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Archival description hierarchy

# Thumbnail Reference code Title Dates Access restrictions
1 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-40-11 Formal group portrait of ladies - laminated photocopy n.d. None
2 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-114 Studio portrait of Deaconess in uniform n.d. None
3 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-106 Two Deaconesses with two small children n.d. None
4 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-107 Chinese people in academic robes n.d. None
5 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-109 Group of women in uniform, Y.W.C.A. Shanghai n.d. None
6 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-110 Deaconess in white uniform and veil n.d. None
7 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-111 Signed photograph of T.C. Hammond n.d. None
8 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-112 Group of six women n.d. None
9 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-113 Studio portraits of two women n.d. None
10 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-115 Studio portrait of woman in black gown n.d. None
11 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-104 Deaconess Mildred Symons, Sister Tattersall n.d. None
12 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-117 Deaconess House n.d. None
13 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-118 Students studying in library, Deaconess House n.d. None
14 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-119 Miss Ashe n.d. None
15 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-121 Children's Home Balmain n.d. None
16 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-124 Six Deaconesses in uniforms and veils n.d. None
17 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-129 Deaconess Margaret Rodgers n.d. None
18 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-130 Ordinands with Archbishop D.W.B. Robinson outside Chapter House n.d. None
19 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-105 Two little girls with suitcase n.d. None
20 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-103 Group of 8 women n.d. None
21 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-134 Deaconess Mary Andrews n.d. None
22 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-92 Old Braeside hospital, Stanmore n.d. None
23 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-78 Head Deaconess Mary Andrews visiting a family in Erskineville n.d. None
24 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-79 Mary Andrews n.d. None
25 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-81 Two women n.d. None
26 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-84 Mary Andrews and another woman n.d. None
27 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-85 Children's Home, Darling - Community of the Holy Name n.d. None
28 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-89 Group of Deaconesses, includes Edith Lowenstein n.d. None
29 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-91 Two Deaconesses loading sack into car n.d. None
30 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-93 Woman with mops and brooms n.d. None
31 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-102 Deaconess in coat and hat n.d. None
32 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-94 Group of women sitting in circle n.d. None
33 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-95 Clergyman and five women underneath gate in China n.d. None
34 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-96 Two women n.d. None
35 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-97 Archbishop and Dorothy Mowll dining with Chinese people n.d. None
36 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-98 Deaconess Joan Ash n.d. None
37 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-99 Dorothy Mowll with Chinese women n.d. None
38 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-100 Group of Deaconesses n.d. None
39 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-101 Woman with sheep n.d. None
40 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-131 Deaconesses in classroom n.d. None
41 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-138 Archdeacon Narelle Jarrett n.d. None
42 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-76 Postcard with man and woman - 'To greet you' n.d. None
43 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-206 Mary Andrews College class n.d. None
44 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-189 Deaconess Mary Andrews and three deaconesses in chapel n.d. None
45 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-190 Deaconess in chapel n.d. None
46 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-193 Group of men and women in front of building n.d. None
47 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-194 Head Deaconess Mary Andrews visiting in Erskineville n.d. None
48 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-195 Head Deaconess Mary Andrews visiting a family in Erskineville n.d. None
49 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-196 Head Deaconess Mary Andrews visiting a family in Union Lane Erskineville n.d. None
50 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-197 Head Deaconess Mary Andrews visiting a family in Union Lane Erskineville n.d. None
51 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-209 Three women n.d. None
52 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-187 Deaconess in chapel n.d. None
53 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-210 Amanda Garlato and Jackie Stoneman outside Mary Andrews College, Cambridge St, Stanmore n.d. None
54 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-211 Picnic bench in garden, Mary Andrews College, Cambridge St, Stanmore n.d. None
55 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-212 Mary Andrews College, Cambridge St, Stanmore - exterior n.d. None
56 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-213 Mary Andrews College, Cambridge St, Stanmore - exterior sign n.d. None
57 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-40-3 Woman with tweed jacket and brooch n.d. None
58 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-40-4 Man with suit and tie n.d. None
59 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-40-10 Deaconess Maude Ashe - laminated photocopy n.d. None
