MS C984 (photocopy)
Bodleian Library Tanner MS xcii (photocopy)
Canterbury Cathedral Library MS. re. Laud (photocopy)
French Church of London MS 5 (photocopy)


Photograph albums with photos of Huguenot churches, associated people, items made by Huguenot craftspeople, Huguenot-related artworks and buildings.
Manila folder of Dingestow Court, Monmouthshire, and the Bosanquet family. Further information in G.L. Lee, 'The story of the Bosanquets'.

Collected journal issues

‘Traits and stories of the Huguenots’ Household words No. 194, Dec. 10, 1853 (photocopy)
Browning, Arthur ‘The influence exerted by Huguenot refugees’ Proceedings of the Huguenot Society VII 1904
Stewart, Charles Poyntz. ‘Papal numismatic and pictorial memorials of the Massacre of St Bartholomew’s Day’ Proceedings of the Huguenot Society IX (3) 1911.
Turner, Winifred. ‘Lives of French Protestant ministers in Quick’s ‘Icones Sacrae’’ Proceedings of the Huguenot Society XIV (4) 1933.
Turner, Winifred. ‘Some letters of the Marquis de Ruvigny’ Proceedings of the Huguenot Society XVII (3) 1944.
Gwynn, Grace L. ‘The Huguenot settlements in Britain’ Le Lien special number, Oct 1958.
Turner, Winifred ‘Refugees of the past’ Le Lien special number Feb 1960.
Anglican Theological Review Vol. LI, no. 2, Apr. 1969.
Pinnington, John ‘The historical necessity of the Lambeth Quadrilateral’ The Heythrop Journal XI (2) 1970.
Denis, Philippe. ‘John Veron: the first known French Protestant in England’ Proceedings of the Huguenot Society XXII (3), 1973.
Denis, Philippe. ‘Bibliographie de l’histoire demographique des refugies Flamands et Wallons in Angleterre’ Societe de l’histoire du Protestantisme Belge, Bulletin VI (4) 1975
Gwynn, Robin. ‘The number of Huguenot immigrants in England in the late seventeenth century’ Journal of Historical Geography 9 (4) 1983.
History Today, Vol. 35, May 1985
Escott, Margaret. ‘Profiles of Relief: Royal Bounty grants to Huguenot refugees, 1686-1709’ Proceedings of the Huguenot Society XXV (3), 1991.
Gwynn, Robin. ‘What went wrong? Terre d’Exil translated’ Proceedings of the Huguenot Society XXV (5), 1993
‘Fete du Centenaire 1893-1993’ Le Lien special number May 1993
‘James II and the dissenters’ revenge: the commission of enquiry of 1688’ Historical Research 66 (159), Feb 1993.
History, Vol. 79, no. 255, Feb. 1994.
History, Vol. 80, no. 260, Oct. 1995.
Le Lien Bulletin de l’Eglise Protestante Francaise de Londres April-May 1998


Indexes to the Research Papers (Series 417-2).
Names of people
Places, Trades and Churches
Bibliographical index
Index of Acts of the Privy Council, Calendars of State Papers Domestic, Calendars of Treasury Books, Huguenot Society Publications.

Moore College - students in front of chapel

  • AU AU-MTC 001/16-1-155
  • Pièce
  • 1910-1920
  • Fait partie de Photographs

Staff and students on the lawn in front of the College building (now John Chapman House) and the Bishop Broughton Memorial Chapel. Embossed 'Acme Studios Enmore' in lower left corner. Verso has handwritten message signed C.F. Morris, addressing 'Elsie' with birthday wishes and describing the students taking part in a demonstration and representing part of India.

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