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Flannel graphs

  • AU AU-MTC 093/31
  • Serie
  • 1930-1950

Bible story characters and objects cut out of flannel pieces, designed to be placed on a flannel background.
Folder 1:
The sheet let down
The boy Samuel
God feeds the Israelites with manna
The unforgiving servant
Folder 2:
Feeding the five thousand
The crucifixion
Gospel of John – the first 12 chapters
The prodigal son
The parable of the lost coin
The ten virgins
The rich man and Lazarus
Folder 3:
He shall cast away his idols
The boy Jesus
Jairus asks Jesus to come and heal his daughter
Cain and Abel
General indoor scene
Folder 4:
The entry in Jerusalem
The miraculous draw of fishes
Entrance of sin
Joseph’s coat of many colours
The Annunciation
The trial of Jesus
The parable of the lost sheep
Nativity scene
The prodigal son
Folder 5:
Joseph reveals himself to his brethren
The flood, Noah’s sacrifice
The story of Esther
The resurrection
Gideon’s three hundred
John baptising and the baptism of Jesus
First and second cleansing of the temple
Folder 6:
The raising of Lazarus
Moses hid in the bulrushes
Abraham sends Hagar away
The widow’s mite
A bride for Isaac
Folder 7:
Water changed into wine
The temptation
Paul before Festus and Agrippa
The story of Ruth
The annunciation
Folder 8:
The tabernacle
Peter released from prison
The well of salvation
Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt
Elijah at Mount Carmel
The Passover
David and his victory over Goliath
Folder 9:
Joseph sold as a slave into Egypt
The ascension
Paul and Silas in Philippi/cast into prison
Pharaoh’s dreams
Scenery set – village and street
Joseph made ruler
Triumphal entry
Folder 10:
Isaac blesses Jacob
Elijah fed by the ravens
Christ stills the storm
Namaan the leper
Fleeing from Egyptians/the Passover
Cain and Abel
The creation
Jacob’s vision of the ladder
Folder 11:
The lives of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
The last Supper
Call of the fisherman
Chinese figures and boats
Paul on the island of Melita
Parable of the Good Samaritan
The Sower
Moses at the burning bush
Kadesh Barnea – the spies sent in
The serpent of brass
Folder 12:
Saul blinded by the light
The Good Shepherd
The stoning of Stephen
The Sermon on the Mount
Joseph’s dreams
Folder 13:
The Good Samaritan
Solomon and the Queen of Sheba
Adoration of the Wise Men
Peter and John at the Beautiful Gate
Nativity scene
Two ways poster
Rahab and the spies
Folder 14:
Translation of Elijah
Demons cast out of maniac
Parable of the talents
Parable of the two houses
Jesus blessing the children
The blind man
The rich young ruler
Daniel in the lion’s den

Andrews, Mary Maria

Letters received by the Principal

  • AU AU-MTC 067/2
  • Serie
  • 1951-1975

The series consists of letters received by Mary Andrews in her official capacity as Principal of Deaconess House. Some of the letters are addressed to 'Head
Deaconess' an office that Mary Andrews held concurrently with the office of
Principal and beyond her retirement. Selection of the letters in this series has been made on an individual basis based on the subject of the letter. Letters include matters to do with candidates, their placements, monetary donations.
The letters are placed in bundles according to decade. The is no precise sorting
within the bundles. The papers have not been placed into acid free folders. No item listing has been made. Series numbers only are written on the folders. More detailed work needs to be performed at a later date.

Deaconess Institution

Records of Anglican Deaconess Institution

  • AU AU-MTC 067/12
  • Serie
  • 1950-1996

The series consist of those records of the Deaconess Institution that were among the Mary Andrews Papers. It is possible that they were held to assist with a biography and history of Deaconess House that that Mary Andrews had planned to write.
By its nature the contents is fragmentary and much undated material is included.

Deaconess Institution

Transfer and management of the Mary Andrews papers

  • AU AU-MTC 093/32
  • Serie
  • 2009-2015

Includes the deed of gift for the transfer of the Mary Andrews papers to Moore College from the Deaconess Institution 26/10/2009

Andrews, Mary Maria

Prayer letters distributed during missionary service

  • AU AU-MTC 093/5
  • Serie
  • 1947-1951

This series contains prayer letters sent by Mary Andrews to CMS to be distributed to supporters, written between 1947 and 1951 during her time in China; and also letters and drafts of letters written for publication in the CMS "Round World" magazine, with an intended audience of children.
These letters are intended for a praying audience, and contain particulars of Mary Andrews' life and ministry in China as well as devotional commentary and descriptions of her state of mind, health, encouragement, and other concerns.
The prayer-letters in this series had been previously set apart and placed in acid free folders. New series numbers have since been added and fasteners replaced with plastic paper-clips, but no other changes have been made.
The published versions of some of the "The Round World" articles have been placed in series 13.
This series was originally combined with Series 6.

