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Articles and essays

  • AU AU-MTC 072/10
  • Série
  • 1950-2024

The use of the Old Testament in the early church – 1950s, manuscript notebook
History essay: Account for the rise of tyrants in Greece – 1950s, manuscript
The work of the Holy Spirit – manuscript, 1950s
The laying on of hands in the Pastoral Epistles – typescript, 1960s
The laying on of hands in the ministry of the sick – photocopy of manuscript, 1960s
Confirmation in the light of Prayer Book revision – typescript, 1960s
Church Union in Canada – 2CH broadcast talk 16/10/1966, with related news clippings
The bases of union documents of the Uniting Churches and their statement of Christology – 1960s
The gospel according to St John – 1960s
Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1489-1555 - typescript with annotations, 1960s
To what extent do problems of personality assist in answering the question “Is God knowable?” – manuscript, 1960s
Scholar in theology exam – dogmatics essay: The creeds and formularies of the church are too much in the debt of a Greek metaphysic, which is irrelevant to modern thought –typescript, 1960s
God the Father-typescript, 1960s
The Christian and changes in the pornography laws –text of a broadcast given on 2CH –typescript with annotations, 1964
Prayer Book experimental services –address to the Anglican Church League, St Bede’s Drummoyne, April 28, 1967
A brief introduction to the meaning of holy baptism in the Church of England –typescript, 1960s
Ecumenical relationships – talk delivered at Parramatta Rural Deanery Conference, September18, 1970
The history and practice of confirmation in the Church of England, with special reference to some relevant passages in the Book of Acts and the Pastoral Epistles –typescript, 1971.
Cranmer: the man who gave us the English Bible and Prayer Book –article in Australian Church Record, October 19, 1972
Church and congregation: an examination of some of the findings of the Synod Commission “Looking into the parish” – manuscript, 26/4/1973
Using the Bible – a question of methodology – typescript, given at Young Evangelical Churchman’s League, 28thSeptember 1974
Acts chapter 7 – The new temple – a sermon preached at Holy Trinity Church, Adelaide, on Sunday August 31st, 1975 - typescript
M.A. essay, history seminar: R.H. Tawney (1880-1962) – typescript and manuscript, 2 copies, 1977
M.A. essay, history seminar: G.A. Wood (1865-1928) – typescript, 1977
M.A. essay: Adelaide as a distinctive urban community – manuscript, 1978
M.A. essay: Australian urban history – Larrikinism in the 19th century – manuscript, 1978
M.A. essay: Review of The Roman mould of the Australian Catholic Church, by John N. Molony – manuscript, 1977
M.A. essay: Urban society in Australia – typescript, 1978
Essay: Manning Clark: a theologian in search of a soul – manuscript, 1977
The Moore College Library Lecture 1981: “That woman Jezebel – Moore College after 25 years” – typescript with annotations
The Anglican Church in Sydney and the temperance movement (late 19th to early 20th century – typescript, 1980s
Conference on church and society, held at Figtree, 8 November, 1985 – typescript
Chapel and community: Faculty Conference paper – typescript, 1985
Moore College Commencement of Ministry Address: Building on foundations that others have laid – typescript, 1986
The meaning of worship: a personal view – paper read at Moore College faculty conference – typescript, 1986
Life and death and the challenge to ministry: a Christian response to Australia’s population crisis – Moore College School of Theology 1989
Hearing the accents of Asia – 1989
The doctrine of the church: towards conceptual clarification – 1980s
The four-term year – typescript with annotations, 1980s
Review of ABC religious programs, radio and television – typescript, June 5, 1989
Synod Committee on the meaning and place of the sermon: Draft report 1 – typescript, 1989
Catholic-Anglican dialogue at the micro level: working as partners in inner urban mission (Halifax- Portal lecture) – 7thMay 1996
Early Church History to 451: Bibliography – compiled for Moore College students, 1990
Address to Synod - 1992
A response to Broughton Knox’s paper – Moore College School of Theology - unfinished typescript, 1986
To the father through the features of men’s faces: address at St John’s College for the sesquicentenary of the first Jesuits in Australia – 24/4/1999
Xianity in the 21stcentury – St John’s Darlinghurst, 1999?
William Walton’s Belshazzar’s Feast: script for program break
Conscience and constitution
Evangelization, values and Aboriginal reconciliation
The theology of Australian Anglicanism – essay included in Anglicanism and Society: Australian Anglican History Seminar, 1999
A matter of tradition and design – the theology of Australian Anglicanism: some key tensions – typescript, December 2000
A shared life commentary - Bill Lawton and John McIntyre - 27 April 2024
A study in urban development and interaction - Australians and Italians in the inner Sydney suburb of Leichhardt, with special reference to the period 1950-1971 (MA thesis 1978)
The significance of larrikinism as a feature of city life in Australia during the nineteenth century (MA essay 1978)
Review of John Moloney's 'The Roman mould of the Australian Catholic Church'

