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Papers of Robert Taylor

  • AU AU-MTC 039/1
  • Collection
  • 1859-1870

Includes photographs, ordination certificates, correspondence and pamphlets

Taylor, Robert

Certificates and licences

  • AU AU-MTC 040/1
  • Series
  • 1893-1935

Ordination and clerical licences

Taylor, Stephen


  • AU AU-MTC 043/2
  • Series
  • 1906-1939

The series includes letters from parishioners, relatives and soldiers fighting overseas during World War I.

Hammond, Robert Brodribb Stewart


  • AU AU-MTC 044/4
  • Series
  • 1880-1959

Family photographs and Loyal Orange Lodge members, Irish towns & scenery

Hammond, Thomas Chatterton


  • AU AU-MTC 044/7-044/7/2
  • Item
  • 1938-1961
  • Part of Articles

Transubstantiation and the way of salvation
Loyal Orange Lodge Address - Roman Catholicism in History.
Certain Sure Witnesses.
Article xxvi.
Article xxvii.
What is God Like?
Our faith in the Son of God.
He descended into hell.
Christ did truly arise.
Jesus Christ is Lord.
Preaching in the Church of England.
And in the Holy Ghost.
Sufficiency of Scripture.
Sufficiency of Holy Scripture.
The Apochrypha and the Bible.
The value of the Old Testament.
Scripture rules the Creeds.
Reformation teaching about Original Sin.
Why men turn to God.
Justification - A most wholesome Doctrine.
What Justification means.
Church of England Doctrine of Salvation.
Why do good works?
Good works which do not please God.
Works of supererogation are arrogant and impious.
Who is a sinner?
Can wilful sinners be forgiven?
Sin against the Holy Ghost.
Predestination to Life.
The World is not exposed to Chance.
God's purposes are independent of time.
Where is salvation to be found?
The exclusiveness of Christianity.
Article xix.
Article xxv.
The Baptism of Young Children to be retained: Article xxvii.

Addresses and broadcasts

7 typed pages, ink corrections, 'How did the apostles regard the incarnation?' 25/9/1959.
'The Supreme purpose of the Incarnation'. 7p.2/10/1959.
'Why we reject the sacrifice of the Mass'. 4p.
Fatherhood of God. 6p. 21/8/1959.
'Significance of Creation for the Christian'.5p. 28/8/1959.
Incarnation. 7p. 4/9/1959.
'What are the exact privileges of the Virgin Mary?'7p.11/9/59
Completed Revelation. 7p. 3/7/1959.
The Bible Teaching on God. 7p. 7/8/1959.
Non communicating Attendance. 6p. 8/11/1959.
The use of the Word Priest. 11/10/1959.
Mixed Marriages. 28/2/1960.
13 pages handwritten commentary on 'The Christian Conscience and War'.
What is meant by Interpretations of the Church? 15/3/1959.
Protestants and the Interpretation of Scripture.
What is Heresy?

Addresses and broadcasts

'What is Prelacy?' 3/11/1959.
'Apostolic Succession'. 24/7/1959.
"Why we accept the Creeds'. 31/7/1959.
Address', Exposition
of Scripture. 5/6/1959.
Fatherhood of God. 14/8/1959.
Address. Exposition Scripture. 12/6/1959.
Protestant Doctrine and the Resurrection.
The meaning of Justify. 16/8/1959.
Did the Church give us the Bible? 30/8/1959.
Cover sheet for 'Communion in one kind'.
The problem of Tolerance.
The limit of authority.
The problem of Error.
Roman Catholic Church examined.
Is Protestantism Apostolic?
Some Important Questions.
Faith and Works.
Disturbing Factors in Discussion.

Addresses and broadcasts

Henry VIII and the Reformation.
The Problem of Church and State.
5p. handwritten. Easter.
The race to the garden tomb
St. Philip's Church. Monthly Letter. Handwritten June 1960.
Case for Protestantism- Reply to Criticism.
The Archbishop of Canterbury and the Pope.
Positive statement lacking Authority.
The Bible and Tradition.
More about Foxe.
Inconsistencies of Prayer.
3p. letter to Hammond on 'Mixed marriages' from Melbourne.
The invocation of Saints.
Exaggerated language of Saint worship.
The Resurrection and the Sacrifice of Mass.
What we owe to the Reformation 10p handwritten.
Antichrist and the man of sin. 19/7/1960.

Addresses and broadcasts

Thou art Peter.
Protestant Religion established by Law.
Romanism and Repression. 9/3/1952
Is there freedom of thought in Roman Catholic lands?
The Bible and Science. handwritten notes.
Christianity and Socialism.
Revelation: Woman with Child. 5/11/1957.
What is the Apocalypse: 18/6/1957.
Christian teaching on work and wages.
Revelation: three seals. 15/10/1957.
Why did the Jews abandon sacrifice? 17/4/1957.
Book of Revelation- historic formation. 26/11/1957.
Are there degrees of eminence in heaven? 31/7/1956.
What is meant by the Authorized version? 7/5/1957.
Christianity and Communism. 6/11/1956.
handwritten notes: 'Unto us a child is born'
handwritten- Later medieval Doctrine of Sacrifice.
handwritten notes on Brightman's 'What objections have been made to English orders.

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