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Introduction to evangelism

This documentation provides the course outline indicating the percentage of teaching hours devoted to the theology and practice of evangelism, as well as the development of personal and evangelistic preaching competency. It notes Chapman's recommended readings on evangelism, including the works of some of Chapman's own students and colleagues.

Correspondence from Matthias Media

The correspondence confirms the publishing relationship established between Chapman and Matthias Media for the republication of his popular work, Know and Tell the Gospel. The correspondence also reveals that the republished material was intended to address the growing discussion surrounding 1) the identity of the evangelist, 2) the supportive roles played by congregation members in the evangelistic process, and 3) the breadth of the Christian’s responsibility/involvement in evangelism.

The Spoken Word: training course notes

Notes from a training course Chapman attended stressing the importance of the various aspects of public speech, such as: diaphragmatic breathing, resonance, articulation, voice production, and body language. This indicates Chapman’s commitment to the development of his preaching craft.

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