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Reference material

  • AU AU-MTC 093/23
  • Serie
  • 1950-1996

This series contains short publications, articles, and coursework material - mostly theological - on a range of topics of interest to Mary Andrews. Some of them were originally separated and presented as coherent courses of study, but others have been compiled from disparate corners of the collection during the sorting phase. Ordination of Women Background Material: Theological and sociological articles and reports, along with some pertinent news stories, debating the propriety of including women in ordained ministry. Christian Counselling Correspondence Course: Run by the Christian Counselling Institute, taking the form of loose papers divided into ten lessons by blue separators. Mary Andrews may have taken this course in 1970 (according to the date on the attached cover letter) or examined it for potential use in the Deaconess House. Deaconess Andrews extended the Deaconess House curriculum to include lectures in counselling from government departments and Sydney University staff following a trip to the UK in 1958-9 in which she researched training methods. Reports on Ministry and Missiology: Booklets and single articles from a variety of sources, many of them ecumenical. Some of these were most likely received as readings to inform the topics of discussion at conferences attended by Deaconess Andrews run by the World Council of Churches, Church Women United, and other similar organisations. Contents include sociological, theological and creative analyses of world evangelisation. Short Guides: Short articles from a wide range of sources that contain concrete guides for the content of prayer or preaching.
*Samuel Marsden in New Zealand: Articles, book extracts and press clippings relating to Samuel Marsden's trip to Matauri Bay in 1814 and its 175th anniversary in 1989.

Andrews, Mary Maria

Third party papers in Mary Andrews' possession

  • AU AU-MTC 093/25
  • Serie
  • 1936-1996

This series contains letters and other personal papers that were neither written by nor addressed to Mary Andrews. In a number of cases these are letters where a copy has been sent to Mary Andrews for her information; others (including the papers of former fellow missionary in China Norah Dillon) pertain to individuals or subjects she was interested in.
In some cases the reason for these papers being in Mary Andrews' possession is entirely unclear.
Some eulogies and letters of condolence sent to Mary Andrews' relatives following her death have been removed.

Andrews, Mary Maria

Bibles used by Mary Andrews

  • AU AU-MTC 093/26
  • Serie
  • 1930-1996

This series contains English-language Bibles - in various editions and translations -
used by Mary Andrews. Bibles that have been retained are ones that contain clear
signs of use as well as underlined passages and marginal annotiations, and in some
cases handwritten inserts.
Additionally, some Bibles have been preserved due to the historical interest of their
provenance. Mary had possession of a Bible owned by former Archbishop of
Sydney (and missionary to China) Mowll, presented to her as a keepsake after his
death, as well as a New Testament commemorating the death of the late
Archbishop's father. A nearly-pristine illustrated Bible presented to Mary before
her departure on missionary service (but to all appearances not taken on that
voyage and never used) has similarly been preserved.
Deaconess Andrews frequently left scraps of annotated paper, bookmarks and old
envelopes inserted to mark places in the volumes, and these have been left in their
original position where possible and desirable. While some of the inserts include
annotations of particular relevance to the passage they mark, in many cases it is
clear that they were used as bookmarks only with no relevance to the wider context.
A small number of Bibles has been disposed of due to a lack of historical interest -
easily-obtainable translations with no features particular to Mary Andrews other
than an occasional bookmark.
Chinese Bibles have not been included in this series, and neither have other
religious texts (such as Prayer Books).

Andrews, Mary Maria

Deaconess House Board of Reference meetings

  • AU AU-MTC 067/5
  • Serie
  • 1960-1973

It was the role of the Board of Reference to consider applicants for entry to
Deaconess House for Training and to determine who would be selected. The
Board comprised the Principal, Chaplain for Deaconesses and between 4 and 6 lay and clerical members usually members of the Institute Board. The series contains details of the qualifications and parish work of the applicants.

Deaconess Institution

Deaconess Appointments Board

  • AU AU-MTC 067/16
  • Serie
  • 1954-1978

The series consists of fragments of minutes and correspondence and circulars
distributed to members of the Deaconess Appointments Board and through the
Head Deaconess to Deaconesses working in the Diocese of Sydney

Andrews, Mary Maria

Financial papers

  • AU AU-MTC 093/33
  • Serie
  • 1946-1996

Share and stock certificates, correspondence, bank deposit books, copies of will and tax returns.

Andrews, Mary Maria

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