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Writings of Mary Andrews

  • AU AU-MTC 093/3
  • Series
  • 1930-1996

This series contains material written by Mary Andrews, including both handwritten and printed materials but excluding her diaries (see Series 2), notes and correspondence pertaining to her biography "Going it Alone" and other autobiographical material (see series ??), correspondence and draft correspondence (series 4), and personal newsletters (series 5-6).
The series includes first drafts of articles and addresses, completed short publications, fragmentary notes (names and contact details etc.), notes on sermons and addresses she had attended, annotated texts of varying length, and drafts of Deaconess House monthly reports.
The content of this series was separated in part from Mary's collection of personal letters received (see Series 1), and was otherwise collected piecemeal from miscellaneous unsorted paperwork distributed haphazardly throughout the collection. It is unknown if there was any original intended order to these latter papers (though it seems unlikely) or if the arrangement was an arbitrary decision by Archives Consultant Debra Leigo, who supervised the re-boxing of the collection in 2011.

Andrews, Mary Maria

Transfer and management of the Mary Andrews papers

  • AU AU-MTC 093/32
  • Series
  • 2009-2015

Includes the deed of gift for the transfer of the Mary Andrews papers to Moore College from the Deaconess Institution 26/10/2009

Andrews, Mary Maria

Third party papers in Mary Andrews' possession

  • AU AU-MTC 093/25
  • Series
  • 1936-1996

This series contains letters and other personal papers that were neither written by nor addressed to Mary Andrews. In a number of cases these are letters where a copy has been sent to Mary Andrews for her information; others (including the papers of former fellow missionary in China Norah Dillon) pertain to individuals or subjects she was interested in.
In some cases the reason for these papers being in Mary Andrews' possession is entirely unclear.
Some eulogies and letters of condolence sent to Mary Andrews' relatives following her death have been removed.

Andrews, Mary Maria

Sydney Diocesan Synod Standing Committee on the role of Deaconess House

  • AU AU-MTC 067/9
  • Series
  • 1968-

The Committee was established by Synod resolution 10/1968 at the meetings in October 1968. The role of the Committee was " to Confer with the Council of the Deaconess Institution with regard to the implementations as set out in the Archbishop's Commission Report 1964 and report to Standing Committee before the next session of Synod." The Committee was chaired by Justice Athol
Richardson. Members included the Head Deaconess and 9 other lay and Clerical members. It appears that the Committee first met on 24 February 1969. Key considerations were whether Deaconess House should be governed by an ordinance of Synod and whether it could benefit from a closer relationship with Moore Theological College. An information pack of 17 items was provided for members The committee met several times during 1969 and suggested an expansion of the House Management Committee to include members elected by Synod and the Archbishop. There was no agreement between the Committee and Council and it was recommended that the discussions do not proceed.
It appears that this is Mary Andrews' copy of the Committee meetings and that the official records would be held by the Diocese of Sydney
Also a file that appears to be working papers for the same Committee. Contains many papers concerning Deaconess House and Women's Ministry including the role and curriculum of Deaconess House and statistical material concerning graduates.

Deaconess Institution

Short biographies of Mary Andrews

  • AU AU-MTC 093/20
  • Series
  • 1972-1996

The series consists of lists of correspondence with major Australian and International biographical organisations including biographical questionnaires and draft biographies and certificates awarded.

