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Material relating to denominations other than Anglican

  • AU AU-MTC 102/13
  • Serie
  • 1899-1999

Material relating to other churches and denominations, including Baptist, Catholic, Congregational, Methodist and Presbyterian:
Australian Inland Mission
Australian Baptists
Catholic church
Catholic University in Sydney
Church of Christ
International Eucharistic Congress
Kinross Wolaroi College
London Missionary Society
Newington College
Salvation Army
Scots College Sydney
Seventh Day Adventist
Shelly, William (missionary)
Union Church, Manila, Philippines
Uniting Church
Other denominations

Church of England Historical Society

Hospitals and homes

  • AU AU-MTC 102/6
  • Serie
  • 1924-1999

Material relating to Chesalon, Hammonville Homes, Homes of Peace, St Ives Church of England Hospital and St Luke's Hospital Darlinghurst

Church of England Historical Society

Anglican mission societies

  • AU AU-MTC 102/8
  • Serie
  • 1891-1999

Material relating to the Anglican Board of Mission (previously the Australian Board of Mission) and their work in Australia with Aboriginal people, Polynesia, Melanesia and east and southeast Asia; the Church Missionary Society in Sydney, Africa and Pakistan; National Missionary Council of Australia and the South American Missionary Society.

Church of England Historical Society

Biographical material relating to Anglican clergy and other individuals

  • AU AU-MTC 102/11
  • Serie
  • 1871-1999

News clippings, obituaries and other documents providing information about the lives of clergymen and other significant individuals. With the exception of Mrs Dorothy Mowll, wives of clergy have been filed with their husbands.
Andrews, Mary
Archdale, Betty
Arnott, Felix
Ash, Fortescue
Ashton, John
Barton Babbage, Stuart
Barder, Horace
Barker, Frederic
Barnett, Paul
Bartlett, Lawrence
Bates, Joan
Bidwell, John
Boyce, Francis Bertie
Broughton, William Grant
Browning, George
Burgmann, Ernest
Capell, Arthur
Cartwright, Robert
Cash, Frank
Charlton, (?) Archdeacon
Chynoweth, Neville
Claydon, E.H.B.
Coggan, Donald
Cordell, O.T.
Cowper, William
Cranmer, Thomas
Dain, Jack
Davidson, E.J.
D'Arcy-Irvine, Gerard
Davies, David John
Davies, Stephen
Delbridge, Graham
Devenish-Meares, Matthew
Digges La Touche, Everard
Dumolo, Harriett
Foord, Dudley
Foxe, John
Frewer, John
Fulton, Henry
Garnsey, D.A.
Gledhill, Percy Walter
Goodhew, Harry
Goodwin Hudson, Arthur
Gough, Hugh
Guinness, Howard
Gunther, William
Halse, Reginald
Hammond, Thomas Chatterton
Hassall, Thomas
Heath, Eileen
Hilliard, William
Hinsby, M.G.
Holmes, H.R.
Housden, J.A.
Hulme-Moir, Francis
Jensen, Peter
Jobbins, Boak
Johnson, Richard
Judd, Bernard
Kerle, R.C.
Kirkby, S.J.
Knox, David Broughton
Leslie, E.K.
Loane, Marcus Lawrence
Madden, H.B.
Malcolm, Arthur
Marsden, Samuel - file includes original pastel portrait
Morton, Archibald
Mosby, Ted
Mowll, Dorothy
Mowll, H.W.K. - includes original illuminated address from the Council of St Catherine's Clergy Daughters' School Waverley
Moyes, John Stoward,
Neale, John Mason
Newth, Melville C.
O'Brien, Ronald Arthur "Terry"
Penman, Donald
Phillips, Helen Plummer
Pilcher, Charles Venn
Pitt, Olive Margery
Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother
Ramsey, Michael
Roberts, Basil Coleby
Robinson, D.W.B.
Runcie, Robert
Saumarez Smith, William
Selwyn, Arthur Edward
Selwyn, George Augustus
Shevill, Ian
Shilton, Lance
Stack, W.
Stevenson, W.H.W.
Stone-Wigg, Montagu John
Strong, Philip
Symond, Mildred
Talbot, Albert Edward
Thomas, Mesac
Tugwell, Frederic William
Tyrell, William
Wand, J.W.C.
Warren, Cecil Allan
Watson, Peter
Wilson, Bruce
Wilton, E.N.
Witt, Howell
Woods, Frank
Wright, John Charles

