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Australian Council of Christians and Jews

  • 203
  • Corporate body
  • 1985-

The Council of Christians and Jews was first founded in Melbourne in 1985, then in Sydney in 1988. A national body was incorporated in 1991. Its aim is to promote interfaith dialogue between the Christian and Jewish communities in Australia.

Australian Council of the Bible Society in Australia

  • 206
  • Corporate body
  • 1976-2010

When the Bible Society in Australia was incorporated in 1976, the former Commonwealth Council was reformed and renamed. It continued to be the main executive committee of the Society to which the Divisions and state departments reported.

Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students

  • 021
  • Corporate body
  • 1973-

The Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (A.F.E.S.) is a national body which coordinates the activities of Evangelical Unions and Christian Fellowships on Australian tertiary campuses. Initially constituted in 1936 as the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of Australia, its name was changed to the Inter-Varsity Fellowship in 1939, and in 1973 to the A.F.E.S. The annual AFES national conference elects a General Committee which is the governing body of the AFES. In 1976 the General Committee authorised the establishment of AREA COMMITTEES in the major educational centres to extend and decentralise its functions whilst maintaining national commitments. The records include evangelical publications, reports and Committee Minutes.

Babbage, Stuart Barton

  • 130
  • Person
  • 1916-2012

Stuart Barton Babbage was born in Auckland in 1916. He studied history and economics at Auckland University, then completed a PhD at London University. After ordination in 1939 he served in an Essex parish, then as RAF chaplain in Norfolk. He married Elizabeth King in 1943, and was then sent to Iraq and Persia. In 1946 he came to Sydney as diocesan missioner, then served as Dean from 1947-1953. In 1953 he became Principal of Ridley College and Dean of Melbourne (1953-1962). In 1959 he chaired the organising committee for Billy Graham's crusade. He went to America in 1963 to take up a position of professor Columbia Theological Seminary, Georgia. He established the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts and was President from 1963-1973. Returning to Australia, he was Master of New College at the University of New South Wales from 1973-1983, and in 1995 was awarded the Order of Australia. From 1977-1992 he was also Registrar of the Australian College of Theology. He and Elizabeth had four children; she died in 1984.

Barder, Horace William Alexander

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  • Person
  • died 1949

Horace William Alexander Barder was ordained Deacon in 1915 and Priest in 1917. He was Rector of St. Michael's, Vaucluse, 1927-1938; Honorary Canon of St. Andrew's Cathedral from 1936; Rector of St. Mark's, Darling Point from 1938; and Rural Dean of East Sydney from 1942. Reverend Barder died in 1949.

Barker, Frederic

  • 138
  • Person
  • 1808-1882

Frederic Barker was born in Derbyshire, England, studied at Cambridge and was ordained in 1832. After a tour of Ireland for the Irish Home Mission Society he became Rector of St Mary's Edge Hill, near Liverpool (1835-1853). He married Jane Sophia Harden in 1840. In 1855 he was appointed Bishop of Sydney and Metropolitan of Australia, and he and Jane sailed to Sydney. He oversaw the foundation of Moore College and St Paul's College at the University of Sydney, as well as the formation of the Church Society in 1856. After Jane's death in 1876 he married Mary Jane Woods in 1878. In 1880 he travelled to England and then to Italy, in order to improve his health, but died in San Remo in 1882. Mary Jane died in 1910.

Barker, Jane Sophia

  • 137
  • Person
  • 1807-1876

Jane Sophia Harden was born in Windemere, England. She married Frederic Barker in 1840 and travelled with him to Sydney in 1855 when he was made Bishop of Sydney. They had no children. Working alongside her husband in ministering to women, children and the poor of the diocese, she founded St Catherine's School in Waverley in 1856 for the daughters of the clergy. The climate affected her health and she died in 1876.

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