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Palmer, R.

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  • Person
  • active 1970s

Rev R. Palmer was the Hon. Clerical Organising Secretary at Moore College. He organised the production of printed materials for fundraising appeals.

Marella Mission Farm

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  • Corporate body
  • 1949-1986

Marella Mission originated with Gwen and Keith Langford-Smith accommodating Aboriginal foster children on their farm property at Kellyville. Marella was conducted as part of The Sky Pilot Fellowship, which formally commenced on May 23rd, 1949 with Keith Langford-Smith as permanent Director and member of Council. The main activity of The Sky Pilot Fellowship was initially evangelical radio broadcasts. Marella was maintained by fund raising activities and donations received through The Sky Pilot Fellowship. Marella's general administration from 1950-1986 was assumed by its Secretary-Treasurer, Norma Warwick. On October 7th, 1954, The Sky Pilot Fellowship, Ltd., was formed, commencing operation as a non-profit making company on April l st 1955. Since this Company was not exempt from Land Tax, on April 19th, 1978, Marella Mission Farm Ltd. took over the assets and liabilities of The Sky Pilot Fellowship Ltd., so that the land at Kellyville could be donated. At this time, the farm at Kellyville ceased operating as a foster home, with the children being places in Church of England group homes nearer the city. Marella continued to function as a sponsoring organisation to the Church of England Homes "Marella Project" with a seat on the Marella Management Committee.
In 1978 the site was taken over by Parramatta Regional Mission, run by the Uniting Church of Australia, who renamed it Koompartoo Mission Farm. The mission cared for homeless teenage boys, and operated there until 1986. Marella Mission Farm was later subdivided. It is bounded by present day York Road, Presidents Avenue, Green Road and Marella Avenue. It contains the Bernie Mullane Sporting Complex and YMCA, Kellyville High School and housing.
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The mission was named 'Marella' after a ship - the SS Marella, which was owned by Burns Philip & Co. and sailed between Sydney and Singapore via Darwin. Many missionaries used it to travel to the mission at Roper River. The ship had originally belonged to the German Kaiser and was captured by the Australian navy during World War 1. (Sky Pilot News, June 1970)

Davies, David John

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  • Person
  • 1879-1935

David John Davies was born in Oswestry, Wales and studied at Trinity College Cambridge, graduating in 1908 with an MA degree. He was ordained in 1906 and served as curate at Holy Trinity Cambridge. In 1911 he was appointed Principal of Moore College and held this position until his death in 1935. From 1931-1935 he was President of the NSW Council of Churches.

Falkingham, John Norman

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  • Person
  • Active 1940s-1970s

John Falkingham was Dean of Newcastle from 1961-1975. He was the Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Church of England in Australia Liturgical Commission.

Turner, Amy

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  • died 2016

Amy Turner was active in the InterVarsity Fellowship and attended the IVF Conference in Perth in 1946. She later worked as a teacher at St Anne's School, Sale, Vic. She was a lay leader in the Methodist (later Uniting Church).

Anglican Church of Australia Diocese of Sydney

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  • Corporate body
  • 1847-

The Diocese of Australia was divided into four dioceses: Sydney, Adelaide, Newcastle and Melbourne, by letters patent in 1847. The diocese has been led by an archbishop since 1897.

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