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Papers relating to Archdeacon John Alfred Cable

  • AU AU-MTC 341
  • Collection
  • 1968-2005

Correspondence between Douglas Cable and Principal John Woodhouse, "Archdeacon John Cable" biographical note by David Cable, Chota Nagpur Diocesan Paper, 1968 and 1973.

Cable, John Alfred

Sermon transcripts

  • AU AU-MTC 340-1
  • Série
  • 1961-1985

Photocopied transcripts of sermons preached by Bishop Kivengere.

Kivengere, Festo

Typescript articles

  • AU AU-MTC 337-1
  • Série
  • n.d.

Box 1:
The doctrine of baptismal regeneration
The doctrine of Christian baptism
The baptismal controversy
The proper recipients of Christian baptism
Romans (part 1) - Ch. 1 - 5:9
Romans - justification by faith
An exposition of Romans XI
The Apostle Paul's treatise on the victorious sanctified life
The dispensational division of Romans
Romans - the background of the epistle
The teaching of the Apostle Paul about the Second Advent
The case for the premillennial return of our Lord

Box 2:
An unanswerable argument for the pre-millennial return of our Lord
The doctrine of a future millennial reign
The impending day of the Lord
The structure of the Book of Revelation
Is there a parenthesis in the seventy weeks of Daniel IX?
Nebuchadnezzar's dream image
The millennial issue
The two resurrections connected with Our Lord's return
Mystery Babylon the Great
Our Lord's teaching on the millennium
The addresses to the seven churches
The Olivet discourse
Some mistaken teachings of the Seventh Day Adventists
A few observations on Ezekiel
The ministry of women
The Commonwealth of Israel and the Church of God contrasted

Box 3:
Our Lord's appointed feast
The creative days of Genesis
I will keep thee from the hour of trial
The dispensational teaching of Acts
Two outstanding problems of the Passion Week
The covenants explained and contrasted
Review of "The momentous event"
Reply to A.P. Salom
The minor prophets
Christian practice and service
The teaching of Acts
Daniel's vision of the four great beasts

Deck, Norman Cathcart


  • AU AU-MTC 336-1
  • Collection
  • 20th century

1 black cassock; 1 white cassock; 1 white surplice; 1 academic hood; 1 black stole. Includes 2-page document with biographical information relating to Rev Woodbridge.

Woodbridge, David Charles

Bible study notes

  • AU AU-MTC 335-1
  • Collection
  • n.d.

Notes and outlines for Bible study groups. Some are produced by Sydney Missionary and Bible College.

Bible study notes (includes Evangelism in depth: manual of instruction - Board of Diocesan Missions)
Evangelism and Gospel
Joshua & Judges
Isaiah & Jeremiah
Philippians & Colossians
Timothy & Titus
James & Peter
John 1-3 & Jude

Russell, John

Documents relating to the Church of England in South Africa

  • AU AU-MTC 334-1
  • Série
  • 1959-1967

Letter from the Bishop, the Right Reverend G.F.B. Morris, MA - 1959
"Crockford Apologises" Church News - 1967
Why two churches? The story of the Church of England in S.A.
Bennet, Norman. In search of the truth: A history of the Church of England in South Africa

Braga, Stuart

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