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Robinson, Donald William Bradley
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Popery in the Church of England

  • AU AU-MTC 000-21
  • Pièce
  • 1867

Leaflet with illustrated poem (2 pages). Accompanying letter from Donald R. Begbie, St Paul's Wahroonga, who is sending it to Donald Robinson.


Lecture notes and outlines

  • AU AU-MTC 001/49
  • Série
  • 1940-1960

Early church history; The book of Amos; Notes on Prayer Book revision (by T.C. Hammond); Jehovah's Witnesses; Baptism in the Holy Spirit (P.W. Barnett); Australian Church History book list; Prophecy (Dudley Foord, 1973); Some notes on the history of the English Prayer Book (Donald Robinson).

Moore Theological College

Moore College-related subject files

Files relating to specific administrative issues, created by Dr Knox as Principal of Moore College.
Bibliography - a guide for theological students
Billy Graham and Moore College 1962-1963
Bursar and staff 1969-1984
Catering 1968-1981
Conference on ordination training 1960
Course content and structure 1966-1981
Deaconess House 1973-1975
Diary - tour of theological colleges 1967
Diaconate and post-ordination training 1974-1984
Division of ministry 1969-1974
Examining chaplains 1969-1984
Faculty 1970-1974, 1965-1984
Fees and bursaries 1951-1957
Inter Varsity Fellowship and External Studies 1956-1984
Moore Theological College Ordinance 1983-1984
Moore College Bulletin 1973-1976
Moore College Journal 1981
Moore College vs. Sunshine Discounts 1984
New applications and Board of Reference correspondence 1953-1956
Ordination candidates/Examining chaplains 1968-1972
Papers and articles written by faculty 1970-1984
Principal's Conference 1975
Principal's reports to Moore College Committee 1983-1985
Principal's secretary 1970-1974
Proposed MTh 1981
Reformed Ecumenical Synod 1972
Retirement - 1983
Room lists and timetables 1969-1973
Scholarships 1968-1971
Scholarship funds 1983
Strategic planning meetings 1971-1984
St Paul's College 1959-1965
Sydney College of Divinity 1983
Sydney Synod 1974
UNSW 1962-1965
University affiliation 1966-1967
Vice Principal DWB Robinson 1967-1971

Knox, David Broughton

Biographical material relating to Anglican clergy and other individuals

  • AU AU-MTC 102/11
  • Série
  • 1871-1999

News clippings, obituaries and other documents providing information about the lives of clergymen and other significant individuals. With the exception of Mrs Dorothy Mowll, wives of clergy have been filed with their husbands.
Andrews, Mary
Archdale, Betty
Arnott, Felix
Ash, Fortescue
Ashton, John
Barton Babbage, Stuart
Barder, Horace
Barker, Frederic
Barnett, Paul
Bartlett, Lawrence
Bates, Joan
Bidwell, John
Boyce, Francis Bertie
Broughton, William Grant
Browning, George
Burgmann, Ernest
Capell, Arthur
Cartwright, Robert
Cash, Frank
Charlton, (?) Archdeacon
Chynoweth, Neville
Claydon, E.H.B.
Coggan, Donald
Cordell, O.T.
Cowper, William
Cranmer, Thomas
Dain, Jack
Davidson, E.J.
D'Arcy-Irvine, Gerard
Davies, David John
Davies, Stephen
Delbridge, Graham
Devenish-Meares, Matthew
Digges La Touche, Everard
Dumolo, Harriett
Foord, Dudley
Foxe, John
Frewer, John
Fulton, Henry
Garnsey, D.A.
Gledhill, Percy Walter
Goodhew, Harry
Goodwin Hudson, Arthur
Gough, Hugh
Guinness, Howard
Gunther, William
Halse, Reginald
Hammond, Thomas Chatterton
Hassall, Thomas
Heath, Eileen
Hilliard, William
Hinsby, M.G.
Holmes, H.R.
Housden, J.A.
Hulme-Moir, Francis
Jensen, Peter
Jobbins, Boak
Johnson, Richard
Judd, Bernard
Kerle, R.C.
Kirkby, S.J.
Knox, David Broughton
Leslie, E.K.
Loane, Marcus Lawrence
Madden, H.B.
Malcolm, Arthur
Marsden, Samuel - file includes original pastel portrait
Morton, Archibald
Mosby, Ted
Mowll, Dorothy
Mowll, H.W.K. - includes original illuminated address from the Council of St Catherine's Clergy Daughters' School Waverley
Moyes, John Stoward,
Neale, John Mason
Newth, Melville C.
O'Brien, Ronald Arthur "Terry"
Penman, Donald
Phillips, Helen Plummer
Pilcher, Charles Venn
Pitt, Olive Margery
Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother
Ramsey, Michael
Roberts, Basil Coleby
Robinson, D.W.B.
Runcie, Robert
Saumarez Smith, William
Selwyn, Arthur Edward
Selwyn, George Augustus
Shevill, Ian
Shilton, Lance
Stack, W.
Stevenson, W.H.W.
Stone-Wigg, Montagu John
Strong, Philip
Symond, Mildred
Talbot, Albert Edward
Thomas, Mesac
Tugwell, Frederic William
Tyrell, William
Wand, J.W.C.
Warren, Cecil Allan
Watson, Peter
Wilson, Bruce
Wilton, E.N.
Witt, Howell
Woods, Frank
Wright, John Charles

