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Research files

  • AU AU-MTC 287-7
  • Series
  • 1900-2005

Subject files used for Prof. Piggin's research.
Box 1
Scripture Union
Eliza Marsden Hassall
The weakest link: canon and the infallibility of Scripture
Stokes, Richard: St John the Evangelist, Hartley
Orton, Joseph Rennard
Robinson, DWB – Bishop Broughton’s Sesquicentenary Address – 1986
Pryor, Oswald – Australia’s Little Cornwall – 1962
Scarfe, Janet – Bridge of polished steel thesis – 1974
Robinson, DWB – Origins of the Anglican Church League
Purcell, Rene – Mt Kembla Interview
Murray, I. and Mr Benjamin – Mt Kembla Interview
Steglmann, Bill – To save humanity – 1982
Britain, Ian – Bloomsbury group – 1980
University staff discussion group on the Christian faith
Thesis bibliography
Middlemiss, Diane – Theology of Childhood
Scripture Union – Study of the management of human resources – 1983
History of theological education in Australia – Baptists
God & Evil
Mt Kembla Mine disaster – telegram book

Box 2:
Mrs Drower – sister of Jacob Nelson – Mt Kembla interview
Community in disaster
Kirkwood, F. – Mt Kembla Interview
Hunt E. – Mt kembla Interview
Eckford, May – Mt Kembla interview
Australian Church and Society lectures 1-12
Affirming Anglicanism Australia – 1993-1994
Horsburgh, Michael – Should the church be involved in politics? – 1993
Judd, B.G. – collected material on temperance
Judd, B.G. – Sacramental wine and the pan-Anglican episcopate
Jensen, Phillip – Articles and reviews – 1998
Ilacqua, Anthony – Eschatology and Christian millennialism
Kostarelos, F. – Symbols of meaning and resistance – 1991
Kitchen, J.J. – 1952
Kilgore, C.W. – William Henry Griffith Thomas – thesis – 1974
Kalu, Ogbu – Pentecostalism and the reconstruction of Christian experience in Africa, 1970-1995
Graham, Billy – ephemera and news clippings
Gooden, Rosalind – Annotated bibliography of some significant Australian protestant overseas missions – 1992
Gill, S.D. – The North American dimension in the United Aborigines Mission
Heidebrecht, P. – The educational legacy of Lois and Mary Lebar
Hawthorne, John – Congregational Networks – 1991
Harris, John – Aboriginal Australians, Native Canadians and Christian missions
Hargrave, D.W. – Open letter to the President of the Qld. Methodist conference – 1974
Hamilton, Michael – Wheaton College and the fundamentalist network of voluntary associations – 1991
Rennie, Ian – The doctrine of man in the Bible belt – 1977
Reinecke, J.P.L. – A physicist on Christian Science – 1994
Rayner, Keith – Anglicanism in Australia: A glorious past, a clouded future? – 1996

Box 3:
Rawlyk, George – Canada religion poll – 1993-1997
Ratcliff, P. – John West and the triumph of dissent
Griffiths, Jeremy – Church planting in Australia
Griffiths, Gordon – History of missions in the Pacific
Griffin, Graeme – Australia’s first pastors
Gray, Lynne – Formal vs Informal Power Structures
Gray, Lynne – Christian Israelite Church in Australia
Dunstan, Richard – Diary transcript – 1887-1888
Dowling, Henry
Dayton, Donald W. – The search for the historic evangelicalism
Fuller, Ian
Frappell, Ruth – Thomas Smith (1829-1882) – 1969
Foster, Gaines M. – The National Reform Association, the Christian amendment and America as a Christian nation
Ewart, Frank – 1995
Engel, Frank – Papers relating to Aboriginal land rights – 1965-1989
Emilsen, Susan and William – Testing the Spirit: a brief history of O’Connor Uniting Church parish – 1996
Edwards, Trevor – Developments in the evangelical Anglican doctrine of the church – 1996
Earl, Geoff – Wake Up, Christian Australia – 1997-1998
Marsden, Samuel – 1900-1997

