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Administrative Officers' Correspondence

  • AU AU-MTC 067/10
  • Series
  • 1988-1991

It is unclear how this item came into this collection. The item contains letters of a
mostly ephemeral nature (mainly financial distributions)

Deaconess Institution

Annual meetings

  • AU AU-MTC 067/11
  • Series
  • 1954-1995

The series consists of fragments only. These include agendas, notices of meetings
and annual reports

Deaconess Institution

Audio recordings made or acquired by Mary Andrews

  • AU AU-MTC 093/29
  • Series
  • 1970-1990

Mary Andrews made and retained much audio-viusal material. She collected
published material from various organisations and appears to have recorded
addresses at services and meetings she attended . She recorded hymns and other sacred music and interviews from radio programs and she owned a range of commercial recordings acquired either by purchase and gift. The quality of the tapes is unknown.
The audio records that have been retained consist of meetings of organisations in which Mary was active, and of addresses in the main areas of her interest including the ministry of women. Some of these supplement the printed records held in this collection.
Commercial material and material recorded from radio programs (thus governed by complex intellectual property provisions) has been destroyed.
Tapes of services (mainly Healing Ministry) at St Andrews Cathedral have been
transferred to Moore College Library.
Tales of Verlag Evangelische Marienwesternschaff, Darmstadt-Eberstadt, (Basilea Schlink) Germany, mainly addressed by Basilea Schlink have been offered to Moore College Library.
The following have been retained.

  • Addresses and interviews by Mary Andrews (various media organisations)
  • General and Sydney Diocesan Synod debates manly on the ordination of women,
  • Women's ordination services
  • Proceedings of meetings of the organisations (especially women's organisations) with which Mary was associated.
    Cassettes comprising item 8 include the addresses by the following - Brother
    Andrew; Canon Jim Glennon; Bishop Fest Kivengere;; Dr Phillip Potter; Angnes
    Sanford; Dr Robert Schuller; Rev John Stott; Bishop Christopher Spnyonso; Re.
    David Watson; Women and Ministry (Brisbane October 1973) Holy Spririt
    Seminar 4 April 1981.
    A note relating to the item list: The tapes are not individually listed. An 'item"
    consists of a group of related talpes e.g. the tapes relating to an organisation. Some tapes have been used for more than one purpose. They have been placed with the group that describes most of the content.
    It would appear that some of the tapes were made by Dss Andrews (with our
    without permssion of organisations or speakers) and that others were sold or
    distributed by the organisation concerned. In making access to this material
    decisions may nned to be made on an individual basis.

Andrews, Mary Maria

Bibles used by Mary Andrews

  • AU AU-MTC 093/26
  • Series
  • 1930-1996

This series contains English-language Bibles - in various editions and translations -
used by Mary Andrews. Bibles that have been retained are ones that contain clear
signs of use as well as underlined passages and marginal annotiations, and in some
cases handwritten inserts.
Additionally, some Bibles have been preserved due to the historical interest of their
provenance. Mary had possession of a Bible owned by former Archbishop of
Sydney (and missionary to China) Mowll, presented to her as a keepsake after his
death, as well as a New Testament commemorating the death of the late
Archbishop's father. A nearly-pristine illustrated Bible presented to Mary before
her departure on missionary service (but to all appearances not taken on that
voyage and never used) has similarly been preserved.
Deaconess Andrews frequently left scraps of annotated paper, bookmarks and old
envelopes inserted to mark places in the volumes, and these have been left in their
original position where possible and desirable. While some of the inserts include
annotations of particular relevance to the passage they mark, in many cases it is
clear that they were used as bookmarks only with no relevance to the wider context.
A small number of Bibles has been disposed of due to a lack of historical interest -
easily-obtainable translations with no features particular to Mary Andrews other
than an occasional bookmark.
Chinese Bibles have not been included in this series, and neither have other
religious texts (such as Prayer Books).

Andrews, Mary Maria

Biographical source material

  • AU AU-MTC 093/14
  • Series
  • 1951-1996

The series comprises original documents and copies of material possibly gathered for Mary Andrew's planned autobiography that was never published, the partial biography written by Margaret Yarwood Lamb and may be used for future biographical purposes. In addition to official documentation such as birth certificate, visas, passports, the series includes charitable donations, family history, school reunion, details of travels, response to her Member of the Order of Australia award.
A note concerning Item 31 of this series. It appears that soon after returning to Australia from Missionary service Mary Andrews commenced preparing lists with brief descriptions of the major events and achievements in her life including overseas travel and lists of positions held were appended. . These seems to have been updated regularly although the date of composition is not recorded prior to 1979. From March 1979 they were known as Bio Data. It is assumed that these were prepared for occasions when background information was required and as source material for biographers and journalists..
Some routine material has been culled. Some however has been retained (such as travel documents) as this has been used to date some of Mary's writings.
The routine material (tickets, boarding passes, drafts have been removed from the travel records.

Andrews, Mary Maria

Constitution of the Church of England Deaconess Institution, Sydney

  • AU AU-MTC 067/8
  • Series
  • 1917-1963

This is a printed version dated 20 August 1917. The Constitution covers the
history of the Institution, the role of the Trustees and the declaration of trusts.
There is a copy of a later Constitution dated 1963 as document 7 of Series 39,
Synod Standing Committee on the Role of Deaconess House.

Deaconess Institution

Correspondence received from family

  • AU AU-MTC 093/24
  • Series
  • 1945-1996

This series contains letters and cards received by Mary Andrews from family members, principally after her return from missionary service in China and throughout the rest of her life. It does not include correspondence from her mother.
Mary Andrews was a diligent correspondent, and appears to have been in regular contact by mail with her extended family throughout her time as Principal of Deaconess House and during her retirement.
Frequently featured in this series are the following writers:
*Florence ("Florrie") McGoffick (nee Andrews), Mary's sister.
*Anne [later Lathrop, see note below] and Maryanne [married surname
unknown], daughters of Florence and Jim McGoffick
Elizabeth Clarkson (nee Andrews), Mary's sister (Married to Neal). Dorothea ("Dot") ?Glaston [spelling uncertain] [nee Andrews], Mary's sister Sam Andrews, Mary's brother Roslyn [later Tufrey, married to Brian] and Carol Andrews, daughters of Sam and Joyce Andrews Graham Andrews (married to Vickie), son of Sam Andrews and Joyce Andrews
Some identities are unclear:

  • Elizabeth Clarkson appears to have gone by the name of "Lil" or "Lilian" at one point but was inconsistent in her insistence on its usage (signatures alternate between the two names even when the letters in question were sent in close proximity to each other. One letter dated 26/5/1960 is signed "Elizabeth" with "Lil"scratched out next to it).
    -Anne McGoffick similarly seems to have on occasion spelt her name "Ann" (both she and her mother Florence use both spellings). From 1984 letters start arriving signed "Anni" Lathrop (married to Bill), and a 1996 letter from Florence seems to confirm that they are the same person.
    -There is one letter, dated 1956, is addressed to "Aunty" from "John", a child resident of Glen Miln (then Florence McGoffick's residence). It is unclear whether "John" was a blood relative or had some other connection to the family and referred to Mary as "Aunty" as a term of affection.

Andrews, Mary Maria

Deaconess Appointments Board

  • AU AU-MTC 067/16
  • Series
  • 1954-1978

The series consists of fragments of minutes and correspondence and circulars
distributed to members of the Deaconess Appointments Board and through the
Head Deaconess to Deaconesses working in the Diocese of Sydney

Andrews, Mary Maria

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