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Lawton, William James
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Australian College of Theology Board of Diploma Studies papers

  • AU AU-MTC 072/15
  • Série
  • 1945-1993

Syllabi and course notes for ministry and church history subjects; Exam papers and essay topics for ministry and church history subjects; Student essays for church history and D.Min. subjects; Correspondence and reports relating to students’ fieldwork for the Dip.Min.; Correspondence relating to preparations for the Australian Bi-Centenary celebrations

Lawton, William James

Articles and essays

  • AU AU-MTC 072/10
  • Série
  • 1950-2024

The use of the Old Testament in the early church – 1950s, manuscript notebook
History essay: Account for the rise of tyrants in Greece – 1950s, manuscript
The work of the Holy Spirit – manuscript, 1950s
The laying on of hands in the Pastoral Epistles – typescript, 1960s
The laying on of hands in the ministry of the sick – photocopy of manuscript, 1960s
Confirmation in the light of Prayer Book revision – typescript, 1960s
Church Union in Canada – 2CH broadcast talk 16/10/1966, with related news clippings
The bases of union documents of the Uniting Churches and their statement of Christology – 1960s
The gospel according to St John – 1960s
Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1489-1555 - typescript with annotations, 1960s
To what extent do problems of personality assist in answering the question “Is God knowable?” – manuscript, 1960s
Scholar in theology exam – dogmatics essay: The creeds and formularies of the church are too much in the debt of a Greek metaphysic, which is irrelevant to modern thought –typescript, 1960s
God the Father-typescript, 1960s
The Christian and changes in the pornography laws –text of a broadcast given on 2CH –typescript with annotations, 1964
Prayer Book experimental services –address to the Anglican Church League, St Bede’s Drummoyne, April 28, 1967
A brief introduction to the meaning of holy baptism in the Church of England –typescript, 1960s
Ecumenical relationships – talk delivered at Parramatta Rural Deanery Conference, September18, 1970
The history and practice of confirmation in the Church of England, with special reference to some relevant passages in the Book of Acts and the Pastoral Epistles –typescript, 1971.
Cranmer: the man who gave us the English Bible and Prayer Book –article in Australian Church Record, October 19, 1972
Church and congregation: an examination of some of the findings of the Synod Commission “Looking into the parish” – manuscript, 26/4/1973
Using the Bible – a question of methodology – typescript, given at Young Evangelical Churchman’s League, 28thSeptember 1974
Acts chapter 7 – The new temple – a sermon preached at Holy Trinity Church, Adelaide, on Sunday August 31st, 1975 - typescript
M.A. essay, history seminar: R.H. Tawney (1880-1962) – typescript and manuscript, 2 copies, 1977
M.A. essay, history seminar: G.A. Wood (1865-1928) – typescript, 1977
M.A. essay: Adelaide as a distinctive urban community – manuscript, 1978
M.A. essay: Australian urban history – Larrikinism in the 19th century – manuscript, 1978
M.A. essay: Review of The Roman mould of the Australian Catholic Church, by John N. Molony – manuscript, 1977
M.A. essay: Urban society in Australia – typescript, 1978
Essay: Manning Clark: a theologian in search of a soul – manuscript, 1977
The Moore College Library Lecture 1981: “That woman Jezebel – Moore College after 25 years” – typescript with annotations
The Anglican Church in Sydney and the temperance movement (late 19th to early 20th century – typescript, 1980s
Conference on church and society, held at Figtree, 8 November, 1985 – typescript
Chapel and community: Faculty Conference paper – typescript, 1985
Moore College Commencement of Ministry Address: Building on foundations that others have laid – typescript, 1986
The meaning of worship: a personal view – paper read at Moore College faculty conference – typescript, 1986
Life and death and the challenge to ministry: a Christian response to Australia’s population crisis – Moore College School of Theology 1989
Hearing the accents of Asia – 1989
The doctrine of the church: towards conceptual clarification – 1980s
The four-term year – typescript with annotations, 1980s
Review of ABC religious programs, radio and television – typescript, June 5, 1989
Synod Committee on the meaning and place of the sermon: Draft report 1 – typescript, 1989
Catholic-Anglican dialogue at the micro level: working as partners in inner urban mission (Halifax- Portal lecture) – 7thMay 1996
Early Church History to 451: Bibliography – compiled for Moore College students, 1990
Address to Synod - 1992
A response to Broughton Knox’s paper – Moore College School of Theology - unfinished typescript, 1986
To the father through the features of men’s faces: address at St John’s College for the sesquicentenary of the first Jesuits in Australia – 24/4/1999
Xianity in the 21stcentury – St John’s Darlinghurst, 1999?
William Walton’s Belshazzar’s Feast: script for program break
Conscience and constitution
Evangelization, values and Aboriginal reconciliation
The theology of Australian Anglicanism – essay included in Anglicanism and Society: Australian Anglican History Seminar, 1999
A matter of tradition and design – the theology of Australian Anglicanism: some key tensions – typescript, December 2000
A shared life commentary - Bill Lawton and John McIntyre - 27 April 2024
A study in urban development and interaction - Australians and Italians in the inner Sydney suburb of Leichhardt, with special reference to the period 1950-1971 (MA thesis 1978)
The significance of larrikinism as a feature of city life in Australia during the nineteenth century (MA essay 1978)
Review of John Moloney's 'The Roman mould of the Australian Catholic Church'

