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Financial records

  • AU AU-MTC 088/10
  • Serie
  • 1966-1981

St Philip's Church Caringbah

Parish roll

  • AU AU-MTC 088/16
  • Serie
  • Undated

St Philip's Church Caringbah

Financial records

  • AU AU-MTC 092/3
  • Serie
  • 1959-1978

Records of offertories, receipts and expenditure, including Temple Day and Christmas gift appeal registers, Easter offering registers, War Memorial community centre donation register and Rev. Tudno Rees appeal register.

St John's Church, Darlinghurst

World War 2 scrapbook

  • AU AU-MTC 092/17
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1939-1945

Contains details of parishioners on active service and orders of service for use in wartime.

St John's Church, Darlinghurst

Personal letters received

  • AU AU-MTC 093/1
  • Serie
  • 1930-1996

The series consists primarily of private letters written to Dss Andrews by current and former students, and others in Christian work. The letters from former students detail their work in parishes and other fields of service, and share problems and troubles that they are experiencing, and decisions to move on or to seek other opportunities. They also cover personal interests and updates concerning their families. The letters are evidence of the nurturing relationship the Dss developed with her students, who continued to seek her guidance throughout their careers. The personal nature of Dss Andrews’ relationships with her former students is further evidenced in that many letters are signed with Christian names only (in retrospect, this often causes problems in the identification of the correspondents).
The series also contains invitations to and acknowledgements of the Deaconess' speaking at conferences, parish activities and similar engagements, and discussions of her travels. It appears that the Deaconess’ own return letters have not survived, though in some cases early drafts have been preserved among her writings (see Series 3).
The following material has been destroyed: Duplicates Receipts
*Routine mail-outs and other unsolicited mail

  • Routine travel documentation
    *Greeting cards except for those that contain further information about the sender and their relationship with the Dss
    Envelopes have been discarded except for when they contain contextual information not duplicated in the body of the letter
    Some material found with this series has been made into separate series, including:
  • Newsletters received (except for instances where a personal letter was appended to the newsletter)
  • Writings of Mary Andrews
  • Official Records of Deaconess House
  • Official records of the Head Deaconess
  • Publications received
  • News clippings
  • Official letters (including letters pertaining to various organisations of which she was a member or interested party)
  • Letters addressed to persons other than Mary Andrews
    A note on arrangement:
    The series was amongst several transferred from the Deaconess Institute to the Samuel Marsden Library. It is understood that some of the papers were re-arranged by the Andrews family prior to transfer to the Institute. They were reboxed by Debra Leigo (Archives Consultant) in 2011, and this series was spread over several boxes. The Archivists in 2014 made the decision that the most likely original intended arrangement was chronological (indeed fragments of this arrangement survive), and they were subsequently re-sorted by decade. Many are undated or partially dated. Approximate dates were estimated based on stationery, writing implements, physical context and the identity of the author.

Andrews, Mary Maria

Diaries and travel notebooks

  • AU AU-MTC 093/2
  • Serie
  • 1932-1996

The majority of these diaries date from the period during which Mary Andrews was the Principal of Deaconess House (viz 1951-1975), and from her retirement until her death in 1996.
The content varies considerably - from brief notes relating to speaking engagements and other appointments, and lists of those for whom she had prayed on particular days, to detailed descriptions of her thoughts, interviews, and experiences when travelling. Many of the diaries indicate a combination of professional and personal events. Most diaries include notes at the beginning which could have been Mary's devotional, notes for an address, or those made from a sermon heard.
Physically the series varies from pocket diaries to larger format diaries and includes notebooks. For some years Mary maintained a pocket diary that recorded appointments and a more complete diary with details of her activities, thoughts and prayers.
Some of the smaller diaries have been tied into bundles to facilitate ordering.
The following have been removed from this series as previously sorted:

  • Official diaries/appointment books in regard to her roles as Principal of Deaconess House and Head Deaconess.
  • Notebooks containing addresses prepared [now part of Writings of Mary Andrews, Series No. 3]
    In a number of cases it has been clear that the diary has been used several years after its official dates. It is possible that there are instances of this that have not been clear to the registrar.
    Letters, cards, business cards and loose notes have been left where found in the diaries for provenance purposes.
    Related booklets containing lists of contacts follow at the end of this series
    It is unclear whether Series 2 / Item 36 is a diary or a reminiscence.
    This series should be used in conjunction with Series 12 Draft Autobiography and related papers possibly compiled during Mary Andrews' years at Deaconess House.

Andrews, Mary Maria

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