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Richard Johnson College

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  • 1993-2012

Richard Johnson College was an Anglican residential college within the University of Wollongong. It was opened on March 11th, 1993.

Evangelical Professionals Australia

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  • 1992-1995

Evangelical Professionals Australia was formed by Lawrence Lyons, who was also involved with ISCAST. EPA had a close association with the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students.

Irish Church Missions

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  • 1849-

The Society for the Irish Church Missions (ICM) was founded in March 1849, through the work of an English clergyman, Reverend Alexander Dallas. With the help of Miss Fanny Bellingham in Dublin, Dallas was able to send literature and recruit eight Protestant Gospel preachers in October that year to preach. Following his own successful preaching ministry in the west of Ireland in 1847, Dallas received the support of the Bishop of Tuam, Thomas Plunkett, to ordain a clergyman to work on behalf of ICM in Castlekerke, County Galway. In March 1849, The Society for the Irish Church Missions to the Roman Catholics was founded and received the support of over 200 Irish Clergy who signed a resolution of support at the annual gathering of the missionary societies in April 1849.

Australian Christian Lobby

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  • 1995-

The Australian Christian Coalition was founded in 1995 by John Gagliardi. It changed its name to Australian Christian Lobby in 2001.

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