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Audio recordings made or acquired by Mary Andrews

  • AU AU-MTC 093/29
  • Serie
  • 1970-1990

Mary Andrews made and retained much audio-visual material. She collected published material from various organisations and appears to have recorded addresses at services and meetings she attended . She recorded hymns and other sacred music and interviews from radio programs and she owned a range of commercial recordings acquired either by purchase and gift. The quality of the tapes is unknown.
The audio records that have been retained consist of meetings of organisations in which Mary was active, and of addresses in the main areas of her interest including the ministry of women. Some of these supplement the printed records held in this collection.
Commercial material and material recorded from radio programs (thus governed by complex intellectual property provisions) has been destroyed.
Tapes of services (mainly Healing Ministry) at St Andrews Cathedral have been transferred to Moore College Library.
Tales of Verlag Evangelische Marienwesternschaff, Darmstadt-Eberstadt, (Basilea Schlink) Germany, mainly addressed by Basilea Schlink have been offered to Moore College Library.
The following have been retained.

  • Addresses and interviews by Mary Andrews (various media organisations)
  • General and Sydney Diocesan Synod debates manly on the ordination of women,
  • Women's ordination services
  • Proceedings of meetings of the organisations (especially women's organisations) with which Mary was associated.
    Cassettes comprising item 8 include the addresses by the following - Brother Andrew; Canon Jim Glennon; Bishop Fest Kivengere;; Dr Phillip Potter; Agnes Sanford; Dr Robert Schuller; Rev John Stott; Bishop Christopher Spnyonso; Rev. David Watson; Women and Ministry (Brisbane October 1973) Holy Spirit Seminar 4 April 1981.
    A note relating to the item list: The tapes are not individually listed. An 'item" consists of a group of related tapes e.g. the tapes relating to an organisation. Some tapes have been used for more than one purpose. They have been placed with the group that describes most of the content.
    It would appear that some of the tapes were made by Dss Andrews (with our without permssion of organisations or speakers) and that others were sold or distributed by the organisation concerned. In making access to this material decisions may nned to be made on an individual basis.

Andrews, Mary Maria

Material relating to St Andrew's Cathedral

  • AU AU-MTC 102/2
  • Serie
  • 1854-1999

Pamphlets, photographs, orders of service, ephemera and news clippings relating to St Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney.
Orders of service: 1962-1974
Special occasion orders of service: 1941-1987
Monthly magazine: 1954-1970

Church of England Historical Society

Papers relating to the Diocese of Sydney

  • AU AU-MTC 102/27
  • Serie
  • 1867-1992

Pamphlets, photographs, news clippings, ephemera relating to the Diocese of Sydney in general. Includes material relating to St Andrew's Cathedral and the Diocese of Sydney synod.

Church of England Historical Society

Papers of Rev Harry Bates

  • AU AU-MTC 104/1
  • Colección
  • 1950-1970

Hebrew course notes, Church History course notes, voice production, Hebrew Grammar, Sermon on the Mount, memorial service for Prince Henry of Gloucester 1974, presentation to St Andrew's Cathedral of the Great Bible 1954, training in sermon construction 1964-1965, SAMS (Australian Association) 1971, PTC course at Moore College, CMS Summer School talks 1955: 'The greatest missionary in the New Testament', Correspondence 1974-1989

Bates, Harry

Sermon manuscripts

  • AU AU-MTC 118/1
  • Serie
  • 1856-1895

Includes the address to the first students of Moore College at its commencement on 10th April 1856, and sermons preached in St Andrew's Cathedral 1878-1895

Cowper, William Macquarie

Subject files

  • AU AU-MTC 196/1
  • Serie
  • 1963-1972

Moore College faculty and library 1965-1968
Sydney Synod Commission on Open Communion 1966-1967
Historical enquiries 1964-1970
Synod Historic Buildings Committee 1963-1972
Diocesan Archives enquiries 1970-1971
St Andrew's Cathedral centenary 1967-1968

Pollard, Noel S.