60 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-188 Three deaconesses in chapel n.d. None
61 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-186 Deaconess in chapel n.d. None
62 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-140 Fiona Cameron, unidentified woman and Narelle Jarrett n.d. None
63 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-154 Margaret Wesley n.d. None
64 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-141 Archdeacon Narelle Jarrett n.d. None
65 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-142 Women drinking tea outdoors n.d. None
66 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-144 Amanda Garlato and Jackie Stoneman, with other students in class n.d. None
67 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-149 Dapto Anglican Church - exterior n.d. None
68 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-150 MAC lecturer n.d. None
69 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-152 Amanda Garlato n.d. None
70 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-153 Rev Marge Mills n.d. None
71 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-155 Sarah Barry, MAC Registrar n.d. None
72 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-185 Norbury House, exterior n.d. None
73 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-160 Shirley Smith conducting a women's Bible class at Holy Trinity Erskineville n.d. None
74 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-172 Group of people socialising outside Deaconess House n.d. None
75 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-173 Group of people socialising outside Deaconess House n.d. None
76 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-175 Deaconess House - exterior with blue car n.d. None
77 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-176 Deaconess Margaret Rodgers with Kitty Go n.d. None
78 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-177 Two men and three women, around a piano n.d. None
79 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-178 Mr and Mrs Lam P.C. - wedding portrait n.d. None
80 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-179 Deaconess Mary Andrews on the steps of Deaconess House n.d. None
81 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-77 Deaconess House - exterior n.d. None
82 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-108 Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury n.d. None
83 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-75 Young woman holding bouquet of flowers n.d. None
84 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-31 Three women seated outdoors n.d. None
85 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-24 'Each student has a piece of garden for which she is responsible' - three Deaconess students gardening n.d. None
86 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-25 Deaconess with young boy n.d. None
87 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-26 Deaconess students in classroom - Jean Radford in front centre n.d. None
88 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-28 Four deaconesses at entrance to Cathedral n.d. None
89 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-29 Deaconesses and other women at entrance to Cathedral n.d. None
90 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-30 Deaconesses and other women at entrance to Cathedral n.d. None
91 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-32 Deaconesses and other people on lawn in front of Deaconess House n.d. None
92 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-22 Deaconesses at morning tea - includes Jean Radford n.d. None
93 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-33 Deaconesses and other people on lawn in front of Deaconess House n.d. None
94 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-34 Five women on steps in front of Deaconess House n.d. None
95 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-35 Deaconesses on chairs in front of Deaconess House n.d. None
96 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-37 Students on steps of Deaconess House n.d. None
97 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-38 Christmas party for mothers arranged by our students - woman pinning the tail on the donkey n.d. None
98 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-39 Mothers' party - child leaning on chair n.d. None
99 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-40 'Hope and Mel' - woman with man in academic gown n.d. None
100 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-23 Deaconess with three small children n.d. None
101 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-21 Deaconesses standing outside with other men and women n.d. None
102 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-43 Group of Deaconesses - Mary Andrews (back row, right) n.d. None
103 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-10 Group of women listening to man preaching outdoors n.d. None
104 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-3 Group of deaconesses n.d. None
105 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-4 Group of women sitting on steps n.d. None
106 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-5 Group of men and women on steps of 'Weroona' house n.d. None
107 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-6 Gravestone of Emily Norbury n.d. None
108 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-7 Group of deaconesses n.d. None
109 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-8 Group of deaconesses n.d. None
110 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-9 2 women on a boat n.d. None
111 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-11 Deaconess Nell Dixon, Bush Church Aid Society, at Bowral Hostel n.d. None
112 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-20 Deaconesses n.d. None
113 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-12 Narelle Bullard n.d. None
114 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-13 Three women and clergyman on boat n.d. None
115 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-14 Deaconess House n.d. None
116 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-15 Man with group of women - includes Miss Norbury n.d. None
117 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-16 Deaconesses with Head Deaconess Emily Norbury n.d. None