Box 4:
Emilsen, Susan – Samuel Angus and the Presbyterian Church of NSW – 1985
Henry, Robert T. – Historical overview of the development of the Christian and missionary alliance in Australia
Patterson, James Alan – The loss of a Protestant missionary consensus – 1986
Rogers, Don – Alexander Gordon MA, a Christian gentleman
Rogers, Dorothy – House of the Epiphany
South American Missionary Society – ephemera
Shaw, George – Manning Clark’s sentimental humanism – 1992
Sewell, Keith – The eclipse of history – 1995
Stubbs, Rex – John Tebbutt: Science and religion
Stanhope, Etsuko – Christian City Church Chatswood – 1992
Stanhope, Etsuko – Essay on St Luke’s Mosman – 1997
Stancombe, G.H. – Evangelicals in Tasmania
Stackhouse, John – The National Association of Evangelicals, the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and the limits of Evangelical cooperation – 1991
Richardson, J.T. – Freedom of religion and social policy in the USA and the new Europe – 1993
Richardson, J.T. – Calvary Chapel, a new denomination?
Secker, Nathan – Hobart Assemblies of God
Secker, Nathan – The Salvation Army
Schneider, Greg – A conflict of associations: The National Camp-meeting Association for the Promotion of Holiness versus the Methodist Episcopal Church
Schaefer, Trevor – The treatment of Germans in South Australia, 1914-1924 – 1982
Samways, Kelly – Christian Family Centre – 1996
Russell, Alan – A history of Ebenezer – 1988
Wilkinson-Roberts, Gwen – Letter re. ISCF – 1984
Richardson, J.T. – Manufacturing consent about Koresh: a structural analysis of the role of media in the Waco tragedy – 1994
Richardson, J.T. – Social control of new religions: from “brainwashing” to child sex abuse allegations – 1994

Box 5:
Gospel Wagons
Rietveld, David – Review of St Peter’s Campbelltown – 1997
Women missionaries between the wars
Caterer, Helen – Australia’s first flying padre
Dillon, Norah – Scrapbook – 1930-1932
Hall, George – articles/news clippings – 1936-1987
Brethren – List of workers with Australian Assemblies
Kiek, Winifred – Scholarship
West, Janet – David John Davies – A Principal Embattled – 1986
McCracken, Harold – The origin of the Evangelical Union at Melbourne University
Trinity Grammar School
The Wycliffe Bible Translation story
Shipley, V.M. – Hark my soul, extracts from the journal of J.W. Budge
Papers on Bishop Burgmann
Garnsey, A.H. – letters – 1931-1943
St Andrew’s Cathedral – removal controversy – 1938
Parker, David – articles on evangelicalism
Influential Melbourne laymen
McCarthy, A.O. – Aspects of Australian education
Corwin, Gary R. – Evangelical separatism and the growth of independent mission boards 1920-1945 – 1986
Hutchinson – the Making of Australia files

Box 6:
Yarwood, A.T. – Letter to M. Lamb and Collins extract
Wycliffe Bible translators
Wosh, Peter J.
Worsfold, Luke – NZ Apostolic Church in 1950s
Williams, Maude – ‘The rich tapestry of my Persian years’ - Review by Margaret Lamb
White, Paul – Decision card
Westfell, W. – review of David B. Marshall – Secularizing the faith
West, John – articles by P. A. Selth – ABC talk
Wearne, Bruce – A commentary on Foucault
Wearne, Bruce – ungagging the muffled voice: Christian political theory
Wearne, Bruce – (1) Is sociology still to be queen of modern sciences (2) Structural functionalism: pax Americana and the scholarly investigation of public life
Ward, Rowland S. – the Toronto blessing
Wansborough, Ann – Making a difference
Van der Linden, A. – A history of church planting
Phillips, W.W. – Religion – Australian Historical Statistics
Loy, Alan et al – Religious studies in a modern university
Leghorn, Ainslie – God and yielded clay
Leavey, C. – History of Women Religious
Marchant, Leslie R. – The archives of Protestant missions London to Australia 1787-1850: a survey
Mansfield & Hutchinson – Liberality – book reviews
Maffly-Kipp, Laurie – The divine efficacy of womanhood: gender and spiritual order in Gold Rush California
McInnes, Frank

