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Engagement diaries

  • AU AU-MTC 145/9
  • Serie
  • 1994-2012

Jensen, Peter F.

Moore College building and development plans

  • AU AU-MTC 145/7
  • Serie
  • 1990-1994

Property planning 1985-1988
Building plans - 1992
Architects' reports - 1986-1988
Site development working party - 1986-1990
Lecture rooms - 1985-1986
Principals' garden - 1986
Owners of Little Queen Street properties - 1987
Relocation - 1993
Daughters of Charity Marsfield - 1992
Specification for Lecture Theatre block (Broughton Knox Teaching Centre) - 1993

Jensen, Peter F.

Committee papers

  • AU AU-MTC 145/5
  • Serie
  • 1980-2000

Holy Trinity Adelaide mission 1993, Visit of Alister McGrath 1993, Standing Committee, Scripture Union, Fellowship for evangelical theology, Presbyterians, Curates 1992, Sermon in services/school of mission, Ordination and the constitution, Vision for growth think tank 1985, Standing Committee Ordination Training Fund Committee 1984-1988, Ministry to tertiary students committee, articles re. AIDS 1980s, Review Committee of the Ordinances 1992-1993, Post ordination training 1987-1989; Moore College Committee and Executive minutes (annotated duplicates)

Jensen, Peter F.

Student lecture notes

  • AU AU-MTC 145/4
  • Serie
  • 1960-1979

'The Christian faith' by Friedrich Schleiermacher
Old Testament - Deuteronomy
The Epistle to the Romans
Isaiah 1-35
Canon and text
2 Samuel
New Testament - theology of selected passages
St Luke
2 Kings

Jensen, Peter F.


  • AU AU-MTC 145/3
  • Serie
  • 1980-1999

Introduction to Calvin's Institutes
Lectures on church history II
Church history I
Evening course - church history
Biblical theology
One truth/goal/Saviour/way
English Reformation - Sydney BD
Evening course - doctrine
Doctrine I 1980
Theology IIB assessments
Doctrine 4 Early Puritan theology
Aren't all religions merely different ways of approaching God?

Jensen, Peter F.


  • AU AU-MTC 145/27
  • Serie
  • 1957-2001

Includes both personal and professional correspondence

Jensen, Peter F.

Ceremonial spear

  • AU AU-MTC 145/26
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 2007

This carved stick was a personal gift to the Archbishop of Sydney from the catechist in the village of Lowainasasa on the island of Ambae in northern Vanuatu, on the occasion of the centenary celebrations in October 2007 marking the death of Rev Charles Christopher Godden. This village is the closest one to the site where Godden was shot by the aggrieved Alameamea, who had been 'blackbirded' to the Queensland canefields, badly mistreated and then repatriated to Vanuatu.
Part of the chiefly paraphernalia in Ambae and other islands in Vanuatu is the carved wooden club. Because the catechist does not have high rank in the church, his carved stick is less elaborate than the chief's club. This elderly catechist has served faithfully in the church for many decades, but has never qualified for ordained ministry. Nevertheless, he wanted to send his stick to the Archbishop as a sign of their mutual task of caring for God's people.

Jensen, Peter F.

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