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Mowll, Howard West Kilvinton

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  • 1890-1958

Howard West Kilvinton Mowll was born in 1890 in Dover, United Kingdom. He was educated at Kings College and Ridley Hall, Cambridge. Ordained Deacon in 1913 and Priest in 1914, he spent the years 1913-1922 engaged by Wycliffe College, Toronto, Canada. From 1922-1926 he was the Assistant Bishop of West China, becoming Lord Bishop of West China in 1926 until 1933. In 1933 he was elected Archbishop of Sydney and in 1947 he was elected Primate of Australia and Tasmania. Archbishop Mowll died in 1958.

Chambers, George Alexander

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  • 1877-1963

Bishop George Alexander Chambers (b. 1877) was a student at Moore College in 1901-1902. In 1901 he was ordained Deacon, and Priest in 1902. From 1904-1911 he was Vice-Principal of the College, acting Principal in 1908-1909, and 1920-1921, and a Trustee of Thomas Moore's Estate 1922-1927. From 191-1927 Chambers was Rector of Holy Trinity Church, Dulwich Hill, in which time he was instrumental in the foundation of Trinity Grammar School where he was a Warden from 1913-1927. In 1927, Chambers was appointed Bishop of Central Tanganyika, a position he held for 20 years until 1947. Following his retirement in 1947, Bishop Chambers took up the role of Chaplain to the British Embassy in Paris until 1955.

Pilcher, Charles Venn

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  • 1879-1961

The Right Reverend Charles Venn Pilcher (b. 1879-d.1961), cleric, academic and author, was born and educated in England. In 1906 he left Canada where he lived and worked until 1936, eventually becoming Canon Precentor of Toronto (1931-1936). From 1931 until his death he lived and worked in Australia, in such positions as lecturer at Moore Theological College, 1936-1956, lecturer at Sydney University, 1938-1956, and as Bishop Coadjutor of Sydney, 1936-1960. He was a prolific author with a particular interest in the translation of Icelandic spiritual works. His translation was recognised by the Icelandic Government with the award of Knight Commander of The Icelandic Order of the Falcon in 1954.

Cash, Frank

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  • 1887-1964

Born in 1887, Edward Francis Nicholson [Frank] Cash graduated from Moore Theological College in 1913 and obtained an M.A. (Honours in Philosophy) from Sydney University in 1922. He was the Rector of Christ Church, North Sydney from 1922 and Registrar of the Australian College of Theology from 1945 to 1961. He and his wife, Violet Elizabeth, donated The John Francis Cash Memorial Chapel to Moore Theological College, completed in 1950. He was a keen amateur photographer and the only one to be permitted onto the construction site of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and took photographs throughout the building process. His photographs also include images of his family: his wife Elizabeth, son John who joined the RAAF and was killed in action in 1941, and three daughters Mary, Miriam and Elizabeth.

Maclaurin, Edward Colin Briarcliffe

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  • 1912-1980

Born in 1912, Evan Colin Briarcliffe MacLaurin was a former student of Moore Theological College and was awarded a Bachelor of Divinity by Sydney University. In 1945, he became Head of the Department of Semitic Studies at Sydney University and was responsible for courses in Old Testament language and literature on the Board of Strudies in Divinity from 1950 — 1970. He was awarded the SEATO Fellowship (Islamic Research) in 1964, and was a Special Fellow of SEATO in 1966.

Glanville, George Corrie

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  • 1871-1953

George Carrie Glanville graduated from Moore Theological College in 1902, was ordained Deacon in 1902 and Priest in 1903. He graduated from the University of London with a Bachelor of Divinity in 1910 and Honours in 1911. After ministries in suburban Sydney, he was the Examining Chaplain of the Archbishopric of Sydney, 1926-1934, and the Vice-Principal of Moore Theological College from 1922-1934. The papers relate to his academic activities.

Judd, Bernard George

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  • 1918-1999

The Reverend Bernard George Judd, a student at Moore Theological College from 1941-1942, was ordained Deacon in 1942, Priest in 1943, and began his long ministry at St. Peter's, East Sydney in 1947. Reverend Judd's many active interests, including Secretary of the N.S.W. Council of Churches from 1957 and Director of Hammondville Homes from 1946, led to his being awarded the M.B.E. in 1973. In 1993 he was awarded the Medal in the Order of Australia for services to the community, particularly for his work with the NSW Council of Churches. The papers held document Reverend Judd's active involvement in several organizations campaigning for contemporary moral and political issues, specifically — The Protestant Convention of 1953, the 1959 State election and the 1974-1975 Sunday Trading Debate.

Brown, William Robert

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  • approximately 1885-1950

After graduating from the Australian College of Theology with a Licentiate in Theology in 1918, William Robert Brown was ordained Deacon in 1918 and Priest in 1919. The parishes where he ministered included Serpentine, 1918-1919; Cohuna, 1919-1920; Bendigo, 1920-1921; Trentham 1921-1925; Milloo 1925-1926 and Wilcannia 1926-1928.

Steel, Margaret J.

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  • 1883-1963

Margaret Jessie Steel was awarded a Diploma in Theology in 1933, later becoming the Headmistress of the Sydney Church of England Girls Grammar School at Moss Vale. Upon retirement from this position she became tutor for matriculation students at Moore Theological College from 1944 until 1950.

Barder, Horace William Alexander

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  • died 1949

Horace William Alexander Barder was ordained Deacon in 1915 and Priest in 1917. He was Rector of St. Michael's, Vaucluse, 1927-1938; Honorary Canon of St. Andrew's Cathedral from 1936; Rector of St. Mark's, Darling Point from 1938; and Rural Dean of East Sydney from 1942. Reverend Barder died in 1949.

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