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British and Foreign Bible Society

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  • Corporate body
  • 1804-

The British and Foreign Bible Society was formed in 1804 by a group of Christians which included Rev Thomas Charles and William Wilberforce. Their initial concern was the lack of Welsh Bibles, inspired by the young Welsh girl Mary Jones, who walked over 20 miles to get a Bible.

Broughton, William Grant

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  • Person
  • 1788-1853

William Grant Broughton (1788-1853) was ordained in 1807, made a Deacon and began serving at Eton College the same year he was married to Sarah Francis, 1818. In 1829, he traveled with his family to Australia to take up the position of Archdeacon of the Colony of N.S.W. In 1836 he became the first Bishop of Australia and was instrumental in the formation of several South Pacific dioceses — New Zealand, 1841; Tasmania, 1842; and the multiple of the Diocese of Australia, 1847 — becoming Bishop of Sydney and Metropolitan Australia in 1848. His 1850 conference, with the other 5 Colonial Bishops, led to the formation of the Australian Board of Missions.

Brown, William Robert

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  • Person
  • approximately 1885-1950

After graduating from the Australian College of Theology with a Licentiate in Theology in 1918, William Robert Brown was ordained Deacon in 1918 and Priest in 1919. The parishes where he ministered included Serpentine, 1918-1919; Cohuna, 1919-1920; Bendigo, 1920-1921; Trentham 1921-1925; Milloo 1925-1926 and Wilcannia 1926-1928.

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