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Correspondence sent

  • AU AU-MTC 033/2
  • Series
  • 1828-1852

Letters to his wife Sarah, William Coleridge, and Joshua Watson of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel

Broughton, William Grant

Letters and extracts from letters from W.G. Broughton to Joshua Watson

Contains extracts from three letters:-
I. SYDNEY, 5 MAY, 1843. Reports on lack of money to continue work of the church and building of the churches.
2.SYDNEY, 17 MAY, 1843. Outlines the efforts made by the Roman Catholic Church to extend its influence and establish its supremacy.
3.SINGLETON, ON HUNTERS RIVER. 3 JULY, 1843. Reports on the lack of funds to complete the building of churches and acknowledges that Society is also short of funds.

W.G. Broughton to Joshua Watson, 18th February 1843

Reports on the Pope's recent declaration of Australia as an Archdiocese. Gives an account of the clergy's support of Broughton and church attendance in Sydney. Informs Watson that the salaries of the clergy are in danger of being stopped by the Legislative Council. Reports on financial aid from the S.P.G. Examines the doctrinal question of Baptism.

W.G. Broughton to Joshua Watson, 5th October 1838-10th April 1839

Reports on sending two clergymen to townships. Asking society (S.P.G.) to recommend more clergy for service in the colony. Reports on the attack on Judge Willis by the Roman Catholics. Expresses his gratitude to Dr. Warniford for his monetary contribution towards the maintenance of the colonial churches. Examines the future monetary support of the Bishopric and the lack of support for successor. Reports on the building of churches and of the Cathedral. Gives an account of General Education in the colony.

W.G. Broughton to Rev W.H. Walsh, 1st April 1850

Expresses his opinion on Walsh's decision to admit.Mr. Bowen to Holy Communion when his marriage is not recognised by the Church of England and considers the implications of accepting a person in Mr. Bowen's position to Holy Communion.

W.G. Broughton to Rev. W.H. Walsh, 3rd January 1843

A copy of letter mentioned in letter 1/18 to Coleridge which Broughton wrote to Diocesan Committee stating his reason for not attending the meeting due to the fact that some members support opinions concerning General Education which are opposed to his own

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