Andrews, Mary Maria

Draft autobiography and related papers

  • AU AU-MTC 093/12
  • Serie
  • 1938-1975

Mary had a strong sense of her role in history. Following her return from China her roles as Principal of Deaconess House and as Head Deaconess saw her taking a unique position in women’s ministry, she was tireless at taking every opportunity to address church groups of various kinds on her twin loves as missionary work in China and women’s ministry; she kept copious diaries.[See Series 2, 1932-1996] She played a major role in many organisations developed to foster women’s ministry and she was a figure in some secular organisations This sense of being chosen led to her prepare an autobiography. The manuscript was offered to Anzea Publications but on 1 March 1975 the Manager advised that no-one was available to edit the manuscript for publication. It is unknown whether she offered it to other publishers.
The original order of the manuscripts in this series is unclear. There is one major sequence of 88 pages but many drafts particularly of her period in China. The major section was originally in a folder with several other sections. The page numbering was not helpful in determining the order so this material has been treated as one item. Other sequences were identified separately and each sequence has been considered separate item.
It is possible that she prepared more than one draft. And also likely the the various drafts on her period in China were used as source material by Margaret Yarwood Lamb whose partial biography 'Going it Alone: Mary Andrews - missionary to China 1938 to 1951' published by Aquila Press in 1995 is confined to Mary’s formative years and missionary service.
This series also includes material that appears to have been collected for the purposes of a biography - letters, reports, short histories. This material includes letters to family members and circulars for the mission field; her license to serve as a female Deacon in Shaohsing-Chekiang, March 1948; news clippings.

Andrews, Mary Maria

Records of aged care organisations with which Mary Andrews was associated

  • AU AU-MTC 093/15
  • Serie
  • 1970-1996

Mary Andrews naturally took a greater interest in care for the elderly following her own retirement in 1975. From that point until her death in 1996 she lived at the Goodwin Village, a holding of the Anglican Retirement Villages, and acted as chaplain. In addition to running occasional church and prayer services, she also wrote a column for the monthly Village newsletter and visited other ARV residences. In 1995, a new ARV residence was named the Mary Andrews Village in her honour.

Andrews, Mary Maria

Medals, pendants and other jewellery owned by Mary Andrews

  • AU AU-MTC 093/28
  • Serie
  • 1925-1990

This series contains medals, pendants and other jewellery owned by Mary
Andrews. Of particular importance is her Order of Australia (AM) medal awarded in 1980 for Services to Religion.
The series also includes commemorative medals issued by the International
Biographical Association, a wooden cross with a raised floral pattern worn by
Deaconess Schleicher (the first deaconess in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, circa1885), and Deaconess Andrews' personal collection of pendants, earrings, etc which includes her Deaconess emblems and pins.

Andrews, Mary Maria

Audio recordings made or acquired by Mary Andrews

  • AU AU-MTC 093/29
  • Serie
  • 1970-1990

Mary Andrews made and retained much audio-viusal material. She collected
published material from various organisations and appears to have recorded
addresses at services and meetings she attended . She recorded hymns and other sacred music and interviews from radio programs and she owned a range of commercial recordings acquired either by purchase and gift. The quality of the tapes is unknown.
The audio records that have been retained consist of meetings of organisations in which Mary was active, and of addresses in the main areas of her interest including the ministry of women. Some of these supplement the printed records held in this collection.
Commercial material and material recorded from radio programs (thus governed by complex intellectual property provisions) has been destroyed.
Tapes of services (mainly Healing Ministry) at St Andrews Cathedral have been
transferred to Moore College Library.
Tales of Verlag Evangelische Marienwesternschaff, Darmstadt-Eberstadt, (Basilea Schlink) Germany, mainly addressed by Basilea Schlink have been offered to Moore College Library.
The following have been retained.

  • Addresses and interviews by Mary Andrews (various media organisations)
  • General and Sydney Diocesan Synod debates manly on the ordination of women,
  • Women's ordination services
  • Proceedings of meetings of the organisations (especially women's organisations) with which Mary was associated.
    Cassettes comprising item 8 include the addresses by the following - Brother
    Andrew; Canon Jim Glennon; Bishop Fest Kivengere;; Dr Phillip Potter; Angnes
    Sanford; Dr Robert Schuller; Rev John Stott; Bishop Christopher Spnyonso; Re.
    David Watson; Women and Ministry (Brisbane October 1973) Holy Spririt
    Seminar 4 April 1981.
    A note relating to the item list: The tapes are not individually listed. An 'item"
    consists of a group of related talpes e.g. the tapes relating to an organisation. Some tapes have been used for more than one purpose. They have been placed with the group that describes most of the content.
    It would appear that some of the tapes were made by Dss Andrews (with our
    without permssion of organisations or speakers) and that others were sold or
    distributed by the organisation concerned. In making access to this material
    decisions may nned to be made on an individual basis.

Andrews, Mary Maria

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