Lawton, William James

Draft manuscripts and notes for PhD thesis

  • AU AU-MTC 230/1
  • Série
  • 2009-2018

David John Davies (1879-1935): his thought and influence; Nathaniel Jones (1861-1911): analysis of his thought and estimate of his influence; list of corrections for published version of 'Anglican Evangelicalism in Sydney, 1897 to 1953'.
John McIntosh's thesis Anglican Evangelicalism in Sydney, 1897 to 1953 was submitted in 2014 to the University of New South Wales, and published in the Australian College of Theology Monograph series in 2018.
Also manuscript notes relating to D.B. Knox's D.Phil thesis.

McIntosh, John Alan


  • AU AU-MTC 173/2
  • Série
  • 1995-2017

In-house magazine produced for the Moore College community, including articles on Christian life, marriage, parenting, college life, craft and recipes. The title was inspired by the magnolia trees in the garden of Carillon House.

Moore Women

Papers of D.B. Knox

  • AU AU-MTC 047
  • Collection
  • 1860-2016

This collection includes minutes of various Moore College and other committees, financial records, correspondence, conference material, speeches, articles, personal papers, transcripts of radio broadcasts, testamurs.

Knox, David Broughton

Book 27

JCCPPPB27W1 We Do Not Lose Heart 2 Corinthians 3:4–4:6 Moore College Class ’00 Getaway 2007, EFAC Noonaweena 2009 (2)
JCCPPB27W2 We Do Not Lose Heart 2 2 Corinthians 4:7–5:15 Unknown (1)
JCCPPB27W3 The Ministry of Reconciliation 2 Corinthians 4–5 SMBC Preaching Conference 2007, Arrow Leadership 2011, South Tamworth Staff 9.9.2011 (3)
JCCPPB27W4 Moore College Alumni Address 17.7.2007 (1)
JCCPPB27W5 Every Spiritual Blessing Ephesians 1:3–10 50thAnniversary at Springwood 2008, St. Helen’s Partnership 2008, AFES Supporters Wollongong 2009 (3)
JCCPPB27W6 Personal Evangelism and the Minister Various Unknown (1)
JCCPPB27W7 Evangelism and Me Various Unknown (1)
JCCPPB27W8 Persevering in Evangelism 2 Corinthians 5:11–14 Unknown (1)
JCCPPB27W9 Stability in a World of Turmoil Gunnedah Breakfast (1)
JCCPPB27W10 What Makes Church Church? Ephesians 4 Unknown (1)
JCCPPB27W11 What Jesus Says = What God Says Various Unknown (1)
JCCPPB27W12 The Dreamer Genesis 50:19–20 Unknown (1)
JCCPPB27W13 25th Anniversary—David Cook’s Ministry Romans 8:28–30 29.5.10, Sutherland 2010, Donald Robinson Village 2010 (2)
JCCPPB27W14 The God of Compassion John 4:11 Unknown (1)
JCCPPB27W15 God’s Plan for Our Lives Romans 8:27–29 Men’s Convention Central Coast 2010, Westmead 2010 (2)
JCCPPB27W16 Basics of the Christian Life: The Bible Various Unknown (1)
JCCPPB27W17 Basics of the Christian Life: Prayer Various Unknown (1)
JCCPPB27W18 Basics of the Christian Life: Church Various Unknown (1)
JCCPPB27W19 What About Law? Romans 5:12–20 Engadine 19.9.2010 (1)
JCCPPB27W20 The Preaching Needed Today Topical SMBC 2010 (1)
JCCPPB27W21 Where Did I Come From? Psalms 33 Engadine Feb 13, 2011 (1)
JCCPPB27W22 Vision That Changed the Church Acts 10 Engadine Vision Day (1)
JCCPPB27W23 Vision to Change a Person Revelation 1:9–20 Engadine Vision Day (1)
JCCPPB27W24 How Can I Be Right With God? Romans 5:1–11 Good Friday 2011 Engadine, Sutherland 2011, Jannali 2011 (3)
JCCPPB27W25 Towards a Theology of Preaching Various TIM Course Christchurch 2011 (1)
JCCPPB27W26 The Meaning of Life Various Terrey Hills (1)
JCCPPB27W27 God’s Great Mission Various Sylvania Men’s (1)
JCCPPB27W28 The Wedding of the Year Various Personal Friends (1)
JCCPPB27W29 Ministry to the Elderly 1 Timothy 5:1–2 Unknown (1)
JCCPPB27W30 God in Trinity Various Sutherland DRV 10.7.2011 (1)
JCCPPB27W31 The Enemy Defeated Matthew 8:28–34 Engadine 7.8.2011 (1)
JCCPPB27W32 Love Wins 1 John 4:7–12 Thornely 14.8.11, South Tamworth 7.9.2011 (2)
JCCPPB27W33 How to Be Right with God 2 Corinthians 5:20–21 St. Peter’s South Tamworth 11.9.2011 (1)
JCCPPB27W34 Why I Believe the OT is the Word of God Various Engadine 23.10.2011 (1)
JCCPPB27W35 Why I Believe the NT is the Word of God Various Engadine 30.10.2011 (1)
JCCPPB27W36 The Resurrection of Christ from the Dead 1 Corinthians 15 St. John’s Darlinghurst 8.4.2012, DRV (2)
JCCPPB27W37 The Innocent for the Guilty Luke 23:1–25 Donald Robinson Village 16.10.2011 (1)
JCCPPB27W38 A PS to Finish the Letter 2 Timothy 9:9–22 Lindfield 10.12.2011 (1)
JCCPPB27W39 Let Justice Prevail Psalm 98 Thornleigh 2.3.2012 (1)
JCCPPB27W40 The Promised Land Deuteronomy 26 Donald Robinson Village 15.4.2012 (1)
JCCPPB27W41 Today You Will Be With Me in Paradise Luke 23:32–43 Donald Robinson Village Good Friday 2012 (1)
JCCPPB27W42 The Gospel for the Nations Acts 1:8 Donald Robinson Village 6.5.2012, Sutherland 8am (2)