Box 7:
McDowell, Ian – Biographical entries on key Australian Brethren
Noll, M – Canadian evangelicalism: a view from the USA
Noll, M. – George Rawlyk’s vision from the periphery
Piggin, Stuart – Christian work among students/Evangelical history of Australia
Piggin, Stuart – St Mary the Virgin, Denham Court
Piggin, Stuart – Evangelical Christianity in Australia book reviews
Price, Barry – The bumbling…Creation science
Prentis, M.D. – From Aberdeen to Coburg: a lad of parts in Australia
Prentis, M.D. – Fellowship: a history of the Presbyterian fellowship in Australia
Prentis, M.D. – The Forest Kirk: a history
Porter. Jean – Early days of the Evangelical Union
Seminars – Christian University
New Covenant, homecoming (US charismatic movement)
Neil, E.L. an appreciation – C.H. Nash
Nash, C.H. – typescript
Moses, John – David Garland and the ANZAC tradition
Mills, Douglas
Mills, A + J – stories about God in action in Australia
Millenarianism – Queensland
Menand, L. – Monsters of consciousness: James family values
Peetoom, Jim – Did the world wide awakening of 1910 touch Canada?
Payne, James – A good man full of the Holy Spirit and faith: H.M Arrowsmith
Parker, D. – Glossolalia and prophecy in 1 Corinthians
Pack, Matthew
Judd, Stephen – The memorial: a little local disturbance
Church News (Anglican) – Diocese of Tasmania
Church Times book review – Randle Manwaring – From controversy to co-existence
Samuel Sidney – The three colonies of Australia: NSW, Vic, SA

Box 8:
Commission on the Christian ministry of healing – report to Synod (Melbourne)
John S. Moyes
Belgrave Heights/Upway Convention leaflets
Wright, Don – The Methodist Men’s Own movement
Ford, Richard – In pursuit of holiness: the impact of Sinless Perfection on the SUEU
Immigrants – European to Australia – Bosworth & Wilton
Gordon, R.H. – What is rationalism?
A pageant of early church history – written, unacknowledged by S.M. Johnstone
Shaw, F.A.S. – Domestic chaplain to HWK Mowll, 1934-5
Prince, J – Out of the tower – IVF-AFES 1936-1986
Campaigners for Christ – New Life
Church, Fred – assorted clippings
Church, Fred – addresses to the Baptist Union
Chant, Barry – The Toronto blessing: priestly or prophetic
Cashman, R. – Religion in Marrickville
Caldwell, Thekla – Evangelicals, voluntary associations and American public life: The social purity movement – a study in Evangelical gender definition
Dale, Rex – Reflections on a visit to Lobethal
Crowhurst, G. et al. – Sample student essays
Clifford, N.K. – Walter Ellis and conservative Protestantism in Vancouver
Cortis, E. – Alcohol in reason
Coptic Church in Australia
Comino, John – An accurate picture of the Worldwide Church of God in the USA – 1995
Alimeni, Gianluca – Parenti, Amici e Vicini
Airhart, Phyllis D. – “Sweeter manners, purer laws”: temperance societies and the renovation of public and private morals in late Victorian Canada
Abbott, L. – John Tebbutt
Avalos, Hector – Who is Morris Cerullo?
Attia, Maged – Alexandrian theology and spirituality transplanted
Ariel, Yaakov – Evangelizing the chosen people: Evangelical missions to the Jews in America 1880-1920 – 1991
Berthelson, Jo-anne – Jonathan Edwards and the first great awakening
Berry, Hugh – John Lush background
Bennett, David – the origins of the altar call
Begbie, Edward Harold

