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Collected Mothers' Union records

  • AU AU-MTC 373
  • Collection
  • 2000-2010

Records collected by Mary O'Brien as a result of her involvement with MU Sydney, particularly the Overseas and Northern Outreach Department.

O'Brien, Mary

Papers of Bill Dumbrell

  • AU AU-MTC 146/3
  • Collection
  • 1980-2018

Card from Norma Dumbrell to Mark Thompson 1/10/2018; 8 colour photographs of Moore College Newtown; Moore News Bulletin September 1980; 'A biblical theology of mission' typescript article, 17/10/1997.

Dumbrell, William

Australian Church Women NSW collection

  • AU AU-MTC 363
  • Collection
  • 1938-2022

Records of the NSW branch of Australian Church Women, which closed after a restructure in 2021.

Australian Church Women NSW Unit

Photocopied research papers relating to the Church of England in South Africa

  • AU AU-MTC 096/1
  • Collection
  • 1900-2003

This collection relates to the history of the Church of England in South Africa, and consists of photocopies of correspondence, minutes and reports, publications and newspaper articles. It was collected by Peter James Spartalis for his MTh thesis “From Silvertrees to Lambeth: The Australian connection and the Church of England in South Africa 1933-1948” awarded by the Australian College of Theology in 1990. A copy of the thesis is available for in-library use only in the Moore College Library.

Spartalis, Peter James

Macquarie Christian Studies Institute collection

  • AU AU-MTC 352-1
  • Collection
  • 1998-2012

Student files (1999-2008), board and AGM records, marketing, events, staff, financial records.

Macquarie Christian Studies Institute

Papers of Prof. Ken Cable

  • AU AU-MTC 082/1
  • Collection
  • 1950-1993

Papers relating to churches associated with Bishop Frederic Barker (for centenary 1955), Transcription of Mrs Jane Barker’s diary 1855-1876, Notes on the history of the family of Barker of Edensor in the county of Derby, and of their descendants and related families by Capt. Roland Auriol Barker, Notes relating to the Barker family, Barker & the evangelical tradition in Australia/The
Heretics’ Club articles and notes, Transcriptions of Bishop Broughton’s letters relating to the SPG 1847-1852, Grey papers, Durham 1846-1847, Notes on St Mary’s Edge Hill, Copies of letters to/from Bishop of Tasmania 1880s, Correspondence re. Bishop of Newcastle (Tyrell) 1853, Excerpts from the Guardian newspaper re. religious matters 1847-1854, Transcriptions of Bishop Broughton’s letters to Rev Coleridge and Mrs Broughton, Correspondence & notes re. writing Australian Church History correspondence course for MTC External Studies, Transcriptions of correspondence relating to SPG 1856-1867, Transcriptions of papers relating to Archdeacon Thomas Hobbes Scott’s 1827 visitation of Tasmania, Notes on Rev. Henry Hodgkinson Bobart of St
John’s Parramatta, Transcriptions of papers from Baroness Burdett-Coutts collection (Lambeth Palace library), Transcriptions of church-related articles in English newspapers 1840s-1850s, Photocopies of books and articles relating to church history, Transcriptions of various articles relating to church history, Index cards for Cable Clerical Index, Pusey House notes and transcriptions, typescript copy of M.A. Thesis, 1952 - 'The Church of England in New South Wales and its policy towards education prior to 1880'.

Cable, K.J. (Kenneth John)

Papers relating to Archdeacon John Alfred Cable

  • AU AU-MTC 341
  • Collection
  • 1968-2005

Correspondence between Douglas Cable and Principal John Woodhouse, "Archdeacon John Cable" biographical note by David Cable, Chota Nagpur Diocesan Paper, 1968 and 1973.

Cable, John Alfred

Papers of Rev Harry Bates

  • AU AU-MTC 104/1
  • Collection
  • 1950-1970

Hebrew course notes, Church History course notes, voice production, Hebrew Grammar, Sermon on the Mount, memorial service for Prince Henry of Gloucester 1974, presentation to St Andrew's Cathedral of the Great Bible 1954, training in sermon construction 1964-1965, SAMS (Australian Association) 1971, PTC course at Moore College, CMS Summer School talks 1955: 'The greatest missionary in the New Testament', Correspondence 1974-1989

Bates, Harry

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