Book 23

JCCPPB23W1 The Christian Ministry 2 Corinthians 4:1–6 Recreating Australia 2004 (1)
JCCPPB23W2 To Live Is Christ, To Die Is Gain Philippians 1:12ff Moore College Chapel 11/2003 (1)
JCCPPB23W3 We Will Be Like Him: We Shall See Him 1 John 3:1–3 Moore College (1)
JCCPPB23W4 Untitled 1 Corinthians 15:51–58 Moore College Chapel March 2004 (1)
JCCPPB23W5 The Nature of Apostolic Ministry 2 Corinthians 4:1–6 Evangelists Conference All Souls LP 2.11.04, Fulwood Conference 4.11.04, Project Timothy 4.02.05 Singapore, Evangelism Ministries Staff Retreat Sydney 15.02.05, Staff Training St. Helen’s BG 2005 (5)
JCCPPB23W6 The Nature of Our Ministry Acts 20:17ff Unknown (1)
JCCPPB23W7 The Nature of Our Ministry 2 Acts 20:22–35 Unknown (1)
JCCPPB23W8 The Gospel for Our World 1 Corinthians 15:1–11 Fulwood 5.11.04 (1)
JCCPPB23W9 The Death of the Lord Jesus 1 Corinthians 15:1–4 Durban Easter 2005 (1)
JCCPPB23W10 The Resurrection of Jesus from the Dead Luke24:1–12, 36f Durban Easter 2005 (1)
JCCPPB23W11 The Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ Acts 2:22–40 Durban Easter 2005 (1)
JCCPPB23W12 After 50 Years of Preaching or Whatever SMBC Preaching Conference 2005, Principals Hour SMBC, Redeemer 2005, Club 5 2005 (4)
JCCPPB23W13 The Greatness of God Ephesians 3:20–21 World Gathering of MTS, Sydney 9.12.2005 (1)
JCCPPB23W14 The Gospel: A Ministry Fundamental 1 Corinthians 15:1ff Scott Dunlop’s Induction 27.1.06, 10th Anniversary of Crossway Canberra 5.2.2006, Donald Robinson Village 2006 (3)
JCCPPB23W15 The Evangelistic Talk Worker’s Conference Johannesburg 14.2.2006, Midrand 16.2.06 (2)
JCCPPB23W16 The Death of Jesus 1 Corinthians 15:1–3 Good Friday, Springwood 2006 (1)
JCCPPB23W17 Preaching Today SMBC Preaching Conference 16.5.2006 (1)
JCCPPB23W18 Preparing to Preach with Simplicity SMBC Preaching Conference 2006 (1)
JCCPPB23W19 Studies in Holiness 1 Crossroads Church, Canberra June 2006 (1)
JCCPPB23W20 Studies in Holiness 2 Crossroads Church, Canberra June 2006 (1)
JCCPPB23W21 Studies in Holiness 3 Crossroads Church, Canberra June 2006 (1)
JCCPPB23W22 Studies in Holiness 4 Crossroads Church, Canberra June 2006 (1)
JCCPPB23W23 Training Yourself in Godliness 1 1 Timothy 4:15–16 Cathedral Men’s Convention 27.5.2006 (1)
JCCPPB23W24Training Yourself in Godliness 2Col 2:6–7Cathedral Men’s Convention 27.5.2006(1)
JCCPPB23W25 The God Who Saves Various Western Region Conference 9.8.06 (1)
JCCPPB23W26 Making the Most of Retirement Topical Blacktown Men’s Conference 2006, Hobart 2006 (1)
JCCPPB23W27 Work of the Holy Spirit in John’s Gospel Various Principal’s Hour SMBC 2006, Eagle Vale 2008, St. Savior’s Christchurch NZ 2009 (3)
JCCPPB23W28 The Holy Spirit and the New Birth John 3:1–18 Unknown (1)
JCCPPB23W29 Jesus the Giver of the Holy Spirit John 14:15–31 SMBC 25.10.06 (1)
JCCPPB23W30 The Holy Spirit and the World John 16:1–16 Unknown (1)
JCCPPB23W31 Holiness Various Hobart November 2006 (1)

