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Annual reports

  • AU AU-MTC 067/13
  • Serie
  • 1933-1995

Deaconess Institution

Minutes of the [Deaconess] House Committee

  • AU AU-MTC 067/3
  • Serie
  • 1960-1972

These are the copies of the minutes retained by Mary Andrews . They appear to supplement the official copies of the Minutes which are held by Anglican
Deaconess Ministries but whose holdings appear to cease in 1943.
The business of the House Committee was to consider domestic staff and the business of daily management of the College. Including the acceptance of
candidates, bursaries, syllabus and practical training, properties, building repairs and expansion
This set is fragmentary prior to 1964. They are roughly sorted only. No item list
has been prepared.

Deaconess Institution

Constitution of the Church of England Deaconess Institution, Sydney

  • AU AU-MTC 067/8
  • Serie
  • 1917-1963

This is a printed version dated 20 August 1917. The Constitution covers the
history of the Institution, the role of the Trustees and the declaration of trusts.
There is a copy of a later Constitution dated 1963 as document 7 of Series 39,
Synod Standing Committee on the Role of Deaconess House.

Deaconess Institution

Sydney Diocesan Synod Standing Committee on the role of Deaconess House

  • AU AU-MTC 067/9
  • Serie
  • 1968-

The Committee was established by Synod resolution 10/1968 at the meetings in October 1968. The role of the Committee was " to Confer with the Council of the Deaconess Institution with regard to the implementations as set out in the Archbishop's Commission Report 1964 and report to Standing Committee before the next session of Synod." The Committee was chaired by Justice Athol
Richardson. Members included the Head Deaconess and 9 other lay and Clerical members. It appears that the Committee first met on 24 February 1969. Key considerations were whether Deaconess House should be governed by an ordinance of Synod and whether it could benefit from a closer relationship with Moore Theological College. An information pack of 17 items was provided for members The committee met several times during 1969 and suggested an expansion of the House Management Committee to include members elected by Synod and the Archbishop. There was no agreement between the Committee and Council and it was recommended that the discussions do not proceed.
It appears that this is Mary Andrews' copy of the Committee meetings and that the official records would be held by the Diocese of Sydney
Also a file that appears to be working papers for the same Committee. Contains many papers concerning Deaconess House and Women's Ministry including the role and curriculum of Deaconess House and statistical material concerning graduates.

Deaconess Institution

Records of the Head Deaconess

  • AU AU-MTC 067/15
  • Serie
  • 1952-1980

The letters concern Deaconess appointments, arrangements for admissions/
ordinations, chaplaincy arrangements and other diocesan matters that need to be made known to deaconesses.
These letters have not been sorted.
Also three booklets including the appointments of the Head Deaconess

Andrews, Mary Maria

Administrative Officers' Correspondence

  • AU AU-MTC 067/10
  • Serie
  • 1988-1991

It is unclear how this item came into this collection. The item contains letters of a
mostly ephemeral nature (mainly financial distributions)

Deaconess Institution

Letters received by the Principal

  • AU AU-MTC 067/2
  • Serie
  • 1951-1975

The series consists of letters received by Mary Andrews in her official capacity as Principal of Deaconess House. Some of the letters are addressed to 'Head
Deaconess' an office that Mary Andrews held concurrently with the office of
Principal and beyond her retirement. Selection of the letters in this series has been made on an individual basis based on the subject of the letter. Letters include matters to do with candidates, their placements, monetary donations.
The letters are placed in bundles according to decade. The is no precise sorting
within the bundles. The papers have not been placed into acid free folders. No item listing has been made. Series numbers only are written on the folders. More detailed work needs to be performed at a later date.

Deaconess Institution

Records of Anglican Deaconess Institution

  • AU AU-MTC 067/12
  • Serie
  • 1950-1996

The series consist of those records of the Deaconess Institution that were among the Mary Andrews Papers. It is possible that they were held to assist with a biography and history of Deaconess House that that Mary Andrews had planned to write.
By its nature the contents is fragmentary and much undated material is included.

Deaconess Institution

Transfer and management of the Mary Andrews papers

  • AU AU-MTC 093/32
  • Serie
  • 2009-2015

Includes the deed of gift for the transfer of the Mary Andrews papers to Moore College from the Deaconess Institution 26/10/2009

Andrews, Mary Maria

Financial papers

  • AU AU-MTC 067/1
  • Serie
  • 1965-1971

The series contains correspondence and papers related to fees payable to Deaconess House Institution

Deaconess Institution

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