Church of England Historical Society

Articles and addresses

Evangelicals and Australian Church Union (Lance Shilton, 1966)
Is church union the answer? (D.W.B. Robinson, 1966)
The Prayer Book experimental services (W.J. Lawton, 1967)
Modern theology (B.L. Smith)
Women and the Church (Patricia Judge, 1976)
Captial punishment (Michael Hill, 1978)
'Here we offer you a spiritual sacrifice' in A Prayer Book for Australia - a preliminary estimate (Robert Doyle, 1995)
The principles of doctrine and worship in the Book of Common Prayer and the Thirty-Nine Articles (Donald Robinson, 1995)
Can Anglican worship survive the new prayer book? (David Peterson, 1995)
"A Prayer Book for Australia" - the aftermath (John G. Mason, 1995)
Theological and moral tendencies in A Prayer Book for Australia (Edwin Judge, 1995)
What must not change in a changing church (Bruce Ballantine-Jones, 1995)
A Prayer Book for Australia and reformed, biblical Christianity (John Woodhouse, 1995)
The Synod Survival Manual (Robert Tong, 1996)
Husbands, wives and Gog (Stephen and Marion Gabbott, 1995)

Historical papers

Items relating to or summarizing the history of the Deaconess Institution, Deaconess House and Deaconesses in Australia.
Paper on the history of Deaconesses in Sydney - Margie Mills - undated
'The Church of England Deaconess Institution, Sydney' - historical notes, typescript, 2 leaves., undated.
Transcript of talk given by the Archbishop of Sydney Donald Robinson at Women's Ministry Thanksgiving, Darling Harbour, 1991.
History of the Deaconess Institution - Marion Gabbott - 1991
Deaconesses in the Church of England in the 19th century - B.D. (Hons) thesis, Sydney University - Margaret Rodgers - 1977
Role of Deaconess House - undated typescript
Photocopy of Southern Cross special report - 1986
Lists of Deaconess House graduates, former Deaconess House students serving as missionaries, Deaconess Institution roll of service, arrival and departure dates at Deaconess House, Deaconess Appointments as at 1975.
ADM history - key dates to 2011
Transcript of Australian Church Record article on Deaconesses - July 31, 1886.
Braeside Hospital - key dates - Daphne Bragg
'The Deaconess: fifty years of service illustrates 1891-1941'
Hope Healthcare - list of key dates to 1996.
A.D.I.S.L. History - typed historical notes, undated, dates mentioned up to 2001.
'Hospitals of Hope: celebrating a century of the Homes of Peace' book published 2007
30th anniversary of the ordination of the first women deacons in Sydney Diocese 1989-2019.
The Diaconate for Women - E. Glenys Lewis, Head Deaconess of the Diocese of Auckland.

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