118 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-18 Deaconesses with Head Deaconess Emily Norbury n.d. None
119 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-19 Deaconesses n.d. None
120 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-42 Students in front of Deaconess House n.d. None
121 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-27 Five deaconesses at entrance to Cathedral n.d. None
122 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-44 Deaconesses on front verandah n.d. None
123 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-56 Woman seated on grass n.d. None
124 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-54 Three children with pram n.d. None
125 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-52 Deaconess with car in front of house n.d. None
126 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-59 Dining room, Deaconess House n.d. None
127 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-60 Deaconess House students n.d. None
128 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-61 Deaconess House students on lawn n.d. None
129 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-62 Deaconess House, Carillon Ave - exterior n.d. None
130 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-66 [Rev & Mrs Schleicher?] n.d. None
131 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-67 Two Deaconesses - possibly Mary Schleicher? n.d. None
132 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-69-1 Selma Schleicher n.d. None
133 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-49 Deaconesses with coats and hats n.d. None
134 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-48 Sister Ross with Deaconess Mildred Symons n.d. None
135 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-71 Deaconess in front of building; Deaconess with man and two women n.d. None
136 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-47 Students in front of Deaconess House n.d. None
137 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-46 Students in front of Deaconess House n.d. None
138 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-45 Three deaconesses with dog n.d. None
139 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-57 Deaconess House, Carillon Ave - exterior n.d. None
140 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-65 Selma and Mary Schleicher 1861 None
141 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-69-3 Frau Frolich 1869 None
142 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-69-2 Pastor Frolich, head of Dresden Deaconess House 1869 None
143 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-40-6 Formal group portrait of children 1890-1910 None
144 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-40-7 Formal group portrait of children 1890-1910 None
145 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-40-1 Rev Canon Mervyn Archdall, Corpus Christi Coll. Cambridge, Founder of the Deaconess Institution, 1891 1891 None
146 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-128 Isabel M. Lynch (maybe) - studio portrait 1899 1899 None
147 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-125 Maude McIntosh, Evelyn Best, Violet M. Saywell, Effie Jackson 1907 None
148 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-6-10 Dss Constance Rudder 1911-09-21 Unrestricted
149 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-5-1 Scrapbook 1914-1962 1914-1962 None
150 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-70 Scrapbook pages with 3 silver gelatin prints of Deaconesses 1917-1925 None
151 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-74 Students on the steps of Deaconess House 1937 None
152 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-73 Students on the steps of Deaconess House n.d. None
153 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-80 Students on the steps of Deaconess House 1918-09 None
154 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-40-2 Miss Anna E. Pallister, Deaconess Superintendent, 1913 to 1930 1930 None
155 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-72 Anne E. Pallister 1913-1930 1930 None
156 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-127 Deaconesses and students on the steps of Deaconess House 1933-1934 None
157 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-6-6 Obituaries 1933-2021 Unrestricted
158 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-68 Woman in dark dress and hat, carrying book 1935 None
159 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-83 Mary Andrews on roof of College of Chinese Studies 1938 None
160 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-64 Miss Evelyn Stokes, 1938 1938 None
161 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-6-3 Dss. Mary Andrews 1940-1996 Unrestricted
162 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-40-5 Miss Emily Norbury, Principal 1938-1944, Head Deaconess 1939-1944 1944 None
163 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-55 Deaconess Hudson before she got ill 1945 None
164 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-41 Student on steps of Deaconess House 1946 None
165 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-6-2 Dss. Rosalind Michael 1946-2017 Unrestricted.
166 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-17 Mary Andrews on furlough from China, CMS Summer School, Jan 1946 1946-01 None
167 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-51 Bishop C.T. Song 1946-06 None
168 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-50 Mary Andrews and Bishop C.T. Song, on board the S.S. Shansi traveling to China 1947-06 None
169 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-36 Bride with minister and choir boys 1948-12-28 None
170 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-123 Deaconess ordination 1950 - five Deaconesses outside Cathedral 1950 None
171 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-1 At service of setting apart of Deaconesses St Andrew's Cathedral March 5th 1950 1950-03-05 None
172 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-192 Deaconess House students 1954 1954 None
173 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-82 Deaconess Mary Andrews with Jean Parr and Elizabeth Knox (missionaries in Africa), CMS Summer School, SCEGGS Moss Vale 1956 1956 None
174 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-6-9 Dss Emily Norbury 1957 Unrestricted. Handle with care.