Box 9:
Beer, Don – New sources for the history of Australian Universities
Barton Schweiger, Beth – ‘The church Christ’s school’: religion, education and public life in Virginia, 1850-1910
Ball, Gerald B – The Australian Baptist mission and its impact in Bengal 1864-1954
Baker, B – Reporting the invisible
Butler, Diana – The church and American destiny: a study of evangelical Episcopalians and voluntary societies in antebellum America
Bundy, David – A diverse history: Pentecostalism as a global movement
Buch, Neville – Clio or St Luke?
Britten, D.A. – Biographical entry
Shelley, Owen – Tribute to Alex Brown – SU News 1986
Bollar-Wagner, Melinda – The demise of denominationalism and the rise of ecumenism inside Christian schools
Black, Alan – Pentecostalism in Australia: some preliminary findings
Black, Alan – The sociology of religion in Australia
Clifford, N. Keith – The Charles S. Price revival of 1932 in British Columbia
Church, Fred – various articles
Hutchinson, Mark – John Dunmore Lang – chapter 3 – order and chaos
Gunson, Neil – The contribution of the Calvinist Methodist movement to the church history of Australia
Paproth, Darrell – Rev Allan Webb (1838-1902) – unpublished manuscript 2004
Horsburgh – Reconciliation at St James
HAE (history of Australian evangelicalism) – working papers
Session 2 – finding the grandeur in God’s creation
Yarwood, A.T. – The Mundah missionaries – 1838-1850
Linn, Robert – Discovery and Settlement of the Fleurieu Peninsula
Lodewyckx, A. von – Die Deutschen in Australien
Hussey Burgh Macartney
Martin – origins of the LMS
Documents of the modern missionary movement
Drury, Steve – John Smith, team & God’s squad – Armidale mission 1987
Canon A. Whitham – ‘The family under stress’ resetting our focus – HMS Annual report 1987
Lyons, L. – ISCAST
Glover, Jessie – Australian values: what are they and how did we get them
Sales, Dr Peter – Background re. killing of Australian Missioner Jacqueline Hamill in Davao
Anglican Deaconess material
Westminster Presbyterian Church
Mark Strom – Foundations for hermeneutics, the foundational significance of the gospel, interpreting Scripture
1974 Katoomba Convention 70 years souvenir + KYC leaflet 1987
Christian woman

Box 10:
Archbishop D. Penman – 1986 Synod charge
Neville Buch to Dr R. Linder – Invitation to join a Christian intellectual movement
Ministries of ten thousand men
Steer, Inc. – leaflets
Lutheran leaflets
Rev Phillip Jensen – SOCM discussion papers
Outback patrol
Aboriginal Evangelical Fellowship – National news
Mark Strom – Books and research proposals
Cable, Ken – The liturgy at St James
Burke, D. – Calvinism in conflict: an exploration in George Whitefield’s life and thought
O’Farrell, Patrick – Piety and prayer as historical problems
Malmgreen, Gail – The Evangelical Revolution – 1981
The mission of St James and St John
Archbishop David Penman – 1986 mission at St Matthew’s Kensington
1986 Presidential address – Synod reports
SMH articles – ordination of women – August 1987
Opening of new Parliament House
Jeanette Boyd – The Arnhem Land revival of 1979
HMS organisational structure
J.D. Walsh – Experience and enthusiasm
Hood, Clelland, Burton, Swatos – Religious conversion in America: the making of a ritual
AFES missions
Christian Women Communicating, Intl. - 1987
CMS partnerships
A history of the missionary movement from Australia - sources
Black, Alan W – The sociology of religion in Australia
Young, Gordon – Interden: partners with local churches

Piggin, Stuart

Illuminated testimonial

  • AU AU-MTC 051/14
  • Item
  • 1911

Signed by Nathaniel Jones and Moore College students, May 26 1911

Chambers, George Alexander

Collected material on Charles H. Troutman

  • AU AU-MTC 279-1
  • Collection
  • 1990s

Photocopies of correspondence, articles, reports and diaries of Charles H. Troutman, made from the originals in the Billy Graham Center Archives in Wheaton Illinois. 3 original diaries of CH Troutman are also included.

Hutchinson, Mark


  • AU AU-MTC 293-1
  • Series
  • 1994-1995

Evangelical Professionals Australia

Collected material on Charismatic Renewal

  • AU AU-MTC 279-2
  • Series
  • 1993

Correspondence, newsletters and brochures from Christian organisations involved in the charismatic renewal movement.