Book 21

JCCPPB21W1 David Andrew’s Funeral Address1 Thessalonians 4:13–18 26.9.03 (1)
JCCPPB21W2 God’s Plan for All Times Luke 1 Unknown (1)
JCCPPB21W3 Our Biggest Problem Luke 5:17–26 Keynote Address: Bangor Mission (1)
JCCPPB21W4 Wedding Address Ephesians 5:22–32 Weddings 1999 x 2, 2000 (3)
JCCPPB21W5 The Heart of the Gospel 1 Corinthians 15:1–8 Moore College 1999, AFES Staff Workers (2)
JCCPPB21W6 The Gospel We Preach Various Tamworth 11.3.2000 (1)
JCCPPB21W7 The Urgency of the Gospel Various Unknown (1)
JCCPPB21W8 Wrestling in Prayer Colossians 4:12–13 Moore College 2000 (2)
JCCPPB21W9 The Death of Jesus and the Love of God John 3:16 Cape Town, Easter 2000 (2)
JCCPPB21W10Who Is This Man? Matt 21:1–11Cape Town 2000, Tokai 2000, Gladesville 2003(3)
JCCPPB21W11 A Vision Worth Living for Biblical Theology Unknown (1)
JCCPPB21W12 The Resurrection of Jesus and the Gospel 1 Corinthians 15:1–8 Unknown (1)
JCCPPB21W13The Resurrection of Jesus and Our Friends Acts 17 Unknown (1)
JCCPPB21W14 A Fresh Start: Birth of Jesus Luke 2:1–11 St. Ives 2000 (1)
JCCPPB21W15 A Fresh Start or the Last Chance 1 Thessalonians 3:13–18 St. Ives 2000, St. Aidan’s HG 21.9.2002 (2)
JCCPPB21W16 Untitled Phil 3:17–4:4 Gunnedah Beach Mission 2001 (1)
JCCPPB21W17 Making the Word of God Fully Known Colossians 1:24–29 Commencement of Year: Theological Faculty Qld. (1)
JCCPPB21W18 The Love of God Ephesians 3:14–19 Unknown (1)
JCCPPB21W19 Untitled Philippians 4:4 Frank Elliott’s Memorial Service (1)
JCCPPB21W20 Palm Sunday Hebrews 1:1–3 Gladesville 2003 (1)

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