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Notes on Rev Oswald Dent

  • AU AU-MTC 233/1
  • Serie
  • 2018

A brief biography of Oswald Dent, photocopies of photographs, transcript of a sermon

Gibson, Tim

Funeral order of service

  • AU AU-MTC 232/1
  • Serie
  • 2018

Sheila Spencer was an English-born nurse and midwife who worked in the Department of Evangelism with John Chapman.

Spencer, Sheila Rosemary

Material related to Samuel Marsden

  • AU AU-MTC 194/1
  • Serie
  • 2017

Photocopied news clippings and photographs relating to Samuel Marsden's birthplace in Yorkshire and his travels in New Zealand.

Marsden, Bob

Learning from the legacy of John Charles Chapman

  • AU AU-MTC 275-1
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 2015

'Learning from the legacy of John Charles Chapman: Australian evangelist, preacher, teacher and writer' - typescript with correspondence.

Lane, Adrian

Portrait of Peter Jensen

  • AU AU-MTC 240-1
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 2013

This artwork is a portrait of Bishop Peter Jensen, former Principal of Moore College and former Archbishop of Sydney.

Zavros, Michael

Papers relating to Canon Babbage's death

  • AU AU-MTC 130/9
  • Serie
  • 2012

Correspondence of Malcolm Babbage, order of service for Canon Babbage's funeral, newspaper obituary and other tributes.

Babbage, Stuart Barton

Media appearances

  • AU AU-MTC 145-30
  • Serie
  • 2012

Magazine articles and notes on TV appearances.

Jensen, Peter F.

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