Church of England Historical Society

Photographs - Anglican Media

  • AU AU-MTC 102/28
  • Serie
  • 1960-2000

Photographs of events, individuals and groups - mostly in Sydney. Many of the photographs relate to Anglican organisations and clergymen.
Box A: Includes photographs of Billy Graham, Bishop Richard Appleby, Bishop Hamish Jamieson, Bruce Kaye, Desmond Tutu, Bishop Bruce Wilson, Archbishop Peter Carnley, David Gill, Greg Harvey, Stuart Piggin, Bishop David McCall, Darwin in 1974 following Cyclone Tracy, Michael Hill, 8th CEBS National Camp, Appellate Tribunal, Bible Society, Bicentennary celebrations 1988, Anglican and Catholic Bishops and Archbishops 1988, Rev Roy Bradley, ARCIC, Good Friday service in Hyde Park 1970, Brotherhood of St Laurence, Bishop Philip Newell
Box B: Anglican Schools in Melbourne, Home of Peace, Anglican Schools in Sydney (includes Max Dupain photo of King's School and Joan Sutherland at St Catherine's Waverley), Provincial Board of Education Conference, Children, St Andrew's Cathedral School, Youth Department, General Synod, Gilbulla, Ordinands, Vice Regal events (includes Sir Roden and Lady Cutler), Royal family members in Australia, Retirement villages
Box C: Lausanne Congress on World Evangelism 1974, Ken Harrison Bible Society visit to Papua New Guinea 1975, Vision for Growth Diocese of Sydney, General Synod 1995, Glebe Administration Board, NSW Council of Church forum with Jim Wallace 2003, Conferences, Deaconesses, Maoris, Missionaries, Latin America, Provincial Synod, St Andrew's House, Synod and Standing Committee, University Colleges, Broughton Knox Teaching Centre Moore College, Children, 35mm slides: Seychelles & Israel.
Box D: Archbishops and colonial clergy, Church buildings, Billy Graham, Anglican Media staff, outreach, parish initiatives, Bicentennial celebrations 1988, overseas bishops, Gilbulla, South American Missionary Society, Church of England Homes, Church of England Boys' Society, Anglican institutions, Diocese of Sydney synod, children, General Synod, Winter Appeal
Box E: Book launches, Diocese of Carpentaria, Non-Anglican Institutions, Trinity Grammar School Melbourne, St Margaret's School Berwick, Melbourne Anglican Schools, Anglican Institutions
Box F: Sydney parishes, alphabetical by suburb name, church buildings and furnishings, Overseas bishops, Melbourne Anglican Institutions
Box G: Sydney Anglican schools, Melbourne Anglican Institutions, Melbourne Anglican and non-Anglican schools
Box H: Melbourne non-Anglican institutions, Archbishop Donald Robinson, Archbishop Harry Goodhew, Lance Shilton, Diocese of Northwestern Australia, General Synod, John Grindrod, past bishops & Archbishops, Archbishop Peter Jensen consecration, Sydney Synod 1997, Bishopscourt Melbournes, Independent Schools Fair 1992, Melbourne Synod 1986-1987

Church of England Historical Society

Constitution and related papers

  • AU AU-MTC 102/24
  • Serie
  • 1966-2001

Draft and final copies of the Constitution, with related papers and correspondence

Church of England Historical Society

Membership records

  • AU AU-MTC 102/26
  • Serie
  • 1956-2001

Membership application forms, members and visitors attendance book and members register

Church of England Historical Society


  • AU AU-MTC 102/18
  • Serie
  • 1956-2001

Church of England Historical Society

35mm slides - photographs of churches

  • AU AU-MTC 102-32
  • Serie
  • 1950-2001

Photographs of church buildings, cemeteries, monuments and memorials, associated with the Anglican Church of Australia.

Church of England Historical Society

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