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  • AU AU-MTC 041/13
  • Serie
  • 1886-1910
  1. Canon Christopher
  2. W.H. Griffith Thomas as a young man
  3. W.H. Griffith Thomas
  4. Interior of the church at Tarnagulla, Vic.
  5. St John's church, Newbridge
  6. James George Fenton - graduate
  7. Jones with other clergymen at Perry Hall, Bendigo
  8. Jones with students at Moore College
  9. Canon Jones at his weekend home in Waitara 1899-1900 (copy)
  10. Mrs Griffith Thomas and daughter
  11. St Stephen's Rectory, Penrith 1904
  12. Exterior of the church at Tarnagulla
  13. Moore College students on college lawn, 1906
  14. House party at Keswick Convention 1908
  15. Moore College class photograph 1908
  16. Moore College class photograph 1910
  17. Tennis court at Moore College, lawn where memorial wing now stands - shows Darlington Centre
  18. Portrait of W.H. Griffith Thomas.
  19. Group of students at Chidfell, working bee

Jones, Nathaniel

Mission Zone Fund - glass lantern slides

  • AU AU-MTC 056-20
  • Serie
  • 1940s

The Mission Zone Fund was founded in 1902 by R.B.S. Hammond, to support the welfare of people in the inner city area. It was merged into the Anglican Home Mission Society (now Anglicare) in 1911.

  1. Director of Mission Zone Fund (1904-1911) Archdeacon R.B.S. Hammond.
  2. 3 slides of text: (1) The Mission Zone Fund is the Church of England in industrial Sydney. Director: Rev. Bernard G. Judd. (2) St David's Surry Hills (Rev H.H. Davison). St Saviour's Redfern (Rev A.E. Palmer, St Silas' Waterloo (Rev J.A. Dahl), Holy Trinity Erskineville (Rev J.A. Noble), St Michael's Surry Hills (Rev R.N. Langshaw), St Peter's East Sydney (Rev B.G. Judd). (3) Donations to the Mission Zone Fund are allowable deductions for companies and rebatable allowances for individuals.
  3. Map showing mission zone.
  4. St Saviour's Redfern.
  5. Side entrance. House opposite St Saviour's.
  6. Backyard house opposite St Saviour's.
  7. St Saviour's Communion linen donated by an O.A.P. (Old Age Pensioner).
  8. St Saviour's Communion linen bought by an O.A.P. (Old Age Pensioner).
  9. View from back window of St Saviour's Rectory.
  10. 3 slides: Redfern, subdivided tenements
  11. Redfern parish
  12. Rehousing at Redfern: St Saviour's in centre
  13. Rehousing at Redfern: David Jones' factory
  14. Foundations: rehousing at Redfern
  15. From Mt Carmel: St Silas'
  16. Waterloo: two women unaware of photo
  17. Motor cars replace race horses: formerly Victoria Park racecourse
  18. Governor at 81st Anniversary of St Peter's East Sydney
    21a. Beaconsfield: left of church
  19. Beaconsfield Church
  20. Waterloo parish
  21. Waterloo
  22. William Street
  23. Botany Road, Waterloo
  24. William Street
  25. St Peter's
  26. St Peter's Harvest Festival 15.2.48
  27. [St Peter's East Sydney, church interior]
    30a. Same, different perspective
  28. Gov. Gen. Mr I.W. McKell at St Saviour's
  29. Methodist Church off William Street, City
  30. [Girl kneeling beside car]
    34a. 81st anniversary
  31. A picnic group, St Saviour's
  32. Sunday School picnic group
  33. Waterloo laneway
  34. Sister Tattersall, Dss. P. Crittenden.
    38a. Sisters Symons & Tattersall, of the Home Mission Society Nursing Service.
  35. Sisters Symons & Tattersall, of the Home Mission Society Nursing Service, visiting a pensioner in Redfern.
  36. Tenements.
  37. Outside St Peter's Rectory
  38. At Rathane.
  39. Waterloo parish
    • St Peter's East Sydney
    • Housing commission flats, Surry Hills
    • St Paul's Redfern, also Darlington, Ultimo

Judd, Bernard George

Sermon manuscripts

  • AU AU-MTC 129/1
  • Serie
  • 1868-1876

Gunther, James

Library lectures

  • AU AU-MTC 010/3
  • Serie
  • 1975-2023

The series relates to lectures presented by guest lecturers on subjects of interest to the Friends of the Library.
Bishop Barker and his clergy - by Ken Cable
Francis Bertie Boyce
David John Davies, a Principal embattled - by Janet West (1988)
Billy Graham in Australia, 1959 - Was it revival? - Stuart Piggin (1989)
The 450th anniversary of the martyrdom of Archbishop Thomas Cranmer - Holy Communion service - 2006
Invitation to the Library Lecture 2007 - Erasmus in the Twentieth Century - Professor Bruce Mansfield - 2007
Australian Church History Festival - programme - 2009
Moore College Library Lecture 2010 - Tom Frame
Simplicity and Integrity: the King James Version of the Bible in the church and the world - 2011
Launching Marsden's mission - 2013
Remembering Dss. Mary Andrews - 2014
Charles Simeon's enduring influence on Australia - 2015
Archbishop H.W.K. and Mrs Dorothy Mowll - 2021
Deaconess Margaret Rodgers - 2023

Moore College Library

Student newsletters

  • AU AU-MTC 015-9
  • Serie
  • 1977

Moore News 1977
Third Year News 2004-2005
Frugal matters (undated)

Students' Union

Bursar's Babblings - staff email newsletter

  • AU AU-MTC 001-69
  • Serie
  • 2004-2009

Email newsletter sent to College staff by the Bursar Martin Sumpter. Includes College news items relevant to staff, short reports from staff departments and interviews with individual staff members.

Moore Theological College

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