175 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-184 Ordination 1961 - group of Deaconesses in uniform, with Archbishop Hugh Gough 1961 None
176 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-6-1 Dss. Valerie Clements 1961-1982 Unrestricted
177 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-69-4 Letter from Lizzie Taylor to Mary Andrews 1961-08-03 None
178 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-87 Deaconess Margaret Rodgers setting the table in the Deaconess House dining room 1963 None
179 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-200 Archdall Wing bedroom, Deaconess House 1963 None
180 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-183 Head Deaconess and Principal Mary Andrews in library room 1963 None
181 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-203 Student Sr. Yvonne Sangrell, sitting in her room in Archdall Wing 1963 None
182 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-201 Head Deaconess M. Andrews and students outside the lecture hall 1963 None
183 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-202 Head Deaconess M. Andrews and Sister Judith Warn, main house lounge room 1963 None
184 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-120 Head Deaconess Mary Andrews (in office), 1963 1963 None
185 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-199 Student at Deaconess House, Sr. Beatrice Robinson, first floor Archdall Wing bathroom 1963 None
186 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-198 Deaconess House, first floor sitting room, Archdall Wing 1963 None
187 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-88 Deaconess House students 1966 None
188 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-116 Lady Cutler and Head Deaconess Mary Andrews after the opening of the Deaconess House Chapel and the Mary Andrews wing, 19.11.1966 1966-11-19 None
189 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-40-9 Delegates at Diakonia: World Federation of Deaconess Associations, June 14-21 1972, New York City U.S.A. 1972-06 None
190 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-191 Deaconess Mary Andrews - retirement farewell at the chapter house 1975 None
191 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-174 Students at Deaconess House, 1976 1976 None
192 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-182 First year students 1976 1976-03-04 None
193 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-205 Deaconess House chapel 1978 - student Wendy Lancaster reading service 1978 None
194 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-204 Deaconess House - exterior 1978 None
195 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-90 Deaconess Mary Andrews with students at Deaconess House 1978-02 None
196 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-181 Kay Hughes (senior student 1979) in top sitting room, Mary Andrews wing 1978-04 None
197 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-126 Deaconess Margaret Rodgers, Principal 1978-04 None
198 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-180 Deaconess House students and boarder, April 1978 1978-04 None
199 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-163 Head Deaconess Mary Andrews and Sister Mary Kitty Go, Harris Memorial Methodist Church, Manila, 1979 1979-01 None
200 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-166 Diakonia conference, Manila, Philippines 1979-01-29 None
201 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-162 Diakonia conference - World Federation of Deaconess Associations, Manila, Philippines, Jan 31, 1979 1979-01-31 None
202 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-40-8 Deaconess House - print of watercolour painting 1980s None
203 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-171 Deaconess Margaret Rodgers with Mrs M. Quinn, cook at Deaconess House from 1977 1980-01-22 None
204 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-133 Deaconess Margaret Rodgers 1980-01-22 None
205 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-170 Miss June Horne (assistant to Principal at Deaconess House from January 1976) with Mrs Joy Parker (Treasurer of the Deaconess House Management Committee from 1980) 1980-01-22 None
206 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-169 Mrs Joy Parker, Deaconess House 1980-01-22 None
207 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-168 Mrs Joy Parker, Deaconess House 1980-01-22 None
208 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-167 Mrs Joy Parker, Miss June Horne, Deaconess House 1980-01-22 None
209 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-165 Miss Kay Hughes, student at Deaconess House 1977-1979, senior student 1979 1980-01-22 None
210 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-164 Miss Kay Hughes, student at Deaconess House 1977-1979, senior student 1979 1980-01-22 None
211 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-137 First women deacons ordained in the Diocese of Sydney 1989 None
212 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-132 5 Deaconesses celebrating the 25th anniversary of ordination (11-6-1990) after lunch at Ken and Gloria Short's 2015-06-10 None
213 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-136 Deaconess Centenary Thanksgiving service, St Mary's Balmain, Deaconess Mary Andrews (preacher) 1992-03-08 None
214 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-135 Deaconess Mary Andrews holding Mothers' Union tea towel 1992-04-20 None
215 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-156 Diploma Graduation - February 1997 - Patricia McCabe and Lynn Pickersgill (both Dip.Th.) 1997 None
216 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-157 Diploma graduation Oct. 2002 - staff with Jeanette Glass (Dip.Th.) and Ann Thompson (Adv.Dip.Th.) 2002-10 None
217 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-158 Diploma Graduation 2002 - Carolyn Forrester at her church with Narelle Jarrett 2002-10 None
218 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-148 The MAC team '07 2007 None
219 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-146 Beryl Kneeshaw at MAC graduation, St Anne's Ryde 2007 None
220 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-147 Helen Bradford at MAC graduation, St Anne's Ryde 2007 None
221 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-145 Students Beryl Kneeshaw and Helen Bradford at MAC graduation 2007 None
222 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-143 Amanda Garlato and Leonie Gu at MAC graduation 2007 2007 None
223 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-151 MAC students at Chatswood 2008 None
224 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-208 Congregation at St Anne's Church, Ryde 2008 None
225 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-207 Mary Andrews College staff at St Anne's Ryde 2008 None
226 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-6-5 Dss. Margaret Rodgers 2014 Unrestricted
227 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-33-139 Rev Pat Nelson, formerly Deaconess, taken at her church in Belmont on the 60th anniversary of her ordination 2016-04 None
228 N/A AU AU-MTC 392-6-4 Archdeacon Narelle Jarrett 2022 Unrestricted.