Andrews, Mary Maria

Reference material

  • AU AU-MTC 093/23
  • Series
  • 1950-1996

This series contains short publications, articles, and coursework material - mostly theological - on a range of topics of interest to Mary Andrews. Some of them were originally separated and presented as coherent courses of study, but others have been compiled from disparate corners of the collection during the sorting phase. Ordination of Women Background Material: Theological and sociological articles and reports, along with some pertinent news stories, debating the propriety of including women in ordained ministry. Christian Counselling Correspondence Course: Run by the Christian Counselling Institute, taking the form of loose papers divided into ten lessons by blue separators. Mary Andrews may have taken this course in 1970 (according to the date on the attached cover letter) or examined it for potential use in the Deaconess House. Deaconess Andrews extended the Deaconess House curriculum to include lectures in counselling from government departments and Sydney University staff following a trip to the UK in 1958-9 in which she researched training methods. Reports on Ministry and Missiology: Booklets and single articles from a variety of sources, many of them ecumenical. Some of these were most likely received as readings to inform the topics of discussion at conferences attended by Deaconess Andrews run by the World Council of Churches, Church Women United, and other similar organisations. Contents include sociological, theological and creative analyses of world evangelisation. Short Guides: Short articles from a wide range of sources that contain concrete guides for the content of prayer or preaching.
*Samuel Marsden in New Zealand: Articles, book extracts and press clippings relating to Samuel Marsden's trip to Matauri Bay in 1814 and its 175th anniversary in 1989.

Andrews, Mary Maria

Records of various women's organisations with which Mary Andrews was associated

  • AU AU-MTC 093/8
  • Series
  • 1930-1996

This series contains a variety of paperwork relating to women's organisations in which Mary Andrews was involved or interested. It includes religious (charitable, ecumenical and political) organisations as well as nonreligious charitable and advocacy organisations.
Individual organisations with large quantities of associated paperwork have been assigned separate series, as has the collection of organisations that were not specifically related to women.
Mary Andrews had been involved with many of these organisations for decades; however, for the majority of them her involvement increased noticeably following her retirement in 1975.

Andrews, Mary Maria

Records of the Women's World Day of Prayer

  • AU AU-MTC 093/11
  • Series
  • 1966-1996

The Women's World Day of Prayer originated in the US after the Civil War, starting in 1887 as a day of prayer for home missions and taking its approximate modern form in 1920. Traditionally held on the first Friday in March, the Day proper consists of a worldwide day of ecumenical affirmation and prayer along with the conduction of specially prepared services (these services were often developed by a single national committee for use worldwide).
National and regional committees were responsible for the preparation and distribution of WWDoP materials. Mary Andrews served as National Liaison Officer from 1978 to 1984(approx.) and was designated as Regional Representative on the International Executive from 1982. She was a member of the NSW state committee from 1977 (or earlier) untill her death. She was also Secretary of the National Executive Committee circa 1985. The 1986 World Day of Prayer was held in Australia, and this series includes some preparatory materials.

Andrews, Mary Maria

Records of the National Council of Women of NSW, Inc.

  • AU AU-MTC 093/10
  • Series
  • 1896-1996

The National Council of Women of New South Wales was established at a meeting held on 26 June 1896. The objects of the Council were to promote:

  • Sympathy of thought and purpose among the people of New South Wales
  • The social, civil, moral and religious welfare of the community
  • such conditions of life as will assure to every child an opportunity for full and free development; and to form a link with National Councils of Women in other countries through the National Council of Women of Australia and the International Council of Women.
    Members of the Council included both organisations committed to improving the status of women and their families and individual members.
    Both at the state and federal levels there were standing Committee for many issues relating to women including the arts, children and families, education, environment, health, housing, international relations and peace, laws and suffrage, the media, migration, social welfare and employment
    Councils were established in other states of Australia and in 1931 the National Council of Women of Australia was established and the state organisations were affiliated with it. The NCWA is affiliated with the International Council of Women. The National Council of Women of Australia was incorporated on 28 November 1988. Triennial Conferences were held for some years. There are full records of the Conference for 1973-76.
    The Deaconess Institute was a member of the Council and Mary Andrews was associated with the Council since 1976 And served on the Executive at least in the following years 1976-7, 1982, 1984, 1987 and 1991.

Andrews, Mary Maria

Records of the Head Deaconess

  • AU AU-MTC 067/15
  • Series
  • 1952-1980

The letters concern Deaconess appointments, arrangements for admissions/
ordinations, chaplaincy arrangements and other diocesan matters that need to be made known to deaconesses.
These letters have not been sorted.
Also three booklets including the appointments of the Head Deaconess

Andrews, Mary Maria

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