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Correspondence received

  • AU AU-MTC 033/9
  • Serie
  • 1801

Letters from family members in England

Broughton, Sarah

John White - Land grant and appended wafer seal

  • 324-1
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1819

Land grant signed by Governor Lachlan Macquarie, assigning 30 acres of land in the District of Airds, to John White. Dated 17th August 1819. Manuscript note on verso, advising that the quit rent for the land had been redeemed on the 18th February 1834. The note is signed Wm. Macpherson, Coll. Int. Revenue, and dated 16th December 1836.
This land was sold to Thomas Moore on 4th October 1821 and became part of the Bishop's Farm property purchased by Stanley Reeve from the Trustees of the Estate of Thomas Moore in 1943.

Macquarie, Lachlan

Wire-rimmed spectacles

  • AU AU-MTC 160/1
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1830?

Crook, William Pascoe

Papers relating to clergy and school lands

  • AU AU-MTC 033/7
  • Serie
  • 1828-1830

Contains documents relating to the operation of the Clergy and School Lands Corporation. Includes The Bye Laws of the Trustees of Clergy and School Lands in NSW, Committee Reports, Commissioners report and a Report on Church and School Establishments of the Colony by Archdeacon T.H. Scott.

Broughton, William Grant


  • AU AU-MTC 137/1
  • Serie
  • 1829-1830

Jane Barker (nee Harden) kept these diaries describing her tour of Europe in 1829-1830, before her marriage to Bishop Frederic Barker.

Barker, Jane Sophia

Sermon manuscripts

  • AU AU-MTC 032/1
  • Serie
  • 1812-1833

Sermons preached by Samuel Marsden on specific Bible verses. Also includes some notes on soil types and agricultural methods in the colony.

Marsden, Samuel


  • AU AU-MTC 033/4
  • Serie
  • 1829-1834

The 1829 diary covers the Broughton family's voyage to Australia on the convict ship 'John', and the 1834 diary covers Broughton's voyage to England via Brazil.

Broughton, William Grant

Register of clergy and church property

  • AU AU-MTC 033/15
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1825-1836

Register of clergy, churches, visitations, glebes, burial grounds and school houses in the Archdeaconry of NSW in the Diocese of Calcutta

Broughton, William Grant

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