Lawton, William James


  • AU AU-MTC 072/3
  • Série
  • 1951-2010

Lawton, William James


  • AU AU-MTC 072/7
  • Série
  • 1959-1963

Moore College, BD ; University of London, Th.Schol. ACT

Lawton, William James

Personal papers

  • AU AU-MTC 072/8
  • Série
  • 1969-1998

Biographical article by Neil Marks (1998), order of service for induction at Christ Church Gladesville, CV, gift prayer book from Christ Church parishioners, photographs

Lawton, William James

Inner City Committee papers

  • AU AU-MTC 072/16
  • Série
  • 1970-1988

Includes reports, receipts and correspondence.

Diocese of Sydney Inner City Committee

Subject files

  • AU AU-MTC 072-17
  • Série
  • 1970-1980

The Anglican Church (1885-1914) – synod debates
Anglican Church and Temperance
Australian Church Record – 1950
Bibliography - general
Chapter headings
Church newspapers – Record
Church newspapers – the Victorian churchman
Church papers – journals
Churches – Balmain – St John
Churches – Burwood – St Paul
Churches – Canterbury – St Paul
Churches – Castle Hill – St Paul
Churches – Darlington (Golden Grove) – St Alban
Churches – Enfield – St Thomas
Churches – Erskineville – Holy Trinity
Churches – Granville – St Mark
Churches – Holsworthy – St Aidan
Churches – Hurstville – St George
Churches – Liverpool – St Luke
Churches – Manly – St Matthew
Churches – Millers Point – Holy Trinity
Churches – Mulgoa – St Thomas
Churches – Newtown – St Stephen
Churches – Parramatta – St John
Churches – Petersham – All Saints
Churches – Pyrmont – St Bartholomew
Churches – Redfern – St Saviour
Churches - Sydney – Christ Church St Laurence
Churches - Sydney – Darlinghurst – St John
Churches - Sydney – St Andrew’s Cathedral
Churches – Sydney – St Barnabas
Churches – Sydney – St James
Churches – Waverley – St Mary
Churches – Woollahra – All Saints
Clergy – Alkin, Thomas Verrier
Clergy – Anderson, P.C.
Clergy – Barry, Rt Rev Alfred
Clergy – Bartlett, Arthur Robert
Clergy – Bryant, Harry
Clergy – Clarke, James
Clergy – Fielding, Morris Glanville
Clergy – Gunther, William James
Clergy – Jackson, Henry Latimer
Clergy – Kemmis, Thomas
Clergy – Killworth, Arthur
Clergy – Langford-Smith, Sydney Edgar
Clergy – Latouche, E. Digges
Clergy – Martin, Henry
Clergy – Mort, Henry Wallace
Clergy – Newton, William Shackfield
Clergy – Rt Rev Frederic Barker
Clergy – Smith, William Saumarez
Clergy – Wright, John Charles
Clergy list – 1886
Clergy values
Defending Christianity – 1880-1890
Diocesan history
English church union in NSW
Episcopal elections – papers of Archbishop Edward White Benson
Housing and land costs
Howe, H.G.J.
Introduction to themes
Kingdom of God
Laymen/evangelism – E.P. Field
Madgwick, E.D.
Maritime strike 1890 – Sydney politics
Moore College – Australian Student Christian Union
Moore College – Chapel
Moore College – evangelicalism
Moore College – lecturers’ notes (G.A. Chambers)
Moore College – library
Moore College – notes on students
Moore College – Principal B.A. Schleicher
Moore College – Principal D.J. Davies
Moore College – Principal Lukyn Williams
Moore College – Principal T.E. Hill
Moore College – student notes
Moore College – training for ministry
Moore College – trustees – minutes
Moore College Principal N. Jones
Moore, Alderman Charles
Music – church, choirs, organs
Music – Diocesan Choir Association
News boys and poor juveniles
Political factions and parties – Sydney politics
Presbyterian church
Primacy, Development of
Republicanism – Anarchy – Sydney politics
Sabbath – bibliography
Science, philosophy and religion
Scripture union
The shape of Sydney – a Christian viewpoint
Slums – maps
Social commitment (a) – temperance
Social commitment (b) sex and marriage
Social commitment (c) - Sunday Schools
Social commitment (d) – home and foreign missions
Social commitment (e) - Empire and war
State elections – Sydney politics
Synod representatives – 1889
Temperance – University paper – Sydney Anglican response to the Temperance movement
Temperance – wowsers
Temperance bibliography
Temperance statistics
Theological liberalism
Training and aspirations of the clergy
Typing – transcripts
University education
What is a Sydney Anglican? Anglican Church League
Yarrington, S.D.

Lawton, William James

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