Hutchinson, Mark

Mission Zone Fund - glass lantern slides

  • AU AU-MTC 056-20
  • Series
  • 1940s
  1. Director of Mission Zone Fund (1904-1911) Archdeacon R.B.S. Hammond.
  2. 3 slides of text: (1) The Mission Zone Fund is the Church of England in industrial Sydney. Director: Rev. Bernard G. Judd. (2) St David's Surry Hills (Rev H.H. Davison). St Saviour's Redfern (Rev A.E. Palmer, St Silas' Waterloo (Rev J.A. Dahl), Holy Trinity Erskineville (Rev J.A. Noble), St Michael's Surry Hills (Rev R.N. Langshaw), St Peter's East Sydney (Rev B.G. Judd). (3) Donations to the Mission Zone Fund are allowable deductions for companies and rebatable allowances for individuals.
  3. Map showing mission zone.
  4. St Saviour's Redfern.
  5. Side entrance. House opposite St Saviour's.
  6. Backyard house opposite St Saviour's.
  7. St Saviour's Communion linen donated by an O.A.P. (Old Age Pensioner).
  8. St Saviour's Communion linen bought by an O.A.P. (Old Age Pensioner).
  9. View from back window of St Saviour's Rectory.
  10. 3 slides: Redfern, subdivided tenements
  11. Redfern parish
  12. Rehousing at Redfern: St Saviour's in centre
  13. Rehousing at Redfern: David Jones' factory
  14. Foundations: rehousing at Redfern
  15. From Mt Carmel: St Silas'
  16. Waterloo: two women unaware of photo
  17. Motor cars replace race horses: formerly Victoria Park racecourse
  18. Governor at 81st Anniversary of St Peter's East Sydney
    21a. Beaconsfield: left of church
  19. Beaconsfield Church
  20. Waterloo parish
  21. Waterloo
  22. William Street
  23. Botany Road, Waterloo
  24. William Street
  25. St Peter's
  26. St Peter's Harvest Festival 15.2.48
  27. [St Peter's East Sydney, church interior]
    30a. Same, different perspective
  28. Gov. Gen. Mr I.W. McKell at St Saviour's
  29. Methodist Church off William Street, City
  30. [Girl kneeling beside car]
    34a. 81st anniversary
  31. A picnic group, St Saviour's
  32. Sunday School picnic group
  33. Waterloo laneway
  34. Sister Tattersall, Dss. P. Crittenden.
    38a. Sisters Symons & Tattersall, of the Home Mission Society Nursing Service.
  35. Sisters Symons & Tattersall, of the Home Mission Society Nursing Service, visiting a pensioner in Redfern.
  36. Tenements.
  37. Outside St Peter's Rectory
  38. At Rathane.
  39. Waterloo parish
    • St Peter's East Sydney
    • Housing commission flats, Surry Hills
    • St Paul's Redfern, also Darlington, Ultimo

Judd, Bernard George

World War 1 photograph albums

  • AU AU-MTC 236/1
  • Series
  • 1916-1917

The photographs are mainly of towns and countryside in England and Ireland where Cecil Green was stationed for training, and portraits of other soldiers and officers. They were part of the 8th Training Battalion, which was the training battalion of the 8th Brigade of the 5th Division AIF. Green was a private and in Album 2 he is seen with an inverted chevron on his lower left arm denoting that he has been on active duty at the front in France in the winter/spring of 1916/17.

Green, Cecil Aubrey

Record of service in the Great War, 1914-1918

  • AU AU-MTC 028/3
  • Series
  • 1918

Comprises one volume documenting an alphabetical list of parishioners enlisted in World War I, and of those Killed in Action.

St Luke's Church, Liverpool

Learning from the legacy of John Charles Chapman

  • AU AU-MTC 275-1
  • Item
  • 2015

'Learning from the legacy of John Charles Chapman: Australian evangelist, preacher, teacher and writer' - typescript with correspondence.

Lane, Adrian


  • AU AU-MTC 044/6
  • Series
  • 1922-1947

Bound volume contains lectures given by Hammond, some typed. The volume also has news clippings pasted in. The folder contains verbatim notes from a ThL Doctrine 2 lecture in 1943, given by T.C. Hammond, recorded by G.W. Christopher. Also includes notes on the Epistle to the Galatians.

Hammond, Thomas Chatterton

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